Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Let the labeling begin!

Today is Pooka's staggered entry day into kindergarten. I am happy that she is old enough to start school, but I am sad about a lot of things. Today the teachers and the TA's will evaluate my child and label her as above, right at, or below average. I don't know the terms they use but it all amounts to that. Pooka has never really been really vocal and social with adults and it scares me. I know Pooka talks (and talks and talks and talks) I know what Pooka has in her memory bank, but if she doesn't perform for these folks like they want her to today she might not be labeled properly. I know my child isn't below average and I don't say that because she is my child. But I don't know what's gonna happen today and it scares me.

Another thing that bothers me is that most NC public schools are so focused on passing these standardized test that they teach the test all year. I hate that! If I had the money to send her somewhere where those test are not the focus or if I could quit my job and homeschool...I would in a heartbeat!

Then add on that Pooka is feeling boys right now and I am putting her in a building with at least 10 times more boys than at daycare roaming the halls at any given time.

Then there is the van ride home. I am kinda scared she'll get on the wrong daycare van because there are 2 centers by me with the same name that drop off and pick up at her school. I would pick her up myself but I will be in class when she gets out. *sigh*

I will address my concerns with the folks that will deal with her today. I won't know who her teacher is until tomorrow at 5. They will be finished there evaluations by then. They say they do this so the teachers will have even and fair classes, but I don't buy 100% into that.

Totally off subject, this blue collar guy I mentioned yesterday....see, I have a month to figure out how I am gonna communicate with him that he is cute and if he is not attached I would like his number. The grown way to do it is to just talk to the brotha, but our office walls are made of paper, there's tons of flies there too then add that there is no where I can pull him to the side without someone there. If I pull him into my office I'll get tons of questions because the things that they pick up are no where near my office! I just don't want folks all in my business. The only thing I could think of was to slide him a note when he comes through next month. Yeah it's highschool, but at least folks won't know too much and if he rejects me him and his boy that be with him can laugh about it on the truck vs. in my face. I can't stand rejection, I don't think nobody likes it.

So other than verbal and written communication, how would you want someone to get your attention?h


nikki said...

it angers me to no end how kids are shuffled into these 'groups' that are supposedly meant to create more effective learning environments for them. what a load of crock. they're just automatically categorizing these kids based on some booshit like testing that has absolutely no bearing on whether or not a kid will succeed in life.

and i'm with you on that testing crap. these kids are being taught how to take a test, not how to survive in the world. no wonder there are so many who are now ill equipt to handle life.

how do i get a guy's attention? i just talk to him. now if it's an office situation i'll make like he's helping me with something work related and direct him to a more private spot.

Freaky Deaky said...

I think the problem with most public schools is that they don't teach kids to be intelligent. They teach kids to be average, mediocre, and to pass standardized tests. Basically memorization over actual learning.

I can see the benefits of categorizing children (if done correctly) but not that early in school. Some people will always defy categories.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Evaluating a child for a couple of days isn't going to tell you much. Why evaluate them anyway if it's there first year in school?

Honey-Libra said...

I hate that they teacha test all year. It makes me want to homeschool my children when I get some but then you have to worry that you are shortchanging them on interacted with their peers and all that other nonsense...anywho do what you can cause that's all that you can do :) and on the getting a guys attention throw your panties at him LOL..sike i'm jokin. I say talk to him ask him to lunch and see where it goes...lunch is harmless

Ladynay said...

they are not even taught how to take a test sometimes Nikki! My girlfriend had to teach her that she can eliminate at least 2 multiple choice options off top if she understands what the question is asking for. It's like they teach the answers! UGH!

I wanted another way that did not involve talking to him but that may be impossible and folks just have to spread rumors. They are good for that.

Freaky, exactly they teach them to remember answers! I also agree that they group them off too early.

Southern, girl I dunno, most of the children were so in awe they were not really paying attention to what was being said to them, they were too busy looking at all the people and stuff!

Honey, if I could homeschool I would. I would just have to relearn english cuz I murder english like no other! LOL I am going to have to talk to dude. *sigh* I wanted a slick/cute way to do it.

4EverJennayNay said...

Standardized test in NC have gotten more hard core since I existed the public school system some years ago. I was in the "slow" reading and now look at me!!! I didn't really understand it then, but now its painfully obvious why my mom went without to put me thru private school. More power to you girl. You know how I feel about single moms making it happen. More power to you!

And now that I think about it, I know Wake County has really been going thru some changes lately. Good luck with that.

I have a friend that gave her son an "extra" birthday this year so he would think he was 5, that way she wouldn't have to keep paying for day care!

Ladynay said...

Yeah these test are no joke from what I heard.

I can't beleive she gave her child an extra birthday and got away with it! GO MOM! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

girl, pls tell me you decided not to slip old dude a note. lol...there's got to be a better way. too bad i don't have any answers...

as for standardized tests, it's a very tricky situation. but, i do know that schools that don't make sure their kids pass those tests get put on probation and run risk of losing funding, etc. NCLB has its advantages and disadvantages. on one hand, you do have teachers who teach to the test, but on the other hand, a lot of teachers welcome it because it helps them to have a clear idea of what they expected to impart to their students.
i think we complain a lot about how kids shouldn't be tested so much and that tests don't mean anything. while they don't measure how smart a child is, they do mean something. how many of us would be in college, grad school or have a certain profession if we hadn't taken a certain test.
sorry for the diatribe, though i'm not a teacher, i do work for a company that deals w/ education...