Saturday, March 28, 2015

What an amazing day!

Two of my Elon girls and I went to a shopping outlet mall today. I found someone to take my shift with the 103 year old, so I had plenty of time to relax and be with my friends! I needed to be around them more than I realized *sigh* Let's just recap my day...

Woke up, morning routine

TaeKwonDo class - I actually landed a turning back kick on a black belt!!!! Woot woot!

Came home, freshened up, went to my homegirl's house that was driving to the outlet.

We get to the outlet mall and had to wait for my other friend that was running late. We both had not had lunch so we decided to go to Outback for lunch while we waited for the other friend. The hostess sat us at a booth...a fixed booth where you can't move the table or seat..AND I FIT!!!!! I haven't fit in a fixed booth in forever!!!! Woot woot! My friend that drove has always been a petite person so she was looking at me funny when she saw how excited I was sitting in the booth. LOL! Our other friend join us and we eventually leave the restaurant.

There is a Lane Bryant outlet where we were. I have been too big to shop at Lane Bryant for awhile now. So while my friends are looking in the normal people stores, I branch out and go into LB, just to see if I can fit anything or at least see how far I need to go to get back into LB clothes. I ended up buying a pair of jeans, THAT FIT, for 38 bucks!!!!!! SCORE! I cried in the fitting room.

I meet back up with my girls, bag in hand, eyes red. They asked me what was up and I basically told them how I lost 90 pounds and how I now can shop at LB. They were super happy for me. I cried again, LOL!

My girl that met us at the outlet drives a Sequoia truck. Several times as I rode shotgun I could never fasten my seat belt. I always played it off, but it was always embarrassing. Even though I know my girls love me no matter what size I am. So today, I asked my girl if I could sit shotgun in her truck just to see if I could fasten the seatbelt...IT FASTENED!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

We all find the items we were looking for then we went to Cold Stone for a treat. We all love Cold Stone :) We chat it up, say our see you laters, then head back to Raleigh.

So to recap: did something cool during TKD class, spent time with some of my Elon girls, sat in a fixed booth, brought jeans that fit from LB, and fastened a seat belt that I have a long standing history of not being able to fasten!

What an amazing day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Modified Insanity day 2

I am not going to blog all 60 days, but I just finished day 2 and I felt like blogging. LOL

Day 2 is a lot of jumping. I don't do much jumping right now, maybe after I drop some more weight. I don't like the sound of my stomach hitting my thighs when I jump. Stupid reason, but honest :)

I was dripping sweat during disc 2. Being that I modified 95% of the circuit I call that success!

Why does Shaun T have to be married to a man? *sigh* That body is yummy! ;-P

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Well I thought I had the P90x system. But it turns out I have Insanity. So for the second time since I brought a copy of the program from one of my old coworkers, I did the fit test. Needless to say it was difficult, but I did what I could.

I don't think I am going to take before and after Insanity pics because I just want a challenging work out that I can do at home, at my own time. I have been changing by the day already and I love it.

On Monday, I wore a pair of khakis that I brought in 2011 from a thrift store in MD. They were brand new and I did not try them on. They were cheap and by the look alone I thought I could wear back to NC and went to try them on and I could barely get them past my hips. On Sunday when I buttoned them up and sat down....and still was able to breath. I cried on the inside. You could not tell me NOTHING as I strutted around work Monday, LOL!

My reproductive system has gone back to normal. I have normal periods again! I may be saying the same info over and over again, but right now my lifestyle change is very dominant in my life so it's what I think about alot. This is my tiny piece of internet and I won't apologize for the content of my blog or thoughts I choose to share.

Europe is about 3 months away! I am a smorgasbord of emotions! Mostly excited. I can't wait. One of my best friends growing up lives in London and I plan to spend a good chunk of time with her and her family. She just had her 3rd child last week and I can't wait to hold him!

This Saturday I am going to meet up with 2 of my Elon girls. We are going to a shopping outlet. I am NOT a shopper by any means, but one of the 2 girls will be moving to Hawaii in June so this may be the last time I see her for awhile :(

That made me sad.

I need to go to bed.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weigh in

I have been toggling around 363 for the last month. The scale at my full time job has an attitude sometimes, so I don't trust what it says at times. Today, on the scale I do my personal "official weigh in" at one of my side hustles, I saw this:

OMG!!!!!!! I am out of the 360s and almost the 350s!!!!! What the crap!!!!!! So let's do the math!

442.8- 353 = 89.8 pounds lost!

I am 10.2 pounds away from one of my long term weight loss goals! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I can taste it!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Plateaus and Tae Kwon Do

Well. I have been toggling around 363 for about a month now. Some would say I have plateaued, but I don't I call that a success. With all the traveling, eating out,  birthdays, alcohol, etc. that has been happening in my most recent past, I am surprised that this is not a depressed post about how I gained soo much weight back! Sidenote: I pray to never have that experience of gaining sooo much of it back. Been there, done that, didn't like it, (and coming soon) changed it.

Yesterday the TKD school Pooka and I attend and 9 other schools had it's 3rd annual tournament. As always, it was fun! Pooka did the same she did last year by not placing in one event then coming in first in another. For the fun of it, I participated this year. I came in third. It was fun.

I volunteered at the medical table, as I always do, along with another parent from out same school. He has been a coach from a middle to college aged level of many sports. His acute field work care is amazing. I know a little about on the spot care when it comes to athletic injuries, but enough to get by and help the injured safely, if needed. However, my specialty is after that broken bone or spinal injury is not as medically critical so now we got to work on getting back to a "normal" life as possible.

My ego was sorta bruised when the other parent was spot on with his on the field care. One guy got kicked in the face and required 12 stitches (performed at the local urgent care). When things like that happen, I would like to be the head medical type person in charge. I had to take 2nd stage to the other parent who is admittedly better than me at acute sport injury care.

I have a bit of a competitive side. I must admit that part of me wants to take a continuing education course on the more orthopedic and athletic training flavor side of physical therapy. Just so I can further expand my mind and skill set beyond my neurological and geriatrically geared therapy career.

I don't know if geriatrically is even a real word, but I'm using it! LOL!


Thursday, March 05, 2015

Crazy weather among other things

Yesterday was in the 70s. Today there was ice on my car when I got off. WTH? The weather has been crazy here and I need it to stabilize quickly!

I got off of work at 7:45pm...P. f'n M! It has been getting increasingly busy ever since I went back to work from my vacay! *sigh* When I want to complain, I just remind myself that it is job security and I am only one person.

Today was also my first full day back on track with my healthy lifestyle and high blood pressure prevention. I don't know if it is mental or not, but my body can already tell the difference with better food and water in my system. Amazing! Those 4 pounds I gained on vacation will disappear in no time! :)

It is 9:10 and Pooka, her father, her father's wife, and her "boyfriend" are at the movies. I have not met the young man, just heard about him and seen pictures, so her father is the first parent this little boy has met. I hope he is still alive! LOL! I am not happy about Pooka having a boyfriend, but I want to continue the relationship Pooka and I have now where she feels comfortable talking to me about what's going on in her life.

Now I just wait for Pooka to get home and for her dad to call me with the scoop.


Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Que pasa?

Ever since I went on vacay, I have not been eating right and drinking more wine/alcohol than water. I have forgiven myself for it and I am going to be back on track as of this second. I did gain a few pounds on my trip, but it won't get me down. I enjoyed myself, but it's time to get back on the normal blood pressure train! Woot woot!

Pooka has her first boyfriend. Like talk on the phone every afternoon, "can I invite him to the movies", we are taking better care of our appearance when we go to school....type boyfriend. I am not ready, Lord! LOL!

I did my taxes. For the first time ever....I OWE!!!!!! Hurts me to my heart!

Today a male patient commented on my weight loss! After these last few days of worry free consuming, that gave me the extra pep to get back on my grind!

Once my right knee heals properly, I am going to do the P90X program again. About 2 years ago, a coworker (at that time) had burned a copy of the 10 disc exercise program and gave it to me. I went through a couple of the discs randomly, not knowing there was an order to them. Then I gave up. LOL! I really want to sculpt the muscles inside while I lose the fat outside, so when the 2 meet in the middle...KAPOWYOW! LOL!

I also want to jog the Walk for.Hope this year in October. I have been going for the last several years to volunteer our time and to walk. They raise money for Mental Illness. There are 3 routes: a one mile, 5k, and 10k. Most years I would do the mile and call it a day. Last October, I attempted to walk the 5k...but ended up walking the 10k route by mistake. I wonder if I blogged about that? LOL! It took me forever to finish that daggone walk!!!!! LOL!