Sunday, June 14, 2015

Official weigh in and stuff

I am exhausted. Working and these menstrual cramps had me wanting to stay in bed ALL DAY. But I did what I had to do, came home, took a 4 hour nap, and about to see how much I can give ShaunT before going to bed.

Anywho, today I weighed in at:

That is 442-331 = 111 pounds lost!

Yep, plateau is broken! After my cycle I tend to have a nice reduction of water weight, so I will definitely be in the 320's while in Europe next week! I can't believe Pooka and I will be on a plane Friday night! OMGOMGOMGOMG! Too excited!!!!

Till next time!

Tuesday, June 09, 2015


Quick and dirty. Here we go!

Pooka and I are going to Europe next Friday! I am super excited!

Pooka is now a high school freshman. She was in daycare when I started my blog. *SMH*

I finished my modified In.sani.ty program. I can definitely say that I feel a lot toner in my arms and thighs. I may start another round when I return from vacation.

I have been at my first PT job for almost 2 years! Feels like I took the boards last month.

As of about 5pm this evening, my non official weigh in day weight is 336 which is an 106 pound loss so far. I reached a plateau for basically the entire month of May. I knew I would hit one at some point, and know that I will again in the future. So I am not tripping. I have finally broken this plane and the pounds are steady dropping again :)

When I reach the 200 pound loss mark. I think that I want to go indoor skydiving. The only spot that does it is only an hour and change away.

Until next time....

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Off wagon week :(

I went out of town last weekend. Had a great time! I almost don't need a seat belt extender on the plane! AHHHHHH Anywho, I ate ALOT and drunk ALOT of adult beverages.

Got home from the beautiful state of Florida and many little celebrations went on throughout the week. I ate ALOT and drunk some.

PMS cravings hit me. I didn't control it. I was and still am fully aware of my poor choices...cookies, chips, chocolate wine (the whole daggone bottle)...*sigh*

ShaunT and I haven't been having our secret late night meetings much this week. I saw him 3 times since last Friday.

Been to TaeKwonDo once this week.

Went to see my friend near the coast for another celebration today. I ate too much.

Needless to say, I've gained....

April 25th I was 339, now I am 349. That is 10 pounds in 3 weeks. I have forgiven myself for falling off for soo many days in one week. I enjoyed all the junk and alcohol I consumed. I don't regret having what and how much I wanted

My face is breaking out badly again.

My body didn't respond well to my choices lately, so I am going to try my hand at clean eating until my Europe trip. My system needs a good inside to outside reset. Went to Sam's and brought my stuff.

I am excited to see my face clear up again, and get the slug feeling back out of me.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fit test number 3!

Everything is the same with my life over here. I work all the time. Mom and Pooka are good. I am going to Florida on Mother's Day weekend for a mini vacation. I need some palm trees and water in my life! I received the official "save the date" card for another friend's wedding in September, so I guess I will be buying a plane ticket to Connecticut in the near future! Woot woot!

I am still doing my modified, big girl, in.san.ity program. Just took the fit test again. Gotta post the results for personal reference...the #s from 2 weeks ago are in parenthesis :)

Switch 70 (74)
Power squat 23 (31)
Taebow 75 (75)
Power jump 25 (30)
Globe squat 24/4 (27/4)
Suicide jump 14 (9)
Pushups 23 (15 st8 today!!!!) (10)
Oblique plank 11/2 (4/2)

I went down in a few things, but, I am not sad about it because I performed the test with better body mechanics that the previous times. I am also into week 5 so I did about a hour of the Max Interval circuit before taking the fit test. Me and myself silly self did it backwards. Was suppose to do the fit test BEFORE the circuit! SMH and LOL!

All things considered! I LOVE IT!

My next long term goal is to be under 300 pounds. If all goes okay, I should be there around my birthday or before. If I don't make it by then, the world will not end. I am in this for a lifetime so I WILL hit all my health and weight goals! Woot woot!

(sidenote: I was soo tired as I was posting this last night, I forgot to hit the publish button, LOL)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hot Damn!




Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Soo close I can taste it...

Sunday's are my official weigh in days. I was "supposed to" hit my 100 pound mark last week. It didn't happen, but I am okay with this. I am making better choices for my health for the rest of my life so if I don't hit a mark when I think I should...*kanye shrug* Oh well, keep it pushing!

But like I was saying...Sunday's are my chosen weigh in days, but I weighed at the end of my crazy work day and was at 344!!!! That is 2 pounds away from my first long term goal! Who is excited? This chick!

I have been thinking about how I will present this accomplishment on social media. I have not shared my weight loss adventure or goals with anyone outside of the few folks that still scan through my blog. So it's gonna be awesome! Like my friends that randomly post that they just had a baby, when they never said ANYTHING about being pregnant! I like that! I never see it coming! :)

Other than that, everything is going well. Uncle Sam bit me in the butt pretty hard last week and I am in recovery mode financially. I will be back in stride very soon! YAY

Friday, April 10, 2015

My fit test results

I did my extremely modified, fat girl Fit Test moments ago. In the real program they recommend that you take the fit test every 2 weeks so you can track your progress. I am doing something close to the Insa.nity program. Meaning...I did not start on a Sunday and instead of taking a "rest day" every Sunday I take my "rest day" on the day I am supposed to do a certain workout in which my DVD doesn't work, LOL! I also do NOT drink the reco.very formula or shake.ology that is recommended. I also missed a few days if time honestly did not allow it (which was only 2 days) Does that make sense? Probably not, LOL! Anywho, I am using this tool to get my cardiovascular game up and tone up these muscles! Not to follow the program to the letter.

I twerked my right knee again during TKD yesterday, so jumping was definitely out of the question today as I took the test. Safety first!

My results:
Modified switch kicks: beginning 66, today 74
Modified power squats: beginning 26, today 31
Taebo Kicks: beginning 41, today 75 (WOWZERS!)
Modified power jumps: beginning 21, today 30
Modified Globe squats: beginning 15/4, today 27/4
Suicide jumps w/o jumping: beginning 4, today 9
Push up jacks (on knees): beginning 1, today 10
Modified plank: beginning 2 each, today 4 each

I like it!