Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hot Damn!




Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Soo close I can taste it...

Sunday's are my official weigh in days. I was "supposed to" hit my 100 pound mark last week. It didn't happen, but I am okay with this. I am making better choices for my health for the rest of my life so if I don't hit a mark when I think I should...*kanye shrug* Oh well, keep it pushing!

But like I was saying...Sunday's are my chosen weigh in days, but I weighed at the end of my crazy work day and was at 344!!!! That is 2 pounds away from my first long term goal! Who is excited? This chick!

I have been thinking about how I will present this accomplishment on social media. I have not shared my weight loss adventure or goals with anyone outside of the few folks that still scan through my blog. So it's gonna be awesome! Like my friends that randomly post that they just had a baby, when they never said ANYTHING about being pregnant! I like that! I never see it coming! :)

Other than that, everything is going well. Uncle Sam bit me in the butt pretty hard last week and I am in recovery mode financially. I will be back in stride very soon! YAY

Friday, April 10, 2015

My fit test results

I did my extremely modified, fat girl Fit Test moments ago. In the real program they recommend that you take the fit test every 2 weeks so you can track your progress. I am doing something close to the Insa.nity program. Meaning...I did not start on a Sunday and instead of taking a "rest day" every Sunday I take my "rest day" on the day I am supposed to do a certain workout in which my DVD doesn't work, LOL! I also do NOT drink the reco.very formula or shake.ology that is recommended. I also missed a few days if time honestly did not allow it (which was only 2 days) Does that make sense? Probably not, LOL! Anywho, I am using this tool to get my cardiovascular game up and tone up these muscles! Not to follow the program to the letter.

I twerked my right knee again during TKD yesterday, so jumping was definitely out of the question today as I took the test. Safety first!

My results:
Modified switch kicks: beginning 66, today 74
Modified power squats: beginning 26, today 31
Taebo Kicks: beginning 41, today 75 (WOWZERS!)
Modified power jumps: beginning 21, today 30
Modified Globe squats: beginning 15/4, today 27/4
Suicide jumps w/o jumping: beginning 4, today 9
Push up jacks (on knees): beginning 1, today 10
Modified plank: beginning 2 each, today 4 each

I like it!


Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Garden is back!

All my farming type buddies at work told me that the best time to plant veggies is on Good Friday. Last year I started my container garden in like June or July. I got good growth, but no fruit because the cold came and killed everything :( I got it right this year though, LOL! Yes, technically Good Friday is tomorrow, but it was soo pretty outside when I got home, I had to get in the dirt a day early :)

Same 10 buckets from last year. I revitalized my soil and started again! So excited! I don't have any popsicle sticks to label my buckets, so I am going to blog what I have from right to left for personal reference:

Tomatoes x3

If I am able to grow and eat 1 item, I will call that success!

*fingers crossed*

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Still on the Insanity train

Still doing what I can and calling it day. Unfortunately, just like when you start any other workout program...I am gaining water weight *sigh* I think I have switch to doing official weigh in's every other Sunday while I complete this program. Even though my brain knows exactly what is going on with my body, I can't help but to tie emotions into the number I see every week. I have to stop that.

Working out will only help me in the long run. I have to sculpt the body that is under the remaining fat, so when I reach my ultimate goal I will already have good muscle definition, esp. in my upper body where there is hardly any right now, LOL!

Sooooo even though my numbers are not good (in my warped opinion) I will stay on the Insanity train till the end. Got to get some muscle going on. Best for long term health and mobility.


Saturday, March 28, 2015

What an amazing day!

Two of my Elon girls and I went to a shopping outlet mall today. I found someone to take my shift with the 103 year old, so I had plenty of time to relax and be with my friends! I needed to be around them more than I realized *sigh* Let's just recap my day...

Woke up, morning routine

TaeKwonDo class - I actually landed a turning back kick on a black belt!!!! Woot woot!

Came home, freshened up, went to my homegirl's house that was driving to the outlet.

We get to the outlet mall and had to wait for my other friend that was running late. We both had not had lunch so we decided to go to Outback for lunch while we waited for the other friend. The hostess sat us at a booth...a fixed booth where you can't move the table or seat..AND I FIT!!!!! I haven't fit in a fixed booth in forever!!!! Woot woot! My friend that drove has always been a petite person so she was looking at me funny when she saw how excited I was sitting in the booth. LOL! Our other friend join us and we eventually leave the restaurant.

There is a Lane Bryant outlet where we were. I have been too big to shop at Lane Bryant for awhile now. So while my friends are looking in the normal people stores, I branch out and go into LB, just to see if I can fit anything or at least see how far I need to go to get back into LB clothes. I ended up buying a pair of jeans, THAT FIT, for 38 bucks!!!!!! SCORE! I cried in the fitting room.

I meet back up with my girls, bag in hand, eyes red. They asked me what was up and I basically told them how I lost 90 pounds and how I now can shop at LB. They were super happy for me. I cried again, LOL!

My girl that met us at the outlet drives a Sequoia truck. Several times as I rode shotgun I could never fasten my seat belt. I always played it off, but it was always embarrassing. Even though I know my girls love me no matter what size I am. So today, I asked my girl if I could sit shotgun in her truck just to see if I could fasten the seatbelt...IT FASTENED!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH 

We all find the items we were looking for then we went to Cold Stone for a treat. We all love Cold Stone :) We chat it up, say our see you laters, then head back to Raleigh.

So to recap: did something cool during TKD class, spent time with some of my Elon girls, sat in a fixed booth, brought jeans that fit from LB, and fastened a seat belt that I have a long standing history of not being able to fasten!

What an amazing day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Modified Insanity day 2

I am not going to blog all 60 days, but I just finished day 2 and I felt like blogging. LOL

Day 2 is a lot of jumping. I don't do much jumping right now, maybe after I drop some more weight. I don't like the sound of my stomach hitting my thighs when I jump. Stupid reason, but honest :)

I was dripping sweat during disc 2. Being that I modified 95% of the circuit I call that success!

Why does Shaun T have to be married to a man? *sigh* That body is yummy! ;-P