Thursday, September 21, 2006

What if?

What if you were single?

What if at one time you had a "stable" of booty calls, so to speak?

What if you give up the booty calls all together?

What if you dated awhile after letting the booty calls go?

What if that didn't work for you?

What if your decisions left you in sexual drought?

What if you was cool with it for awhile?

What if one day you wasn't cool with it?

What if you try to remedy the problem and fail?

What if one of your favorite booty calls from the past contacts you?

What if you 2 organize a hook up?

What if the 1st time didn't work out and you 2 plan another meeting?

What if you take an hour out of work to be there?

What if you get there and the booty call gets all friend like wanting to plan outings and what not?

What if the booty call wasn't acting like a booty call?

What if the booty call was told very bluntly what was needed of them?

What if the booty calls give you the "I've been kinda lonely" vibe?

What if you don't really mind being a lonely remedy cuz you kinda lonely too?

What if you don't have a problem listening and giving an opinion when needed?

What if your booty call talked so much you didn't get no booty?

What if you left booty calls house more frustrated than when you walked in?

What if the booty call wanted to come to your place tonight?

What if the booty call started more talk and no action?

What if you swore before all the internet that if the booty call comes through tonight w/that mess from this morning they may just get raped?

What if that was the plan?

What if the BC you knew from way back came through?

What if they had the sniffles?

What if the BC from this morning didn't have the sniffles?

What if you woke up w/a runny nose?

What if some viruses are quick?

What if the temptation to call in sick was overwhelming?

What if you most likely won't?

What if this runny nose get's ugly during the weekend?

What if you would really need to take the time then?

What if you planned to do the same ole sleep/clean/study/football thing this weekend?

What if you wished you were higher in the NFL pickem league?

What if you wished that everyone who may be reading has a weekend far better than mine?


Freaky Deaky said...

Part of being a successful booty call is knowing the rules. While you both might be looking for something casual or even something to chase away the loneliness, it's clear that these rules aren't being met and hurt feelings, frustration, and confusion will result from it.

Ladynay said...

I am not breaking any rules.

Freaky Deaky said...

I meant that he seems to be breaking the rules. Then again when you're just a booty call you're not even supposed to be listening to his problems. Get your nut then get out.

feels good b n FREE said...

hey u
i can't hardly even think right now...
so i'ma have to come back to answer some questions...but i just wanted to stop in and say thanx 4 visitin...

luv ya!

Ladynay said...

Oh okay Freaky.

Going getting it than rolling out was easier to say than to do.


hi :-D lol

LUVIN ME said...

What if you just felt like asking questions today and I was just too tired to answer?

I hope you have a nice weekend!

TTD said...

Have a good weekend.. Hope the booty call situation gets better!

Ladynay said...

Luvin, rest up this weekend!

TTD, Hopefully it will. It's not that I wouldn't mine turning a bootycall into a friend w/benefits, I am just used to being the one initiating the transition.

Honey-Libra said...

Dang girl all I know is that if you can't keep up with the rules then you don't need to be my booty call...cause when I call you, you better be there....

Sending you HUGS hope you have a wonderful weekend

Ladynay said...

Hear hear! The funny thing is when I first met him I wanted to hang out like that, but he ended up being a really good booty call. Watch, if I roll with his ideas he gonna wanna be a "dyck" again!

Can't win for losing! LOL

You have a good time this weekend also!

Stoяmy Dazέ said...

I have a couple what ifs of my own.

But I will just leave them for now except one...

what if I hope your weekend and the booty call situation improves.

meljoy said...

lol, i'm loving freaky deakys picture. looks like my kiddo :-) thats a LOAD of questions dude...

Ladynay said...

Stormy - welcome to my slice of the web, look forward to reading your what if's

Mel - All I basically said was a hookup from my past made contact and is acting more like a friend than a hookup. He came by the other night w/a runny nose and now I'm having cold symtoms :-(

meljoy said...

oh yea, I'm lactose intolerant, I read that post a few days ago, I dunno why I forgot to say that. Like I will die if I drink milk. At least that's what it feels like!

That Girl said...

Booty calls...aye...they never work out...someone almost always ends up getting hurt...