Saturday, October 14, 2006


**Ma Mickey passed last night (10/14) at about 7:30pm. She lived about 24 hours on her own. Party girl needs strength more than anything right now*** Just thought I'd share...

Well I knew this weekend wasn't going to be exciting, but I am more bored than I thought I would be.

Pooka and I slept in late which was nice. I made pancakes for breakfast which were yummy. I am still on a mission to learn the trick behind making the perfect uniform golden brown colored pancake. For lunch we had cod and cabbage which was so good I had to pat my ownself on the back. Pooka is not big on cabbage but she asked for seconds! Go momma Go momma Go momma! LOL

We cleaned, I studied, I read to Pooka, she read what she could to me, we watched Charlotte's Web, I studied some I am bored. There is not much going on on the internet so I am just blogging to blog. Truth be told I could use this time for more studying but I am not in the mood to concentrate like I need to. I was hyped and motivated this morning, but it's dwindled. I may watch some tutorials *shrug*

Last night was as cold as the weather folks said it was gonna be. Which means the fat person theory came into effect. I would go find the post where the theory came into existence but that was a long time ago and that's too much work! LOL Basically it's something that me, Aunt Diva, and the radio personality Tom Joyner came up w/that says that people tend to call and want to hang out with skinny folks during the spring and summer, but when it starts to get cold in the fall and winter all the fat people get all the phone calls. Who wants to be in bed with a bag of bones when there is snow on the ground? That's when you want that extra insulation to cuddle up with. Now of course there are exceptions to the rule. Like me, I personally like to cuddle up w/a teddy bear type everyday no matter what the weather, but the theory stays the same.

Anyways, I got a few phone calls last night. Too bad the one I wanted came at 3:11am!!! I mean come freakin on! I was in a good point of sleep so when I heard the phone ring and it registered that it wasn't a part of my dream the ringing stopped. I wasn't going to get up to get it anyways. I had crocodile rolled into my comforter so I was nice and toasty. I really wasn't trying to move. Oh well. My husband from another lifetime called to check on me, which was really nice. The convo lasted only 5 mins, he just wanted to see if everything was ok since I apparently "can't call nobody". To which I gave my standard reply...the phone works BOTH ways! Babydaddy called just to say he loved me awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww *eyeroll* I am sure the call was to soften me up so he can get some booty when/if I go home next weekend. Either that or he needs me to do something. Don't get me wrong, he has never stopped saying it since we broke up. Which is good and bad. Do I have love for him? Sure. It just not the same love that I used to have for him. I've fell out of love a long time ago, but whatever, the point is the mushiness increases when he needs/wants something. I'll find out what the something is next maybe. My first guess is some tail.

My boredom led me back looking through personal ads. They all are trash so that didn't last to long. I am not looking for a new casual sex partner, I pass.

ShawnQT (left) did a performance on his dreams in a fitted blog. He covered a Justin Timberlake song which I will guess the song is called "Start Over". When I first heard the song on his blog I thought it was India Arie, he is giving me that type feel she gives me. But according to his comments, it's Justin Timberlake! Then when I watched it again not too long ago he does say something like "I'm just a simple man" so I guess it is JT. This makes the third song that I have liked from his new album...sexyback, my love, and now this start over song. I may have to actually go purchase his cd to play in my new cd player that's getting put in the van soon.

I could take the kid to the fair since it's looking like my crew don't know if they are going or not. I really hate that we might not go as a group this year. To me, the bigger the mob you go with, the more fun you have. Party Girl and her crew are already out the picture. They won't be back in NC till after the fair is over. Everyone else has there various issues. E (on the left) is going w/his crew but they haven't confirmed a date. If they have, E hasn't let me know *hint hint*. If only Pooka and I go I would prefer to go on a warmer day real early in the morning, like when they open at 9, so it won't be too crowded and all the teens and adults will be still in the bed. The only people that go in the mornings are families and seniors which is cool.

Maybe one year I will attend the fair one on one with a guy. He'd spend money at the games trying to show his skill and win me a stuffed animal that I'd end up giving to Pooka...yeah, like that will ever happen! LOL



deepnthought said...

Ok, I have my cousin on loan to freaky, and I can have my brother on loan to you. He is the teddy bear type and unlike his lil sister, he likes the fair.

Ladynay said...

Look at you pimpin' out your family! Shame on you!

*ahem* If he is ever near Raleigh let me know, LOL!

Freaky Deaky said...

LOL @ fat person theory!

Did someone say teddy bear type? Come here woman and let's snuggle and cuddle while I whisper sweet nothings or naughty stuff in your ear (which ever you prefer) and...well that would be telling wouldn't it? ;o)

That might've been me calling you. But you didn't answer the phone. :o( Your van e-mailed me your number and told me to call really, really late. LOL!

Ladynay said...

LOL, it's true!

I said teddy bear type, now whatcha gon' do about it? ;-) You don't have to tell, I'd rather you show...

Well the van gave you the wrong info babe! It's rare I am answering the phone after hours like that!

deepnthought said...

Oh yeah, I meant to comment. My dad used to call big girls all weather girls. Shade in the summer, and heat in the winter. I am with you I wouldnt mind having a teddy bear type all year round as long as we are not fighting over snacks.LOL.
I will check and see what my brothers schedule is. He is also very good in physics. Did I mention that yet?

Ladynay said...

Nooooooooo not shade in the summer! hahahhahahahaha That's mean, yet funny.

He's good at physics too???? Oh heck yeah bring him on!

Freaky Deaky said...

Sorry to hear about Ma Mickey, I guess I didn't read that update the first time I commented.

You don't want me to show you. You say you do but you don't. LOL!

The Devil's van played me? :o( I thought me and your van had something. Sure it was based on fear (mainly it stalking and hurting me) but still, I thought me and the Devil's van was better than that. Bad van! Bad, bad van!

Ladynay said...

I think you were commenting when I was making the addition.

I'll take your word for

You know the van is a st8 female or a gay man (it allowed another vehicle to run into it from behind) and both can be tempermental! LOL It'll be okay once some time has passed.

blkbutterfly said...

as soon as you figure out perfect pancakes, please let me know. i made some a few weeks ago and while they were good (if i do say so myself), they weren't picture pretty.

i'm planning to make some cabbage today. the last time i tried, it didn't turn out so well, but hopefully it will be better this time around.

the one thing (outside of the family) that i miss about being at home right now is going to the fair. i could really go for a funnel cake right now!

Ladynay said...

BB, I'll let you know if I ever get it right! LOL

W/my cabbage I get my water right before I add the cabbage and then have it on simmer till it looks just about ready to eat, then cut the stovetop off. Hope yours come out right this time.

All you really need to do is put some basic pancake mix (flour, salt, baking powder, eggs, milk, sugar, etc)in something like a empty ketchup bottle and squirt it in some hot grease. It fries in no time. Throw some powdered sugar or strawberries (whatever you like on yours) and ta daaaaa funnel cake! No fair, no long lines, no paying 5 or 6 bucks!

If I had me some strawberries I would make me one! Yum!

meljoy said...

hmph, well thanks for the skinny people comment :-( *folds arms and walks away*

Ladynay said...


Awwwww Mel, don't be like that. You rock all day everyday. It's just that during the spring and summer time a lot of men call the ladies that look like you. The ones that can work a 2 piece bikini even AFTER having a baby (can your read the hateration in my words Mel...huh can you?LOL)and leave the ladies that look like me who prays and starves to look 1/2 way decent in a one piece in the dust!

lj said...

that Justin CD is actually pretty decent...u should check it out.

Jamal K. Franklin said...

Sorry to hear about Ma Mickey

deepnthought said...

Sorry to hear about Ma Mickey. Party girl is in my prayers.

Strawberries, funnel cake, hmmmmmmm. I miss them both. I am getting my brother for you. LOL.

LUVIN ME said...

Sorry to hear about Ma Mickey.

Ladynay said...

Lj, I am going to actually going to buy it. I have heard good review and I like the songs I've heard thus far.

Jamal & DNT & Luvin, thanks. It's all for the best.