Saturday, October 21, 2006

On the 7th day HE rested...

and so shall I! Once my head hits that pillow the love affair w/the sandman with begin, no foreplay or nothing just st8 to sleep, I know it! Pooka has already started her journey, she didn't make it to her room! Took her shoes off at the door and layed on the couch. Snoring as I type! LOL

So lets shorten up a great 2 days shall we?

Friday: Went to work at the fair, picked Pooka up from school and went st8 back to the fairgrounds for pleasure. Me, being the smart woman I am, got a stamp on my hand when I left the fairgrounds so when I came back I didn't have to pay. Well while at Pooka's school I had to let them know that she was a car rider today so they wouldn't put her on the daycare van. The ladies room called while I was in the office, so I went and followed proper procedure by washing my hands of the germs...and the fair stamp! Great! So now I gotta pay 6 bucks to get back in, or so I thought. We get to the ticket line and this young guy asked me if I had a ticket. I told him "no, I'm sorry" thinking that he was trying to find a cheaper ticket or something and then dude breaks out with a ticket and gives it to me! Cha Ching! I wish I could say that he gave it to me because of my dashing good looks, but he probably just had a tickets that he'd been trying to sell and just decided to give them away. We get in and walk around and around and around doing the whole fair thing, go home and sleep.

Saturday: Went in early to work at the office to make up time that I am going to miss Monday because of a study session w/Dr. Hype. Being that we have our 2nd test Thursday, I really need to be there. Went from work to Pooka's friends b-day party at the movie theater. We saw Cars. I don't know if Cars is out on DVD yet but I am buying it, it was a good movie. Everyone from all ages got a chuckle or 3 out of the movie. It was funny talking to the little white boys mom because she was telling me that he talks about Pooka all the time and basically does to her what Pooka does to me. LOL! His mom kept referencing them as "the couple". I didn't mind it nor the grandmother, but dad gave me the vibe like he wasn't feeling his son interacting with chocolate! Even at this completely innocent stage. The beautiful thing about kids is that they just want to play and hang out, they don't care about color. Racism is taught. But that's another blog for another day maybe.

The little boys grandmother was there and was making chit chat with me which was fine. The only part that made me laugh on the inside was that during conversation the Lion King came up and I mentioned we were going to see it tonight and the grandma was like "isn't that an older movie?" I told her the movie was dated but the play just came to Raleigh. First she was surprised that the show came here *she is from CA* and then she was surprised that WE were going to see it. What-ever. The party was fun and Pooka had a great time.

When we got home I suggested her taking a nap. I had yet to tell her we were going to the play. She waited till about 30 minutes b4 I wanted to leave out to want to take a nap. I let her sleep about 15 minutes, LOL. We get there and I see my ex-girl and her friend whose name I've literally already forgotten, we all get introduced, and other than her asking me if I spoke with LadyKat since she left for NY that was about it for conversation. Before the show started she was engaged in convo with her friend, wonderful!!! The 15 minute intermission was kinda awkward because her friend went out to do whatever and I just fake read the program and messed with Pooka a bit. At the end of the show she did say something about having a party for Ladykat's job ending or something like that. They are sending LadyKat's job to Brazil at the end of the month so after this week she will be unemployed. I really wasn't listening to what ex-friend was saying but I figure LadyKat will fill me in on whatever she was talking about later if I am supposed to be there.

Now the actual show itself was simply magnificent! The singing, the music, the props, the special effects, the dancers, the costumes...ohh man the costumes were AWESOME! I can't even describe just how wonderful this production was put together! It's definitely worth every penny those folks asked for ticket prices! When the show was over Pooka asked if we could watch it again and the people who heard her got a chuckle out of it. I really wish we could see it again. All the weekend shows are sold out and I can't have Pooka out this late on a school night, so we both just have to wallow in our memories. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone of any understandable age. Pooka loved it just as much as I did!

The only thing I can't figure out is proper dress code for these things. Some people were in black tie attire and I saw some folks in jeans. Both to me in this situation is DEAD WRONG. Pooka and I both had on dress pants and blouse w/flat dress shoes because it is/was simply too cold for a skirt. I don't know. I don't go to these things often enough to know what is proper. Like the ex-friend, she had on a pink tee shirt and pink capris w/sneakers!!!! HUH? At least her friend had on casual short sleeved shirt and long skirt. I don't know what folks be thinking!

Well off to bed, Thanks for coming by and reading!

*takes final bow as the curtain closes*



TTD said...

i knew you would love it! glad that the ex-friend didnt try to be buddy-buddy w/ you again...

pooka gotta boyfriend :-)

did pooka ride anything at the fair? is this the state fair?? cause i was supposed to come down for that this year, but my schedule wasn't having it!

now i have to have a movie date w/ my grandmother when cars come out..

deepnthought said...

I thought cars was out. Maybe not. I am so glad you had a great time.

I do miss fnnel cakes and grilled corn on the cob.

I knew you were going to enjoy the play. The thing with the attire, in New York , all of the broadway shows I attended I attended were dressy, but not black tie except for two and that was because they were opening night. I always just jazz up a blouse and dress pants. But capris and kicks are tre' tackeee'.

deepnthought said...

oh yeah, pooka gotta boyfriend? well allllright.

blkbutterfly said...

i'm glad you and Pooka had such a great time. i've always wanted to see The Lion King, but have never had the opportunity.

how do you know the guy didn't give you the tickets because a) he had them, and b) your dashing good looks prompted him to give one to just you! :-)

Ladynay said...

TTD we did love it indeed! Now that I know that I know Pooka will act right during a long show I am going to try and keep exposing her to the theater as much as my wallet will let me! LOL. Everything about the show was just great, whomever thought of how to portray the movie on stage like that has a very good and active imagination!

Pooka got a man and I don't! How does that look? ROFL

Did she ride anything??? Girl she rode a bunch of rides (at 3 dollars a ride, tickets are 75 cent a piece and every ride she wanted to ride was 4 tickets) and rode a live pony. She had a great time and I needed to walk around and around and around like that for health reasons. Yes it was the state fair

Cars is a really cute movie.

DNT, it may be out. I just don't know yay or nay. We did not have any funnel cake of grilled corn. From what I saw on other folks plates, they were skimping on the funnel cake! :-( We did have a jumbo turkey leg tho' Pooka and I JUST finished it off not too long ago! LOL

Thanks for the words on play attire. I knew you wasn't supposed to break out the ball gowns but not the jean either!

Somebody in the house should have a boyfriend, why shouldn't it be Pooka. *shrug*

Ladynay said...

BB, if the opportunity arises, jump on it! Your scenerio is possible just the most realistic in my mind. LOL

Rahman said...

You know the Lion King is such an awesome show.

What is up with people having on gowns and others in jeans? What happened to the days of elegant respectability?

Glad you and Pooka took a night out though.

Ladynay said...

Rahman, I definitely know now. I don't know what was up w/folks last night! I was confused! LOL Hopefully this won't be the last night in a long time that me and the kid can go out and have a good time.

lj said...

I loved the Lion King but then I am a big kid:)

Ladynay said...

Lj, aren't we all? LOL

The Sarccastik Variable Why said...

sound like you had a good weekend...and tiring...i was tired just reading it...(is it time to take a nap already?)

Ladynay said...

Sar, it was fun and tiring. Yesterday Pooka and I never left the house nor changed out of our house clothes! LOL

Not nap time, better go and make that chedda' boy! LOL

Bougie Black Boy said...

longtime no see. obviously you have a lot of things going on from reading your blog. Wishing you only the best.

Ladynay said...

Hey BBB, you and the other dude got me confused, is that like your other online twin of somthing like that? 2 people same body? LOL

Thanks for the well wishes babe!