Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I cheated on my Exercise Phys. final last night. Every test she's given has been easy. I have never studied and passed 'em with ease. But that final was CRUCIAL! Many people cheated and sad to say I was one of them. I haven't cheated on a test since grade school.

I am possessive. I realized this when the chicks were all over new dude at work yesterday. I kinda felt like he was here for me to flirt with not them. Can't explain it.

I hate my up and down self esteem. The chicks at my job are better looking than I according to societies standards. Granted God makes us all beautiful in our own right, but you know when someone looks better than you. F them chicks!

I can understand how some people could hurt their children. Not that I would ever do it, but sometimes like this morning where Pooka wants to test me, I understand how one may snap.

I don't want to go to Ladykat's Christmas party. I like the people that will be there and it's a family affair so all the kiddies will be there, but, everyone is coming in couples. Everyone but me. I don't feel like calling for a filler either.

Just because I mention that I need a vacation doesn't mean that I want to go somewhere with you. I love my aunt, I really do. But she thinks that I want her with me on my getaways. I told her I was stressed out and needed time out of NC. The first thing out her mouth was something to the tune of "where would you want US to go". I wanted to reply and say that I wanted to go somewhere without HER. But that would not have went well.

I have a friend that is involved with a married man. The wife of said husband FINALLY called her like I told her she eventually would. When I asked the associate if she was gonna cut dude off all the way this time (she's been yo-yo'n with him) she said "no, I got bills, I am just up'in the price to play on my body". All that said to confess that sometimes I wish I had the whatever it is to do something like that. I have yet to have a bill paid simply because I let a dude hit. Dude is stupid tho' my associate takes other people out to lunch with HIS money! Whatever.

Today my entire department is going to Friday's for our Christmas lunch. I don't want to go. Everyone is all in the spirit and I am just not feeling it. It would be odd for me to be the only one at work so I'm going.

I don't own any Christmas clothing. Not a hat, sweater, vest, shirt, pj's...NOTHING! I am cool with that. I did wear a red shirt today just to keep people quiet.

Yesterday I thought I was gonna get my warning for being on the net all the time. I have 4 people over me. The second highest link on the food chain has an office directly in front of mine. When it was about time to go he had his door open and called me to his office. I liked to died cuz you know what I was doing! LOL I have NEVER been called to his office so I was like dang, this isn't the warning, this is the pink slip! I grab my composure and walk in his office. Turns out he just wanted to give me tax tips! ROFL Man, don't scare me about some tax tips! He did tell me about one tax break I am eligible for that I didn't know about so it was all good.

I am pregnant!

Okay, the last one isn't true but I had to have at least one juicy confession up! LOL


Freaky Deaky said...

You do know that you have to claim him before you can be possessive of him right? LOL!

Tell your self esteem to chill out. Okay, now turn around and let me give you a slow, long...hug. (GASP) I can't believe you were thinking that Ladynay! [Whispers] Okay, I can but you know I have this sweet & innocent reputation I have to keep up, right?

If I could get a bill paid for letting some chick hit I'd be in heaven or I'd be on my back every chance I got or I'd finally get to put down Manhoe on my tax return. Well what I'm saying is that I might actually be able to be talked into doing it. Maybe. ;o)

Who's the daddy? If you're going to make up juicy tidbits then go all out. :o)

Ladynay said...

I did claim him, in my mind. I had it all planned out. I'd flirt with him, he'd flirt back, we'd start office rumors that are only rumors, all that type stuff.

Sweet and innocent reputation...right, gotcha! LOL

I think if anyone is put in the right situation, we'd all entertain the thought of sex for nothing but financial gain.

Hmmmmmmm who's the daddy? Well when I go up on Maury for the 3rd time hopefully I'll find out. There's a long list of possibilities :-P

Freaky Deaky said...

Methinks you have doubts about my sweetness & innocence. :o(

Oh, I forgot to say before. Shame on you for cheating! Someone really needs to put you over their lap and have it for that.

Wow, well, um I hope you find that child's father. [Slowly eases to the door and calculates the distance to my ride.] Say hi to Maury. LOL!

Ladynay said...

I'd never doubt your ummmm purity....*whistles*

Mannnnn if all I had to do was cheat to get that type treatment I would have cheated on every assignment! LOL

Oh don't worry if my third try don't work you'll be getting a phone call from Maury's people! ROFL

Honey-Libra said...

When I saw that last line I was like ohh Lord, please tell me it aint' the new guy already LOL...

I will admit that sometimes I get possessive...and we all feel insecure about how we look at times but hey what someone else doesn't like some other person does :)

Ladynay said...

Lawwd girl! I know I can be a tad fast sometimes but not that fast! ROFLMBBO!!!!

Your right and I know it, it's just sometimes I wish I could be a bit more femme on the regular. The younger ladies here dress very prissy 95% of the time and makes my tee shirt and jeans feel so manish! LOL I do get down with the lady gear at work from time to time but I am not comfortable :-(

Lady J said...

You almost had me to fall out of my chair on that last confession. lol!!!

You sound like you need a hug. I wish it was something I can say to tell your self esteem to get up and make you feel better.

Keep this in mind it is always someone you are gonna think look better than you but you just keep your head up and be the best ladynay you can be. Confidence and what is on the inside is far more sexier than just looks.

Looks attract them but personality keeps them.

ta ta for now!!!

blkbutterfly said...


girl, i almost died at the last "confession"!

you're right about getting bills paid thing. i had an offer a few months ago, but well, i would've felt dirty, so i didn't take him up on it. but, i did at least give it a few moments of thought.

Ladynay said...

J, I'm cool but I'll never turn down a hug...well if you ain't stank and trife that is :-) The thoughts on my self change with the wind. One day I'll be one of the self absorbed you can tell me I'm not hot folks, other days you convince me I need to be anywhere but under a rock. It's up and down and inbetween as far as that goes.

BB, thanks for the love. I had to put one good one in there :-P We've all had the thought or will have the thought one day...

Omar Ramon said...

girl u SCARED me. i like to have a dang heart attack when i read that last confession.

i know what u mean about feeling as though other people are more attractive than you are. self esteem can be so fragile sometimes.

Ladynay said...

Seems like I scared a lot of folks. Trust if I do get preggos anytime soon, it would be posted in a post by itself. LOL

That whole self esteem/self image thing is fragile indeed.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I cheated on quiet a few exams in college. Don't feel too bad!

I understand too how people could hurt their kids. I'm not talking about putting them in microwaves and burning them(true story) but more of wanting to beat the crap out of them. I pray I never get to that point where I snap b/c sometimes O test me and I just want to grab him.

I have taken money from a couple of dudes before but wasn't sleeping with neither one of them. They both liked me so much they thought giving me money and buying me things was going to win me over and it didn't. I have now grown from that. One thing I have never done and never will do is mess around with a married man. Don't wish to be like that b/c nothing ever good come from that.

I'm still dealing with having low self esteem sometimes. It comes and goes.

Ladynay said...

Not to say cheating is beyond me, but I feel bad because that's not me.

I keep hearing about the kid in the microwave story, I may have to look the details up. Girlllll this morning I was about to let loose on Pooka. I try not to hit her when I am upset because I am heavy handed and it would hurt way pass the "you know better" stage. I just had to walk away for a few minutes girl!

What you do comes back to you is the truth! I can't do nothing but look at a married man (like my new coworker whose ring I noticed at the divisions Christmas lunch) I may have my little thoughts but it stays to myself. Look but don't touch...look but don't touch...

I don't knock what my friend/associate does cuz she is doing what she feels she has to do. :-(

Freaky Deaky said...

I am innocent and sweet too. :o(

If you want me to cuss out Maury and his people that's all you had to say. I'm going to tell you what I told the other eight chicks. That ain't my baby, but if there's anything I can do to help you find the real father then let me know. :o)

If you wanted a spanking you didn't have to cheat. All you had to do was ask. ;o) I would've been happy to oblige.

Ladynay said...

Okay Freaky, whatever you say :-D

*grabs photo and dramatically gets out of chair*

LOOK AT THIS BABY!!!! YOU CAN'T TELL ME IT DON'T LOOK LIKE YOU (or Tyrone, Roger, Kyle, Leon, Rob, Steve, Stephen, Steven, Barry, Bill, William, George, or Myron) DON'T DENY YOUR CHILD!!!! *breaks down in tears* I just want you to be there for my baby *sniff sniff* ROFL

Now I gotta go watch me some Maury! Tee hee hee

Daddy may I...oh well not right now, I'll save that for later *wink*

blkbutterfly said...

your last comment had me rolling! that is exactly what they do. and then try to add in something like, "He gotta a gap in his front teeth just like you!" uhm, since when did a gap prove paternity? LMAO!

Ladynay said...

Yep! Darn near everytime!

It's a mess and it's always the ones that get the loudest that the dude turns up not being the father so they run backstage crying! LOL

Then Maury runs behind them consoles them and lets them know if she wants more tests done he'd do 'em for her (so she can make more of a butt of herself on his show) hahahaha

deepnthought said...

Why when I read your blog all I could sing was, These are my confession, (you know the rest of the words cause I dont). A secret part of me wants to be kept too. I was close once and I liked it. I wouldnt exactly call it kept because we were celibate but I had the other benefits.

Ladynay said...

You don't have to have sex to be a kept woman (so I heard). I am glad to hear one woman whose been close to being kept and is not saying that it wasn't nearly as great as it seemed! LOL

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Ladynay said...

Spam, please send me different messages and sites if you gotta do it. Or just give me $900, either or...

Yeah I am responding to spam, and what? LOL

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Ladynay said...

Spam, so you trying to be funny huh? LOL

deepnthought said...

When I was in Tn they showed an old episode where the chick hadmy name and the potential dad had my ex name and the other five men had familymember names. I felt sobad because none of them were the dad and that was here third time. I laughed and then hung my head. lol

Ladynay said...

DNT, it was you, you can it admit it. We are accepting here! ROFL

I would have freaked out at all the coinky dinks w/the names!