Monday, January 08, 2007

You know what day it is?

Thankfully this time next week I should still be sleep. Thank MLK.Jr! I do need to find an event going on and take Pooka to it because it is a day set aside to remember and reflect on a great man, but truth be told I doubt if I use the holiday like I am supposed to. :-(

This weekend was just as exciting as I thought it would be. Saturday was incredible weather wise. I didn't hit the trail but I did follow Pooka around on her bike in the parking lot. Small steps, small steps, small step working back to the trail. I would have let Pooka take her bike on the trail but the journey has too many hills for Pooka and she isn't all that experienced yet. I can just see her flying down a hill and something bad happening. I don't even want to take that chance.

I have been however taking chances and putting myself out there in other ways this year. Sometimes I look back at stuff I do and things I've said recently and think "OMG am I really doing this, this doesn't make sense!" But I think taking some chances is a good thing. I don't want to miss out on something because I was scared.

Oh I did do something very very very important this weekend. Drum roll please......I went through the entire clothes washing process! Currently every piece of clothing is clean, folded, and put where it's supposed to go. My room looks so different without the clothes all over it! LOL *takes my bow* Thank you thank you, no need for additional applause. :-P

I also did something very very bad. I have some ghetto phones in my house. I got one tight looking hand me down cordless phone for the holidays but that joint is jacked up. I've had my other cordless phone forever and it's starting to give me signs that it's almost time to retire it. But anyways, I wanted to make a phone call and since my computer was holding my phone up I decided to use my cell. I get a better reception outside so I decided to go out in the van to make the quick call. Pooka was watching Cat in the Hat with her pj's on chillin'. I told her I was going to the van real quick and went to make my call. I'll say I was in the van for 15-20 minutes and when I walked back to my door the door opened and Pooka was standing there fully dressed with her shoes on with mad tears in her eyes. She was upset because she couldn't find me. My heart just broke :-( I asked her if she saw me in the van and she said she couldn't. I should not have been in the van so long. Awwwwww my Pooka loves me. I know now if anyone kidnaps me or from some reason I am not where Pooka thinks I should be. She's getting dressed and gonna find her momma yah heard me? LOL So if I don't blog for awhile and then you hear of a little girl found walking up and down the street trying to find her momma, yall start a collection to pay my ransom!

Other than that school starts today! Management didn't say anything but my supervisor did run through my schedule with me to make sure she understood it. I am just gonna take that as an approval. Today I have a class in the morn and a class in the evening. The one in the evening should prove to be interesting because there is a issue with the online system that I told the head of the dept. about TWICE that has yet to be corrected. Ahhhhhh nothing like going to an HBCU! LOL Hopefully I'll have Nurse Snooze again for my evening class. She was boring as I don't know what, but she likes Pooka and doesn't mind her coming to class with me every week. I know she mentioned that she is one of the people who taught Fitness Assessment but the schedule still says TBA (to be announced). I'll see tonight.


deepnthought said...

awwwww pooka is a sweet little one. I am so sorry she was scared. Way to go on the little steps. yayyyyyy. You got all the clothes done. this semester is your semester. You will ace all of your classes. You got this. You are a very intelligent sister and you are the bomb.

Ladynay said...

Girl the look on her face when I got to the door was just heartbreaking :-( I didn't mean to do my baby like that.

I need you in my back pocket so when I need encouragement I just pull you out! LOL

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I washed clothes yesterday..and guess what...the clothes are still in the basket. HA!!!

Pooka thought you left her. Awww

Ladynay said...

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Yall made me feel better about not putting my clothes away on Friday. LOL I guess that's one good thing about blogging all your business, just when you think your alone, you find out your not!

I love my Pooka!

Lady J said...

Pooka is no nonsense when it comes down to her momma. Someone was gonna have hell to pay if you didn't show up. LOL I told u everything would work out with your schedule. Give Pooka a couple of days and she will be flyin up and down hills. You'll be chasing her. Wow washing all the clothes that is amazing, now why don't you will some of that energy to me. lol

Honey-Libra said...

Pooka should have put you on punishment for scaring her like that LOL...I went through the whole laundry process too..YEA!! We deserve a low fat treat hhahah

Ladynay said...

Pooka got my back no doubt! LOL

If you call them not saying anything working out I can dig it! :-)

I don't want my baby flying up and down hills!!!!!I know she gonna do it when she gets older but I am not gonna be around to see it! I have a thing with bikes! No that has nothing to do with her, but still! She can fly on level ground not hills, uh uh no way not on my watch!

I need all the energy I need to spot clean my carpets again! LOL Sorry!

Ladynay said...

Yeah Honey...low fat treat...does milk chocolate count? ROFL

Freaky Deaky said...

Can I get up in your back pocket too? What?! For um, encouragement, yeah, that's it, encouragement. ;o)

Did Pooka put you on mommy punishment for being bad and disappearing on her? You know if the situation was different she's be standing up and her ass would be glowing like Rudolph's nose. Fair is fair after all.

Hope your scheduling gets straightened out to your satisfaction.

So what are these things you're saying and doing that makes you feel that way?

Ladynay said...

You can get in my pocket only if it "encourages" you....what?LOL

If she told me where she was going then I would not have lit her behind up. She didn't put me on punishment all I had to do was love her up abit and dry those tears and she was good to go! :-)

Just telling folks what's on my mind and doing things from gut feelings.

Freaky Deaky said...

Oh it'll encourage me alright.

She let you off easy. :o(

Ladynay said...

Of course she did, I'm mommy! LOL

Since I am do to be punished why don't you...well never mind. *cheese*

El Alexander said...

that Pooka baby! awwwwww

The Mistress said...

Girl...we will BOTH be sleeping in next Monday. Yay!

That story with your daughter reminds me of a similar event that happened with my mom. We were vacationing in Florida at a hotel when I woke up in the middle of the night to discover she was GONE! I cried my little face off and guilt tripped her something terrible when she got back!

Turns out she was in the damn sauna!

I was freaked the hell out though. I was a drama queen.

Ladynay said...

Alex, when you come back???? Pooka is a pure mess!

Mistress, awwwwww momma was just trying to relax herself while you were knocked out! :-( Drama queen is my babies unofficial middle name. She's being trained via satellite to be a diva from my aunt and grandmother! LOL