Thursday, February 01, 2007

Title should go here :-)

All the talk of snow and the ground is dry :-( It's supposed to start up real good about 8am. I'll be at work by then. Pooka's out of school again and I not really sure why.

Of course if you mention anything snow related people freak out so when I went to the grocery store to restock on some rabbit food there were low on carts. When I done my shopping, which included an 18lb. bag of grapefruit, there where NONE. I put my lonely cart in the area and walked by a few folks walking in.

Last night I felt the love, many people felt the need to call me in the same time frame. Why so concentrated? Most yall know that I don't really start convo's that late in the evening?

I went to sleep and I woke up and hour later talking to my "friend". Have you ever snored yourself awake? Well it was like that but I was talking and what I was saying was to my friend, to the point I grabbed the cordless phone which was still by my ear and was like "hello"! ROFL I can't explain it, it was weird.

I couldn't go back to sleep so I felt the urge to go through my old band pictures. While doing so I found a prank pic I took of Sintia sleeping. On days we had to go far for a band trip, we had to be in the band room extremely early in the morning. Most times we'd show up, find us a spot in the room and go back to sleep till the buses came. The picture is funny even tho' it's not a drool dripping picture like some of the ones I have. I thought about scanning it and sending it to some of the old band members but Sintia would kick my butt for putting her out there like that so I am going to keep that picture for myself. I may still put up a picture of all the dancers that I took during one of our NY trips, but I don't know. I smiled on the memories of her, then I cried...hard. I ended up crying myself to back to sleep.

I don't like my local YMCA. First they lose my paperwork so I have to go back and redo. I speak to the lady that I have to interview with and she tells me if I could meet with her now I could redo my application and have my interview all at the same time. SWEET! So I leave work early to meet with the chick and the broad tells me she can't meet with me for the interview and she'd get up with me so we can arrange to interview MONDAY!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR How unprofessional! I left work early to get this done and you play me? *eyeroll* She is lucky I am not aware of other options right now.

Blogger meets myspace. One of my highschool classmates on myspace started talking to a blogger through my myspace friends list. Apparently in recent communication the blogger told the classmate that I had a blog (I don't do the myspace blog thing) so the classmate hit me up playfully yelling at me for holding out on them! LOL! So I assume they'll start commenting on my blog or at the very least start reading about how normal my adult life is. :-)

Tomorrow is not promised so if I want something, I need to go for it!


TTD said...


yes.. go for it! what instrument did u play?

Ladynay said...

In the band my main instrument was the tuba/sousaphone.

In my lifetime I have played clarinet, flute, sax, trumpet, french horn, guitar, and bass.

I used to compose music on the keyboard but I've lost my love and ear for it.

blkbutterfly said...

they're talking about freezing rain here. i have yet to leave for work. good thing i can work from home...

i like when i get multiple calls too. too bad that hadn't happened in a while...

i love late night calls!

it's usually one (oftentimes small) thing that opens the floodgates. i'm sorry your friend is no longer here.

Ladynay said...

If I could work from home today would be the day. The snow has started, my team has gone home and I am just waiting for the daycare to call me at any minute telling me to come get the seed...

It doesn't happen to me often either...

Aren't they tho'! :-P

I'm sorry too. I knew that I was gonna really cry about it eventually, it just happen to happen last night/this morning.

Freaky Deaky said...

So has it snowed there yet? I've heard an inch of snow can shut things down, down there.

Why so much grapefruit? Are you planning on beating someone to death with them?

So what were you saying to your friend? Was it really filthy and perverted? If so, please e-mail me a copy of said conversation. Um just to proofread it of course. It's not like I'm into that kind of stuff. Nope. [whistles]

(((Ladynay))) I'm sorry about your friend.

You should've hit the lady from the Y with that 18lb back of grapefruit and offered to rehabilitate her.

I hate having to think of who knows who, who might be able to put 2+2 together and find out who someone is, and all that other stuff that can happen when you give someone an address, e-mail, or invite. GRRRR!!!

Ladynay said...

Yes the party has started and yes most things are shut down. LOL

The grapefruit were on a really nice sale so I couldn't walk away from the bags w/o picking up one.

ROFL,no it wasn't freaky and perverted sorry. I was just saying things that I've already said before the actual convo ended.

Thanks for the hug.

OMG! So violent!

I don't mind more of my friends from back home reading my blog. I just naturally kept things separate.

Peaches123 said...
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Peaches123 said...

Hey I'm new to this but I read your blog everyday! What does ROFL stand for. Anyone

Ladynay said...

Hello and welcome Peaches!

You read me everyday??? Wow, that tells me that you need some serious help! ROFL!


Honey-Libra said...

Let me find out you can play....I've writing that down LOL

I heart late night convos although I tend to fall asleep therefore saying some stuff I might not say when I'm awake LOL

Ladynay said...

Honey, I haven't really played anythign since I graduated high school so rusty isn't EVEN the word! LOL

Sometimes that may not be a bad thing, your guards are down so you may slip and say something you was afraid to say before.

Anonymous said...

Okay....... I played all the same instruments in addition to the violin. I played the tuba in college as well as the sax. I also did some composing. that is funny.

(((ladynay))). your still in my thoughts.

the kids just came home early and there parents got to go back to work. OH JOY.

I love those kind of conversations. "him" is a night owl, so I love it when he wakes me up.
I hope you get home safely and snuggle up all warm and cozy.

oh yeah this deepnthought

Freaky Deaky said...
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Freaky Deaky said...

Why I gotta be violent? It's not like I told you to squirt the juice in her eyes and then clock her with the close to 20 lb. bag of grapefruits. I also didn't tell you about a way I heard of beating people that supposedly doesn't leave bruises. Nope, because I'm not violent.

[Launches several children like darts into the wall. Slaps their mom into a submission hold and makes her tap out. Hits a little hold man over the head with a folding chair.] Violent? [Takes off glasses and glares] I don't know what you're talking about! [Kicks a litter of kittens as I storm off.]

Ladynay said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwww you played a string intrument! ROFL I couldn't get down with the string fam like that.


Go back to work?? Yeah whatever! LOL

My couch is calling me for a cuddle session right now! LOL

Ladynay said...

Nope, your not violent at all Freaky! LOL

deepnthought said...

I was in the orchestra in grade school through college. I was engrossed in music growing up. At one time in my life, I wanted to be an opera singer. Oh yeah, by the way go for it. miss missy.

Ladynay said...

Opera singer? Wow I didn't know you could sing. Now that's one thing I simply can't do! LOL

I am going to try and go get everything I want

peaches123 said...


Ladynay said...

veddy veddy well comed my dear! :-D

jameil1922 said...

snow was so fun in the south. now in pittsburgh, its just a hassle.

Ladynay said...

Girl nah, you can barely tell it snowed today! LOL

Lady J said...

It must have been fun to play in the band, I was in the band and I played clarinet. I hate when ppl are so unprofessional but you are at there mercy. Hang in there and be strong.