Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Do a praise dance with me now! :-)

It's spent already but it's all good.

Guess who gave me my cd back! She said there wasn't any good songs on it, I said you're welcomed.

I think my neighbor Youngbuck is moving. For the past 2 weeks she's been putting stuff out for bulk trash and when I came home yesterday someone had a pickup truck full of stuff. I don't know if it was her stuff, but her door was open and somebody was vacuuming up in there so my guess was that it was.

The governor signed the budget (darn near a month late) which includes a 4% pay raise for me! YAY! Every little bit counts.

At work we have a new system that is like big brother. I have been doing good with blogging but not with responding to my comments. It's not you, it's my upper level management.

I am still looking to pop this kick stand.

Next month I have 2 parties/gatherings to attend on the same day. There was this couple that I befriended at the same time that broke up. I am still friends with both. They both are having functions. I told both I will be attending both. One is a black and white affair. I don't have a nice black and white outfit! :-( I have some white capris. I am thinking I may get a fresh black or black and white shirt to rock with it. Lord knows I don't need to buy anything extra. The other gathering is a pool party of sorts so I will break out the black scarf.

My coworker just brought me some long black earrings for my birthday. Guess where I am going to break 'em out. :-)

I get my hair twisted Thursday! Thank GOD! This pool water got my hair looking like a puff! LOL I usually go see my girl on the weekend but she has something to do this weekend so I had to do a Thursday.

I took my Swim I final yesterday. I didn't do as good as I know I could, but what's done is done. I did climb my big butt up on that high dive and jumped! As someone who is afraid of standing heights I was very close to freaking out but I slowly walked to the edge, closed my eyes, and leaped! I didn't allow the fear time to make me punk out. I can do the low one all day everyday. LOL What is scary is that I have to dive off that thing at the end of swim II. That means going in the water hands first! OMG!!!!!!!!

My grade for the class will be posted either today or tomorrow. Since I am anxiously waiting for it, it will be posted tomorrow. That is just how it works! LOL

Did I mention it was payday? :-D


Freaky Deaky said...

Yay for payday! Um can I have a couple of dollars. And since you're getting a 4% pay raise can you add 4% to the couple of dollars you're giving me? Thanks. :o)

And people wonder why I'm for beating bad kids and their parents. You should've thrown some hot chicken grease in that little hoodrat's face.

Don't forget to wear a matching thong to the black & white party.

Ladynay said...

Ummmm what you willing to for a couple of dollars? If don't involve some baring of the skin and some booty shaking I ain't paying. What????

I'll add the four percent increase if my *coughcough* increases by 4% *whistling* LOL

Dang, hot chicken grease? Ouch!

Oh I already got that covered, well uncovered is more like it. *battling eyelashes*

AR Gal said...

Freaky Deaky has got me hollerin over here. lol

I noticed lil mama still never said thank you for the cd.....that she never asked to borrow. She and her mama needs their azz whooped with a braided switch.

Thank goodness for paydays!

Got my fingers crossed that you make a good grade.

Ladynay said...

Yall both are silly! A braided switch? LOL Dang!

You ain't lying, things were getting crucial around here! Payday was needed!

Thanks! Of course I want an A, I won't cry too long if I get a B.

Freaky Deaky said...

Why I got to do something sexual to get some money? Is it because of my name? That's discrimination and that's wrong! I rubbed your hot Fritos smelling feet for free on your birthday and you want to charge me? Let me dig into my bag of bricks to find an extra special one to beat you with.

My manhoe services costs more than a couple of bucks lady.

Don't forget to take the chicken out of the grease before you throw it at her either. You know she'll run off with it after she's done screaming and she won't thank you for that either. She sounds like the type who will take the skillet too.

Now all you have to do is send some of those pics to me and we can both be happy.

Nakki said...

Can I borry $5?! Happy Payday girl!

Anonymous said...

I'm impatiently waiting for payday.

No that little heffa didn't. I'm really surprise she gave the cd back.

Your question about what I majored in to take three economic classes. My major was Computer Information Systems. It's a BBA degree with emphasis in business. Any major in business you had to take three economic classes.

Ladynay said...

FD, Cuz I said so! LOL

Okay okay, I'll pay 3 whole bucks for the services! *wink*

She would too!

No pix for you! Nan nanny! ;oP

Nakki, girl yeah you can get spotted a five! I am still trying to get down your way. I know I've been saying that since you moved in your house! ROFL

Southern, I was there yesterday so I know how it feels.

IMO, she gave it back cuz most of her hits were not on the cd! Hence what she said to me *smh*

My face still won't straighten up after reading 3 stat classes again! Ewwww

TTD said...

YAH for payday!!! I cant wait til friday :-)

im sure u did well in class..

im surprised u got ur cd back.. but glad u did!

Ladynay said...

I feel you.

We will see soon *fingers crossed*

There wasn't anything she liked on it for her to keep it! LOL

Honey-Libra said...

Dont you love payday LOL

At least you can interchange the outfits great

You need to give her a CD with some kids song on it LOL

Ladynay said...

She wouldn't listen to it! LOL