Sunday, August 26, 2007

Last weekend of 8/07

Let's see, Saturday I went to work. Oh rapture. Pooka went with me a acted like she has sense. Great! The plan was to stay 6 hours but after 5 1/2 I was done! LOL I had an impromptu feeling to go to the movies so Pooka and I hit up the $1.5o and caught Surf's up. It was cute. I got home and took the style out of my hair. When I was done my hair resembled a locked version of Mr. Cor. bin Blues, the black boy from High School Musical. LOL It took me a bit but I calmed it down some. I was supposed to get my maintenance Saturday but I needed the money set aside for it to put in the gas tank. I am rescheduled for the 8th. I wonder what my hair will look like when I see her. I can tell that my hair is growing and I like that. I am still waiting to put my hair up in a pig or ponytail! Being patient sucks sometimes. Other than that I started folding clothes in my room. I don't know how it happened, but it looked like the clothes monster just threw up all over my room. At this moment I am 90% done folding and putting away. LOL

Earlier today while booting up my laptop, water fell on it. I thought I could get the water up fast enough for it not to effect anything but I failed. It started yelling at me so I unplugged it with the quickness! After letting it dry for a bit I tried to start it up. Everytime I did it something different would not work or not do what it is supposed to. This is the second time I could get online and pretty much maneuver to a point I was okay with. If I don't get another hand me down from aunt diva I may *swallow hard* buy me another one.

Pooka had 2 birthday cards in the mail. One from my mom and another from grand diva. Pooka was excited to have mail with her name on it! She was more excited to see the 6 bucks in each card! OMG you could not tell her that she wasn't ballin'!!!!!!! Right off the bat she told me she wanted to buy a sausage biscuit and sweet tea from Bojangles! I am guessing that she is on them now since my coworker brought her one Saturday. LOL! Since it's right next to the gas station I usually go to I said okay and off we went. The last bit of cash I had didn't top the gas off, so Pooka gave me 4 bucks to do so. :-) What a sweetie.

Friday I took cupcakes and icecream for her friends at daycare/summer camp. Her teacher and I figured it would be better to do it Friday than her b-day Monday cuz they were having an end of summer camp picnic and talent show. When Pooka and I walked in her class Friday morning with the goodies, one of her friends asked me was that for Pooka's class. When I said it was, her eyes got wide and she ran up and hugged me. That was sooooooooooooo unexpected! Ahhh to remember the time when I got excited for mail to be in my name, to jump for joy when I had paper money with any number on it, to want to hug somebodies momma cuz she brought goodies for lunch...those were the days! Due to my classes I could only make the talent show but it was the best part. Pooka was the announcer so she got out of any dancing, singing, and tumbling the other kids did. There was one little girl who was out singing and out dancing everyone and her mother was sitting in front of me. Knowing she would hear me I said something to the nature of "she done danced out her shoes, I wanna party with her". Why her mom turn around and give me the look like I said something wrong. I wasn't talking bad about her child! Everyone saw her up there doing the darn thing. Some people are just weird.

Other than that everything is the same. I've had my share of mental moments lately, I am still on the search for a new job, and I am still trying to figure out the best path for me to take. My latest thought was to take out another school loan, couple that with my tax refund, and put down a few months worth of rent and work a retail type job at night to pay for gas and utilities. This would go down when I make it into PT school. The conversation I had with the chick at Duke still runs through my mind. I must be ready. I ran my thoughts across Snookums and he gave me a few more things to take into consideration. I really wish all this was behind me and the only thing to decide was which career position offer to accept. Years from now after I have worked my first day as a full fledged PT. I am going to get online and read my archives about getting to where I will be at that point. Can't wait!

My mom told me that my cousin who is confirmed to be preggers with twins will have a baby shower in February. I guess that means they should be out the womb in March. I don't know the due date. My thought is to go with one of my friends with a Bjs/Costco/Sam's card when they go shopping and pick up a box or 4 of diapers. It hurts my head to think of having the cost of a newborn times two at the same time, then add on the cost of a toddler just for fun! My lord, my lord! Don't get me wrong. I want to have more children, but I want them at a time where I have enough to take care of them without the governments help. I haven't spoken to my cousin directly yet, but according to the family grapevine, she still isn't to thrilled about the news. I wonder what her husband thinks. If him and his best friend can't do nothing else, them jokers can make a baby! LOL His best friend has three with his wife and now with my cousins hubby doing a 2 for 1 he is going to have 3 with my cousin. I wonder if they are competing? I kid, I kid! LOL I do hope that at least one of the two babies is a boy, we need more boys in the fam. So far the sexes are unknown.

Well I guess I should start the bath/hairwash/braid and bead process for Pooka. She is gonna be sooooo cute tomorow for her first day. :-)


Erica C. said...

Please give Pooka a big hug for me!!

I'm ready to leave my job too Sis. It's a state job and it pays really good but I applied for another one that may pay alot more. Had the interview Friday so we'll see.

The Mistress said...

Everyone is talking about this High School Musical thing and I have never seen it in my life.

I'm so out of the loop.

And and the pregnant with twins cousins has all my sympathy. That's sad.

Hee hee.

Freaky Deaky said...

You're going to lose the competition if you wait until you don't need the governments help. Besides when has that ever stopped anything? If you need someone to practice with until you're ready for some actual real life baby making. I can be rented for dirt cheap. ;o)

Tell Pooka happy birthday! Ku Klux the Klown could've turned her birthday party out! Start saving your pennies and maybe you can get him to come through next year. Well, assuming he isn't in jail or anything.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Let Mistress know since she doesn't have kids, she may not no anything about High School Musical. LOL I wouldn't know anything about it, if it wasn't for my man's neices. They watched it everytime it came on that first weekend.

Twins run in my family. My grandmother is a twin. I've always had a feeling I was going to have twins. That's why I'm not going to have any more kids at this time. Babies are expensive.

deepnthought said...

awwwwwwwww Happy Born day to pooka.

How much fun you had this weekend.

If I hear or watch that dang on Corbin one more time I will throw the tv and disney out of the house. lol

Tasha said...

Awww Happy Birthday to Pooka!! That age is so cute, being excited to get her very own mail and such. Enjoy it!

I think most of the blog world is about ready to quit their jobs, lol.

Ladynay said...

Erica, I had you covered on the hug bright early this morning while singing a loud and off key version of the birthday song!

Ahhhhhhhh another state employee, gotta love it *eyeroll* Good luck on the job. At least you are interviewing.

Mistress, I haven't seen it either but it's every freaking where!!!!!

Yeah, I saw you chuckle afterwards. I'll be sure to buy the cute expensive diapers for your babies. *ducking* ROFL

Freaky, dirt cheap? Let me find out you on sale! Awwww sookie nah *checking bottom of purse for loose change* HAHAHA!

I did and thanks. No thanks on the Klown tho'.

Southern, then they are most likely doing it to part 2 as we speak *sigh*

Yes lawd they are expensive!!!!

DNT, thanks!

The weekend was ight!

"we're allllll in thissss together" *ducking* LOL Don't throw your monitor! HAAHAHAHA!

Tasha, Thanx a bunch! I can except the birthday wishes cuz it is my day of giving birth! LOL

I wish I could go back to those days every now and again.

Yah know, I never thought about that! I think if we liked our jobs we wouldn't blog as much or at all! Hmmmmmmm

Freaky Deaky said...

E-mail my um "agent" to get a copy of my rates. :oD

Why you hatin' on the klown? X(

Honey-Libra said...

YAHH POOKA! Killin em on the first day with the fresh do! Hopefully all went well.

WOW that's a lot of kids I tell ya

tina oiticica harris said...

I really ejoy your candor in these journal entries. It sounds like you give love and attention to Pooka.

I'm beat, LadyNay, this lake Michigan & BP issue is robbing me of needed sleep.


Ladynay said...

Freaky, I'm on it! *wink*

Honey, little did I know at the time I posted that we have even more babies in the oven in my fam!!!! *smh*

Tina, candor? Hmmmm I guess. Always good to see a comment from you ladybug :-)

GurlNexxDoor said...
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GurlNexxDoor said...

gurl, I debated leaving my job all summer, just for a change and to get out of the humdrum routine. I took the summer off, but decided not to change jobs. You know the saying. Money Talks Bull Shid Walks.

Yes it's me Tantrum. Back for a bit anyway.

Ladynay said...

*Calender check* yeah it's bout time for you to be back! LOL

pamalicious said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Pooka. I hope that Pooka has been having good school days.

The beauty of the blog to be able to go back one day and say WOw.