Tuesday, August 14, 2007


It's Tuesday, I am at work. I asked Pooka if she wanted to come to work while I went on the field trip to see Charlotte's Web. She told me she is not big enough to go to work. *sigh* I tried.

I take my first First Aid class of two tonight. Slim Shady said the classes are boring. I hope not. If they are it's only 2 classes so I can deal. I wanted to take the one all day Saturday class but it wasn't in the cards for me to do it before Monday. Class starts back up on Monday. I am not ready to go back yet, but I am not stopping.

Slim Shady is watching Pooka for me tonight...for free! I am stunned, I asked her twice and both times she said nothing. We shook on it. I hope she don't flip the script on me tonight. She is famous for that ish.

My right and non dominate arm hurts. It starts from the area between my index finger and thumb, runs down the thumb crease and up my forearm and stops at the inner elbow. This is the second day and if it goes on further I may get some sort of stabilizer for work. :-(

Is it Friday yet?


E said...

*LOL* at Pooka's answer. I guess she knows work isn't always the most enjoyable place to be at.

Ladynay said...

Morning E! See's seen what Mommy does all day, so she knows going to the movies is the better deal! LOL

Kasandra said...

Smart girl!!!! I wish I could go to the movies everyday and still manage to bring home a paycheck. That would be hella sweet.


Freaky Deaky said...

I wouldn't give up a field trip to come to work either. Well, unless I worked in an office full of hot ladies in tight, revealing clothes and big bubble butts then I get a roll of quarters and play Uncle Freaky. :o) What?!

Make sure you got about a $100 on you when you drop Pooka off and some lube. That's when you're going to get robbed and you know the rest.

Nope, it's not Friday yet and if you ask again I'm going to rewind your clocks and calenders to Monday. LOL

Ladynay said...

Kasandra, so you saying we should look into the movie critic classifieds huh? *wink*

Freaky, you are soo...soo...nevermind! LOL

Ms. Shady is in a good moood so she may keep her word. *shrug*

Many people would hunt you down with pitch forks if you did that! Just to let you know! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

I'm what? Amazing? Wonderful? Ridiculously sweet, innocent, and not even remotely freaky or nasty like some people named *cough* Ladynay *cough*? Why thank you!

And if they do I'll rewind everything to last Tuesday. That'll show them to come after me with anything less than military grade ordinance. :oP

AR Gal said...

Such a smart girl that Pooka is! I hope your First Aid classes are not boring. I remember some chick came to a job of mine a couple of years ago to do CPR training for like a day.....I don't remember a damn thing. lol

Ladynay said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah Freaky, what you said, uh huh, right! LOL

Military style, gotcha. I'll relay the info.

ARgal, ROFL! Sounds like you need a refresher course!

Kensilo said...

Well happy Tuesday. Pooka's is beyond her years. It's amazing how they are so aware.

Ladynay said...

Kensilo, you don't know the half! LOL Happy Tuesday 2 u 2!

tina oiticica harris said...

Even when classes are boring, and I know I've ad my share, it's up to you to swim or to sink in boredom.
Gotta have a lot of motvation for all Sat. class and if you miss one class you've missed too much.
Seems like you got a good deal except for the arm/hand.

Please have this situation checked out. It could be a cervical hernia(neck) or so many other things. Let's hope for the best.

Three days to Friday :P)) (double chin)

Ladynay said...

I don't think it's that serious so I just let it ride out. Once it give me serious issues I may see someone about it.

fuzzy said...

Does your finger still hurt? Its days later... hope it feels better