Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh yeah I do have a blog!

Well for entry 6 hundred I don't have nothing all exciting to log. I don't remember Friday or much of Saturday. I do know that Babydaddy came to get Pooka around 6. I had everything ready but I forgot to get the car seat out the van, so as I go outside to get it I passed Babydaddys friend. Since I walked passed her the reasonable thing to do was speak. She said nothing in response. I was a tad irked by that but whatever. Mind you we know each other, her, her hubby, Babydaddy and I all met at the same function. It's not like I was foreign to her. Anywho, they roll out and I cleaned up a little and slept...hard! That night we I woke up I must have just plinked around cuz I don't remember Saturday night.

First thing Sunday I was on the trail. It felt great and I made good time considering I have been slack in it. For a few days,Snookums would ask me if I have been on the trail. I made a request for him to stay on me about my physical activity, so he was doing his duty. I hated to respond "no" everytime he asked so I was excited to say "yes" for once! LOL! I had my Laur yn H ill up just enough so all outside noises outside of emergency vehicles couldn't be heard. Bad I know but whatever. Two people said something to me while smiling and I just smiled and kept walking not knowing what they just said. Part of me wonders what they said. Oh well.

I got home, removed the sweaty clothing and got on the computer for a bit. I took another nap and set my alarm to wake me up in time to get ready to go see Knocked Up at the buck fifty. My mom called slightly before my alarm. I turned off the alarm thinking I was up for the rest of the day and ended up going back to sleep. :-P By time I got up, showered, dressed, got gas and got in line for the movie I was past the trailers type late. Since I missed the beginning of Knocked Up I decided on Oceans 13. Why didn't nobody tell me that movie was good? I am very interested in seeing 11 and 12. Before I left for the movies I called Babydaddy to see if he wanted me to pick Pooka up early cuz I knew I wasn't going to be home when he was planning on bringing her back. He didn't want that so I ended up with more me time. YAY!

I think Lsbnmoms house is becoming the new hangout spot or something cuz the small cozy dinner I was invited to turned into something else. We had pre Thanksgiving up in there! The scale had moved for me in the right direction finally and I made it move right on back! LOL There were plenty of drinks and good stories being told. It was getting late so I called Babydaddy again and after several times of repeating myself trying to figure out where and when he wanted to me to get Pooka, it was decided he would bring her to Lsbnmoms! Babydaddy and Ladykat, who was also in attendance, go back many many many years and he hasn't seen her in a minute so he wanted to say hello to her. YAY, no need for me to drive! So another drink was poured for me :-) I was NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE nice to the point I was cursing quite frequently and had mistaken a small sand colored dog for a orange and white cat!

After many laughs, many stories, and additional guest, Babydaddy and friend strolled through to drop Pooka off. Now I may have been tipsy but when his friend came in I noticed she had a funny look on her face. After I noticed I went on laughing at folks. When they left a few minutes after they came Ladykat mentioned his friend sizing the room up. Unless she was deaf she couldn't help but figure out that some of the ladies in the room didn't like men like that, and for us that do like men....WE DON'T WANT HIM!!!!!!!! That ish was fun-ny to ME! After the jokes I mentioned this friend was married and LadyKat said a nice thing to me. She said "you know ladynay, you're the most secure chick I've known him to be with". That's kinda scary cuz lord knows I have my moments, but it still made me smile. So about 3 minutes after they left everyone pretty much forgot they existed and went on with the get together.

Everyone ended up crashing. No one went home. I woke up very early and forced myself to sleep. After the 3rd time I just got up. My stomach had told me we needed some time with John. When I went where everyone was still sleep, I noticed Pooka and one her her "cousins" were up. I get Pooka together, grabbed my stuff and told the "cousin" to tell the grown folks I bounced when they got up. I got a phone call about leaving so early, but between my tummy and everyone still sleep, it just felt like a good time to leave. I mean we darn near drank all her alcohol the night before. Pooka and I wasn't going to contribute to eating all her breakfast stuff too.

Monday was chilled. I cleaned out my van and car, which took wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more work than expected and threw some steaks on the grill. The steaks turned out marvelous IMO and out of my cleaning the vehicles I made out with 43 cent in cash and a CHECK!!!!! For the last 2 weeks or so I have been pretty much getting my mail and throwing it on the passenger side seat of my car. Some of it made a home of the floor, but anywho, as I was going through the paperwork I see an envelope from the County. In my head I am like "Oh man what do I owe the county and for what". So I pulled out the document inside and there was a tear away check made payable to Ladynay at the bottom. Apparently I overpaid on something. I still don't know what I overpaid on but whatever! LOL I thanked God for my check and told Snookums about how stuff like this happens to me fairly often. I'll do something to help someone and somehow I tend to get it back. It's not always money, but it would be in something I needed or really wanted. Snookums being the person he is said that my check wasn't from me doing favors cuz I had the check in the van long before I did what I did. But to me, if I didn't do the right thing with my blessing a check would not have been what came out of that envelope. That's just me.

I don't remember much about last night but I do know all that bending and walking I did to clean the vehicles wore me out. My body still aches. Today was the first day back to work and school. Work was what it was and my swim class got canceled yet again cuz some fan is still out of commission. How dude gonna expect the class to swim a mile and we are not properly conditioned? I hope he knocks a few laps off the final like the swim II teacher did for the summer course. We'll see. Since I had more business to take care of I stayed in Durham. Today was my first day assisting the Adapted PE teacher. At my school of choice I work with children with autism. I was allowed to help everyone but one little boy. He is kinda physical with folks (biting, scratching, pinching, etc...) so I am not allowed to deal with him. I have NO problems with that! LOL One of the first things she said in regards to the little boy is "I'd hate for you to get bit on the first day". She got a look from me and I said "me too". His personal support person is a white lady and I saw her arms from her dealings with him. Wow! The other kids are pretty cool and seem to be very high functioning. The ones in class today all talked which is excellent for an autistic class. I can see this practicum experience as being mentioned in my online journal more than a few times already.

Well, that is just about it. Nothing too exciting, but at least I got out the house! This week I got the back to school picnic, which I doubt I'll go to, then a PTA meeting on the same evening as meet the teacher night...I think. I am glad they are doing meet the teacher night cuz when they did open house they did it on a Wednesday from 1 to 3 or something like that. Who other than a 3rd shifter or stay at home parent could go? Not me? *eyeroll* Which reminds me I gotta get cash to pay my PTA dues for the year...I swear, there is always something that needs to be paid for! :-)


LsbnMom said...

LOL Hilarious! You know I didnt want him or who he was with back in 2000! It was an interesting few minutes of entertainment. I think I may be the only one that really spoke two sentences to his friend. Now, if I had known she had treated you inappropriately earlier, I would have had to... ummm... you know... LOL I dont do violence too often!

You and Pooka could have stayed for breakfast. It was either muffins, cereal, or leftover pancakes! I am glad you had a wonderful time at the house! We'll be doing it again in a few weeks! That will give me time to refresh the bar! Especially with the fixins for Buttery Nipples! ha!

fuzzy said...

Sounds like I need to go to blockbuster to pick up some used movies! Cleaning out the car... hmmm I should do that! lol I'm just so tired! I have to revisit later for another comment!

kasandra said...

Dang I need to clean out my car too. My son keeps reminding me that I need to. Maybe I'll get lucky like you did!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

Well, I don't really need to clean out my truck but next time you feel like doing stuff outdoors you can come by and clean and shampoo my mats.

I think the people smiling at you were either trying to tell you that your thong was showing or that you had a massive split in your pants. ;o)

You know you were snotting up and begging Pooka not to leave her mommy when she left. I bet you were grabbing her leg and making a huge scene about it too. Poor Pooka! LOL

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Glad you had fun?

Why is the friend acting like that when she's married? Or is something going on? Hmmm....

Ladynay said...

lsbnmom, What you mean few weeks? The 15th is weekend after next! Unless the after venue has changed. LOL!

Fuzzy, yep and if you get 11 and 13 invite me over. Shawn won't mind! *wink*

Kassandra, that bad if the son is telling you to handle it! LOL I keep my fingers crossed for something good under that mat. :-P

Freaky, ummmm can I shampoo my own mats first? Dang!

It must have been the black leather thong...yeah *batting eyes*

Yeah you keep thinking that! LOL

Southern, I did. I really enjoy being out the house having a good time for not a lot of money :-)

I don't know what's going on in that camp! Who knows what the deal is...

AR Gal said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend....especially with that extra "me" time. :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Nope, you need to shampoo my mats first. This I demand. :oD Let me find my whip, Confederate battle robe & hood, and Roots on DVD to put me in the proper mindset. X(

Mmm, black leather thong. If I start drooling you need to replace my keyboard.

I will.

Ladynay said...

Argal, me time is a good thing.

Freaky, Beat me and see what happens! I dare you! LOL

Nope, I will take 'em off, bend over, and wipe your keyboard off with 'em. But that's about it! ;-P

blkbutterfly said...

tell me about it... there is always something that needs to be paid. it never ends.

it sounds like you had a very eventful weekend. good for you! :-)

600? wow... i don't see myself ever getting there.

Ladynay said...

I did.

Hopefully I'll have more of them.

You will get there, trust :-)

GurlNexxDoor said...

Sounds like you made good use of your ME time. Gotta luv it.

GurlNexxDoor said...

Have a good weekend!

Ladynay said...

I did! Thanks so much Groove!

Lady J said...

hey girl friend just stop by to say hi and I miss reading your blogs. gotta go but promise to stop by and visit. take care.

deepnthought said...

I love love loved Oceans 13. I mean I really did. I am glad you had fun. Sorry I am so late to the reading party.