Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today was our first official day in the pool. Today we had to swim 10 lengths in 15mins. Today our coach stated we are still doing 72 lengths (1 mile) in an hour.Today the class physically figured out that to pass this class we are going to have to push, push, and push harder. Today the class learned that every class the amount of laps will increase. Today was 10, Thursday will be 20. Today I considered dropping, but I have to have it so I may as well give what I can and take what I get. Today I did my 10 in less than 15 but my body is screaming right now. Today I figured out that for the final I have to be able to consistantly do a length in 50 seconds or less. Today I helped my kids with autism. Today we had a new boy (new to me) and he instantly grabbed my hand and played with me. Today I had to find energy from somewhere to keep up with him cuz he was everywhere!!!!!

Today I got to back to work kinda early. Today I tried to feed myself since I was unsuccessful finding breakfast from my previous entry. Today I tried to drink some water while waiting for my noodles to cook and it made me nauseous. Today I tried to eat the noodles and it just wasn't happening. Today I sucked on ice until drinking water from the cup was okay. Today I realized that at this rate, I'll be 20 pounds lighter by the end of the year. Today when I got back to work my supervisor asked me if I could work with another group to get them caught up. Today I should have told her no. Today I realise that I need to slow my roll cuz I don't want any more extra stuff on my plate from anywhere (home, work, or school) right now. Today, right now, this very second, I want to go home and lay out on my couch.

Today I am going to take a nice hot bath...then start on my take home exam and 2nd research paper.


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

Missed your last post but CONGRATS for making into the honor society. I knew you were smart.

So is the professor going to shortened the length of the final?

Ladynay said...

Southern, Thanks. The funny thing is, I don't think so most of the time.

Nope, the final is still a mile :-( Which is part of the reason I considered quitting momentarily.

nikki said...

i KNEW you were a geek! j/k

you know that swimming helps keep you healthy. i bet by the end of the class you will have lost some weight and added some muscle.

Freaky Deaky said...

How many laps = a length? It still wouldn't hurt to voice any concerns you may have to the instructor and proper higher ups.

Hope today is better than yesterday.

GurlNexxDoor said...

Wow, Lady, I commend you on even trying. Thats a lot of work, My muscles are screaming for you!

Ladynay said...

NIKKI!!!!! Would fuss at you but I am not. Will you blog again before the year is out? LOL

I am hoping so. I got till the end of the year to see what happens.

Freaky, 1 lap = 2 lengths (swim to the wall and come back) technically. But many people say 1 lap = 1 length (wall to wall). The final is 72 lengths (36 technical laps)in an hour. Yesterday we swam 10 lengths (5 laps) in 15 mins. Tomorrow we do 20 lengths (10 laps) in whatever amt. of time he says to do it in. I know I broke it down further than you wanted, but I did it just so I won't have to break it down later for anybody.

You are right, it won't hurt.

So far so good. Thanks.

GND, take all the muscle pain for me tomorrow would yah please? LOL

deepnthought said...

WOW!!! You can do the mile. You are the phenomenal Ladynay.

spchrist said...

I need to get on my own swimming lessons. I'm almost 30 and can't swim

AR Gal said...

Is this the same class that was cancelled for the first couple of weeks because of issues with the pool? I call foul!

M-Dubb said...

You aren't playin Nay!

Ladynay said...

DNT, your such a great cheerleader! :-)

SPC, I need you to go to your local Y today. I think everyone should know the basics just in case.

Argal, YESSSSSS! He even said he was going to modify the syllabus! Guess he didn't mean the laps *eyeroll*

M-dubb, no, no I'm not. Can't really afford to. *sigh*

E said...

I'm looking through some previous entries since I"ve been incognegro lately but it's cool that you're taking swimming lessons. At least I think they're lessons (or is it for those who already know how to swim). I'm in dire need of learning how to swim myself.