Friday, October 12, 2007

Gimme More

Gimme gimme(more) gimme (more) gimme gimmie(more). I like that Britney jam. Very white club drunk sway from side to sideish!

Anyways, nothing going on but the rent. *sigh* The dude I've been trying to get up with to get some info on the transmission work got back with me yesterday. Let's just say that four figure number he gave me cancelled a lot of stuff, like my trip to FL next month. I am back on penny pinching mode. I am NOT selling the van, but I may pick up another vehicle. I gotta wait and see what the deal is on that. Right now I am pushing a rented Dodge Caliber which is cute but not very big or tall girl friendly. :-(

Pooka is developing a country accent!! In all her few years of speaking she's never had an accent. People have stated that she spoke very proper or white before but it sounded normal to me. So anyways, yesterday and today have been a lot cooler than it has been lately and this morning when we walked out the door Pooka spoke...

"It's cold outsiiiiiide."


"It's cold outsiiiiiiide."

All I could do was laugh in my head at this developing accent. She said something last night while I was doing Lsbnmom's temp kids hair that was country as I don't know what, but I can't recall what she said! I don't know where she is picking this drawl up from but I like the way she was speaking before better.

Tonight I am starting to clean my place. As much as Pooka and I are not home, we seem to mess up the place rather quickly! Ugh! So I gotta get my place in complete order, not just good enough for company order! LOL Tomorrow I work the state fair, which started today. I volunteered to work both Saturday nights. Since I've been in and out of work the last few days I've pretty much depleted all my comp time and started digging into vacation time. I can't have that! LOL Sunday I am going to have Mr. Studdard sing to me. YAY! In between that stuff I will be starting on my next Lab report. I procrastinated like hell on the last one and I refuse to do that again.

Yesterday during swim class the coach wanted us to swim a length without coming up for air. I was one of three that did it! Take that slim jims! After I did it it kinda motivated some to try harder, cuz you know of whale tail can do it then they could do it! *eyeroll* I am just glad I did it. Now if I can get my endurance up I'll be good. I am still trying to figure out how I can get more pool time in so I can aid my conditioning.

Dat's bout it, guess I can work now. Not like my 3 higher ups are here, but I need to be responsible! LOL That made me giggle!


The Goddess said...

Woooo Whoooo! I'm first YEAY! Now that I got that out my system. Lol

Sorry about the car situation. Hope it all works for you REAL quick.

That's so cute about Pooka and her lil accent. I don't know why it's so cute to hear little kids talk with that little twang, as long as it's not a SUPER SERIOUS drawl. My step daughter sounds so cute when she talks I LOVE IT.

Congrats on the swimming accomplishment. Girl that a serious feat! I know I couldn't do it. Someone would have to jump in and save me mid way. Lol.

Have fun at the fair and enjoy your weekend, girl you need it.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with a lil country accent? lol

Our state fair starts today. Chicken-on-a-stick here I come!

Have a good weekend.

Freaky Deaky said...

I'm trying to imagine how to say outside and make it sound country. When I read it the way you wrote it I'm thinking of Pooka saying it like Ice Cube. LOL Now when she starts talking like Master P or saying things like yeehaw or the south will rise again then you should be worried. You have to kill the accent before she starts cussing. There's nothing worse than someone being angry and getting laughed at because she sounds country while she's cussing.

You're not running around the office twirling your panties about like a helicopter? I mean when the boss is away the workers will play right?

Have a good weekend.

kasandra said...

I can't wait to hear how Rueben was!!! Have a great weekend!!

Ladynay said...

Goddess, you have no sense! LOL

Me too :-( I feel the money just flying out my pocket as I type.

Hopefully Pooka's won't stay or get too heavy. I had a heavy accent at one time in my life and transitioning up north was a pain socially!

There is only so much fun you can have at the fair. Too many people for me.

Southern, nothings is wrong if you had it from the beginning. Pooka's just sprang up all of a sudden. LOL


AR Gal said...

Awww, Miss Pooka with an accent, I bet it's so adorable to hear. I wonder what your folks will think when they hear her southern drawl, lol.

Good for you on the swimming class. You are still batting a thousand better than me 'cause the only connection H2O and I have are for drinking and bathing purposes only. lol

Have a good weekend!!

Newy said...

Great job!!! Congrats! Your endurance will come with consistentancy.