Friday, October 26, 2007


that's me right now despite all the blueprints I have laid out in my mind. I try to be the best person I can be for everyone but lately I have been failing everyone. There is nothing I know of that will fix it right now. Despite my tone of voice...for friends and family with the good news. I am excited for you. For the ones with bad news, I wish your pain away, really.

The only times I feel calm or any better is when I speak to God, mommy, and Snookums. But I haven't been speaking to them very much either. *sigh*

Yesterday was a bad day for me physically and mentally. I cried while at my desk. Mostly from the physical pain I was feeling but some of it was because I felt I was in a mental limbo or something. I can't really explain it, but I left work early to drug up and go to bed.

No one really calls me outside of my mom, but soon I as I went to sleep good the phone kept ringing. Gotta love how that works.

A few of my coworkers think I am getting sick because I was freezing in my office.

I have 2 tests today. I'm not unprepared, but I am not prepared either which I don't like. I really need to do well. Both multiple choice so the all the right answers are there, it's just a matter of picking them.

I was supposed to have made an appt. with the writing studio to look over one of my papers due Monday. Until this morning I forgot and the school email system seems to be down. That's where the chick who helped me out last times email address is stored. Great.

Just when I think I'd be done with Dr. (I love making students type papers till their fingers fall off) P at the end of the semester. I learn I am going to have her next semester! I have this thing called Independent study which is basically Thesis writing 101. When I sign up for it, Dr. P says "Tell doctor so and so you're doing your independent study with me". My first thought was..."I am?" How you just gonna choose me?" What came out my mouth was "okay." Darnit!!!! I won't complain because Dr. P is my advisor, the person who will be conducting my graduation audit next year, and one of the people who gives me clearance to walk!

How about they changed the classes around this semester. For my major they swapped out Ind. Study for some Organized or organizational management something or another class! I was like ummmm nah. Dr. P said I can still take Ind. Study and she'll give me credit for the new stuff! I was about to be ill cuz that was going against my flow. I only got 6 more classes to bounce, don't be changing stuff on me at the last minute!

I have a coworker who is overly paranoid about MRSA.

I have a distant cousin who lost his house in Malibu from the fires. I never met dude but it sucks for everyone in that area. Do they really think the person or people that may have started this fire are going to speak up and confess?

There was a slug in my bathroom! How the hell it get there? I've never seen a slug in someones residence!

I am supposed to be polishing up my paper right now, not blogging.

Today is Friday. Where did the time go. I am hosting a gathering at Ladykats tomorrow after getting my hair done. I pray that I am in a more social mood by then.

Sunday is my day of homework, rest, and doing something with the kid. I didn't really interact much with her yesterday and I gotta make that up. I am just thankful that she is old enough to entertain herself in her room with her 101 things and can use the dvd player on her own.

Since my last post I have visited and/or commented on just about everyones blog. YAY!


Freaky Deaky said...

A slug? Eww! Did you squish it or torture it before sending it to it's death? What?

Are you sure they think you're sick? Maybe you're pregnant. [Ducks flying objects.]

MRSA is the debil! People reading this could be infected and you could catch it from them. It will kill you dead. Dead I said! That was fun. LOL

Get ready to write a 100 page paper. I'm sure she'll want to check it every week or so too. :o(

I had Organization Management before. It's boring as hell but I got an A in it.

You should be polishing things other than paper. Perhaps I can provide a suggestion or something. ;o)

Have fun at your girl's night. If there's any half naked pillow fighting and no pictures are taken heads will roll I tell you.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

Ewww..a slug. Back in the day after it rained there were at least 3 slugs in front of my aunt's door. She would pour salt on it to kill it.

Hopefully you will be in a better mood before the gathering. Have fun!

Ladynay said...

FD, I put salt on it so I guess I tortured it! LOL

I'm not throwing objects, I'm stabbing point blank. :-)

You silly!

You are joking but I wouldn't be shocked if that was the case.

I am not taking it! YAY!


Well start cutting heads now then. *wink*


Southern, and that's exactly what I did too!!!!

My head doesn't hurt and my spirits are a tad better so maybe.

Freaky Deaky said...

That's probably how you got pregnant in the first place. Getting stab by things. LOL

I am not a freak. I'm sweet, innocent, and angelic. Yep, that's me. Obviously you thought of something nasty so that shows where your head is at. Pervert! [Whistles as I walk off smug in my satisfaction.]

The Goddess said...

Slugs give me the willies. EWWW!

Maybe some time with the girls will help to relieve some of that stress. Hope you feel better soon.

deepnthought said...


we used to torture my brother with them.

I have been feeling that way.


Ladynay said...

Freaky, how bout you run into my freshly sharpened knife? *cheese*

Goddess, me too! There's at least one fruity drink,2 jello shots, and a buttery nipple with my name on them!

DNT, you've put your hand on one? UGH! Yall were MEAN! If I was your brother you guys would have gotten paid back BIG TIME!!! UGH!

Mae B. said...

A slug? what's a slug and nobody is going to confess about the fires.

Did you see Bush on tv hugging a couple of survivors. A reporter asked him about how the situation was handled and how it compared to Katrina. Bushy Boy was good with his come back, "I'm only worried about the people," He said something like let the politicians worry about how it's handled.

So are they refugee's yet?

MRSA tell her good handwashing will save her life.

Have a great wkend.

Ladynay said...

Hey Mae!

Slug=snail w/out the shell basically.

Mae B. said...

OH! Thanks girl I've never seen one.

kasandra said...

Yep girl...sick too!!! Read all about it. But I'm definitely NOT pregnant.

AR Gal said...

LOL @ Dr. P just telling you you're going to do IP with her. She likes you which is definitely going to play in your favor come grad. audit time.

Hope you are not coming down with anything but just in case, don't forget to stop by your favorite five & dime for a cheap bottle of whiskey to make a hot toddy. lol

Ladynay said...

Maybe, you don't wanna. They aren't attractive :-)

Kassandra, good! Don't want your son to kick your butt! LOL

ARgal, that is how I am thinking about it. She is a main chararcter in how smooth stuff goes for me in the future, so if I gotta type a million pages so be it. *sigh*

I am not sick. I am at work now about to freeze so I think it's this place. Got plenty of rum, wonder if you can make a toddy with rum...hmmmm