Sunday, November 18, 2007

13 more days

of classes before the finals begin! Can you say YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! I hate to talk about school all the time but it's the only thing really going on. Work is still work, Pooka is still being Pooka. It's a constant cycle of the same ole same ole.

It's a pinch after 7 am and I have been up since 5. I wanna hit myself cuz I always talk about wanting extra sleep and to be able to sleep in, then when I have the chance (like now) to be in the bed, I'm up. This time it's because I have 2 take home tests that are due tomorrow and some household chores that need to be done. When I know I got stuff to do I can't rest very long unless I totally get nonchalant about it. I can't get whatever about these tests. I came too far in Dr.P's classes to start not turning in work.

I heard from the grapevine that my swim teacher doesn't plan on failing anyone as long as we give him all we got for the final. Shoooooooooooooot I can do that!

Tuesday will be my last time helping my kids with autism. I am going to miss them. I want to get the Adapted PE teacher something for being so cool and giving me tons of info. But I don't know a cool and cheap gift to give.

OMG, if you blink it's going to be Christmas! My mom brought Pooka some stuff already, one item being a babydoll. That's great and all, but she don't play with dolls! Never really has. My mom knows this!

It's my mom's birthday today!!!!!!!!! I know she is up already but I am going to wait awhile and sing a loud and off key version of the birthday song over the phone! LOL While talking to her yesterday she told me I could wish her a happy birthday early. My response...Ummmm, it's not your birthday yet! What made this convo extra funny was grand diva in the background. Apparently she forgot when her second child was born! She was like "your birthdays tomorrow?" Mom, "yeah". Granddiva, "ohhhh lawd, I forgot! It's sho' is tomorrow!" Gotta love them ladies man! Mommy starts work on Monday so there is a chance she won't be coming down this way for Turkey Day this year! That bites serious booty, but I'll see her for Christmas when I drive up. YAY!

Part of me doesn't want to participate this year in the Turkey Day activities. My fam doesn't do the traditional Turkey Day dinner where it's like Soul Food. We have themed Turkey Day parties at a center with rehearsed entertainment and everything. I mean, when you find a seat to the table there is a paper program there for you to flip through to see how the night will go! I talked about howand why we do what we do last year. Here's the cut and paste:

Today is the day that most houses are smelling all good from all the food, the fam gets together, everyone eats a tad more than they should and stretch out on the couch to watch the pigskin fly. Does my fam celebrate like this? Sorta kinda. Does it feel like it's today? No. Do I feel like participating? No, not really. Since my mom and 'em are down here and I missed out on the party last year, I am going to head out to the country in a few hours.

Every year since my great grandmother died my family throws something more of a party than Thanksgiving dinner. My great grandmother was like the "big mama" of the family despite her not actually fitting the stereotype as being a big woman. Before she left my fam would get together and have a cookout "just because". We'd blast the radio and eat, dance and drink till everyone got tired. Back in the day I used to live upstate so of course whenever we came "home" of course there was a party! I really can't put what it was like into words but it was just a big beautiful thing.When she passed the family kinda crumbled for a min. Nobody was really talking, all sorts of drama went down, and of more cookouts or parties. Great granny (its so funny typing that because everyone just called her grandma) passed in the very early morning hours on Jan. 9th. I remember my cousin knocking on the door w/a face full of tears. But enough of that. She passed in Jan and from then till November the fam wasn't like it used to be. It still isn't, but we are getting least making an attempt I should say.

My older generation of cousins (the real grandkids) thought it would be a good idea to start our parties back up and try to get the family to gel again. The next big holiday that everyone could be in NC was Thanksgiving so the date was set. We started the event with prayer and a moment of silence for "big mama" after all that kind of stuff was done we ate and started to party.I don't know how I ended up with a camcorder, but I started to film the party....the whole party. I mean my fam eventually forgot that I was taping! Everyone was just having a good time and my tape became a family classic! Everyone wanted and received a copy. Big mama would have been proud, all her babies right on down the line together again putting all that petty stuff behind, if only for that day, to lay their hair down and have a good time together like they used to.

So much fun was had that it was decided to do it again the next year. Word got around to other fam about the dinner/party and of course they wanted in. We eventually had to start renting rec/community centers for space.Every year but the first year the party has had a theme. Last year the theme was rainbow. Every child of big mamas individual fam had to wear a certain color, my grandma's color was orange so they all rocked orange. I say they cuz that was last years theme and I didn't go last year. This year the theme is western. I am going to keep it simple with a tee shirt, vest, jeans, boots, bandana in the pocket and around the dreads/twist and cowboy hat. Pooka is rocking something very similar. To be honest, I only wanna go to some of my grandma's mac and cheese and one of my aunt's potato salad. Everyone has their version of potato salad, but in my opinion hers is the BEST. When I used to live w/her I watched her make it a few times and thought I had it down pact but it never comes out the same :-(

Last year the theme was Western, this year it's Hawaiian. We've had African and a 70's theme already. If you have a cool theme idea, put it in my comments and I may pass it on Thursday night when we decide on next years theme.

Anytime a family member brings a friend to one of our gatherings they always mention how different my fam is! Aunt Diva may be bringing her new male friend. I wonder what his thoughts are going to be if he joins us :-D

Well I procrastinated long enough, time to finish these tests! If I don't blog again, Happy Day of eating way more than you can handle topped of by football and travel safely if dinner is not at your house. Oh yeah, if you get out in all the black Friday madness. Good luck!


kasandra said...

Wow that is sooooo cool. If only my family could get along. :(


Freaky Deaky said...

I wish I had a family big enough to do stuff like that.

My vote for next year's theme is science fiction.

Darius T. Williams said...

Get those tests done...and tell Mama LadyNay we said happy birthday!

Darius T. Williams said...

Get those tests done...and tell Mama LadyNay we said happy birthday!

Ladynay said...

Kasandra, no one said family had to be connected by blood :-)

Freaky, well if you find yourself in the area, granddiva and 'em will adopt you. Then you can perform after dinner with the rest of us! ROFL!

Durris! I'm done! Yippeeeeee! I'll relay the message to the birth giver :-)

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

That sounds like fun.

What about a "celebrity" theme? Everyone can dress up as their favorite celebrity or tv character. This past Halloween my cousin was Martin Payne from Martin. He was funny.

Also have a red carpet.

Freaky Deaky said...

Oh yeah, happy belated to the one who gave birth to you. :D

Ladynay said...

OMG Southern! With all the DIVA's in my fam I am sure a Red Carpet theme will be going down soon! I am already shaking my head thinking about it!

Awwwww Freaky, how nice!

TrinaBeingTrina said...

That is so different and so nice. I can't really think of a theme right now.

But anyway Happy Turkey day and Happy B-day to momma bear! haha

Ladynay said...

Awwwwwwww momma bear! I like!