Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yesterday was one of the best days I've had in a long time.

My job and Pooka's school was closed, but my school and daycare was open. So I woke up early and dropped the kid off at daycare and came st8 home to my oh so comfy couch. I get to sleep and I am brought back to consciousness by the yard crew mowing, cutting and God knows whatever else machine they had going in the front and back of my place. I mean if I wanted a half hour nap I could have kept Pooka home! LOL. So anyways, I got up and finished some schoolwork, got dressed and went to class. After class I went to the cafe and filled up on pizza! YUM! Then I went home, took my clothes off, and passed out until it was time to pick up the kid! I swear it was the best sleep EVER! I can get good sleep when Pooka is home, but it's not that hard deep sleep. I just can't get that far into sleep knowing she is home and possibly up. MMMMMMMMMMMMM Lawdy I slept some kinda hard! When I woke up I felt marvelous!

That feeling continued until I got to work today. This place really sucks the life out of you. Common denominator was the first to attempt to get me down but she was put on ignore. I saw her but didn't hear one word she said. LOL. At the moment I am ready to leave.

Over the past few days since I last posted. I've learned a few things....

I'm horny
I need a hug
Landscaping is hard
My mom rocks
Pooka is too smart
I want some soda
This broke as **** diet works wonders
I'll gain it all back on Turkey day
My grandmother got a BOMB boyfriend
My best posts comment wise are when I post less than 5 sentences! LOL
Thanks to Southern girl I know that I consume liters of urine by having my swim class 2ce a week! UGH!



Freaky Deaky said...

Did you get enough pizza to share with us but mainly with me? If not then that is very, very rude. So rude that I won't even talk to you when I take you into that dark room and trifle with your horniness.

I hate the landscapers around here. It's almost mid November so besides cleaning up leaves shouldn't they put the mowers away until Spring?

You should act like work and suck the life out...(whistles and walks off).

AR Gal said...

So glad you had a good day and you were off! This is why I need to get me a gubment job! lol I have never been off for these types of holidays! :-(

Ladynay said...

Oh I did have enough for you but Pooka got hungry and ate your share! LOL

Ummmm I don't want you talking when you trifle with the horniness, just like I won't talk when I act like my job and suck...well never mind *wink*

Argal, you can apply for this gubment job after too long :-D

Kasandra said...


I feel you on the horniess!!!

UM what diet is this cuz a sista will try anything to take this weight off. Being broke is not hard!!!!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

My bad I forgot you take swimming classes. LOL

Ladynay said...

Awwww I wish you didn't cuz it SUCKS!!! ROFL

I am on the broke as fu** diet, which means if you don't control your portions your food won't stretch until next pay period, which for me is the end of the month. :-D

Ladynay said...

Yeah Southern, now I gag everytime I think about it! *gag*