Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Before I get in the groove of working

Babydaddy called me yesterday really shook up. He had had a dream that he was reading Pooka's death certificate. He called to verify that she was okay. This wasn't his first dream about her that messed with him to the point he called. Thankfully she is okay.

I need some more Jamaican Rum Creme. I gotta find my way back to Jamaica before the year (2008) is out so I can get some more among other things. I keep telling Snookums to get a passport cuz I plan to take him with me but he ain't hearing me. It may just be a mommy/daughter trip.

If I haven't gone public yet, I plan to quit my job in July. I am taking the money I will be getting in the next few months and applying it to my major bills. That way when 8/1 comes I won't be in the hole and I can survive off a retail like pay. That's the plan anyways. Nothing really goes as planned with me so I'll see what happens.

I am having an affair with sleep. Snookums knows all about it. While on the phone last night sleep started touching all up on me trying to prep me for dreamland. I guess the quietness tipped Snookums off cuz he got all authoritative and told me to go head and be with sleep! He' s so understanding of my relationship with sleep. It's precious! LOL

Before sleep starting up, I told Snookums that our relationship isn't so bad compared to the other relationships around me. You shouldn't compare, but I did. I mean I have my gripes and I am sure he has his, but it's nothing HUGE that can't be worked out somehow.

While on the way home yesterday Pooka got a joke from school that was written on some paper. All excited she was like "mommy I got this joke for you." Driving along I said okay tell me the joke. She turns the van light on, reads the paper to herself and says "North Polish" and burst out in a fit of laughter *insert Southerngirl's cricket sound* Pooka repeats the punch line as if to say "don't you get it?" I still don't respond. I ask her what the question is and she tosses the paper to the side which said "oh never mind it's not funny anymore". LOL! When we got home I pick up the paper and the joke was what heritage is Santa Clause? I guess that means I gotta teach Pooka that you gotta give the question first for a punch line to be funny! :-)

I currently have 2 dreaded afro puffs on the sides of my hair with some free style going on in the back. So instead of looking 16, I look about 12! Greeeeat! LOL

I was going to steal a post from the blogger Don, who commented on my blog yesterday, but I changed my mind. It was a post about blog crushes and I thought it was funny enough to steal. My first blog crush waaaay back when was on Bruthafree, who stopped blogging then came back as Kool, and has since stopped blogging again. LOL It's okay though. I had a million innocent blogger crushes since then. Even on some homosexual guys that would only consider touching a woman if your name was Bey Knowles! Hey don't tell me No4real isn't smart and sexy! Or that you never wanted to play with Clay's dreads or clicked on his site daily to see who he was interviewing next! ROFL Don't lie! Dagnabit don't lie! HAHAHAHAHA

I don't want to be here at work...


Darius T. Williams said...

Jamaican creme? You're not the first person I've heard talk about that. Can they ship it?

Ladynay said...

Yanno, I don't know Darius. I'll look that up. I'm sure if they could ship it it'll be cheaper than a plane ticket, lodging, and food.

The Goddess said...

LMAO @ Pooka's joke. That was cute. Yep, you gotta teach the poor baby how to tell it right.

I think sleep is cheating on you with me. I'm loving me some sleep these days. Lol

I've never gone to N4R's page but I clicked on it and you're right, he's hot. Couldn't find any pics of clay though. DAMNIT!

My Name Is J said...

lol u aint gots to lie craig.

I haven't had any crushes yet. I need to find more men to add to my daily reading i suppose.

Ladynay said...

Girllllll she was just knew she told me right and I wasn't with it for getting it! LOL

Yeah, sleep be getting around, that's why I got Snookums and you got The God. Why oh why can't we leave sleep alone tho'? :-D

Did you scroll down towards the bottom of the page and see the pic of him laying by the pool in the black shorts? Bet you didn't!

Clay took his photo down like 2 page revamps ago. :-( He's tall, light toned, long brown dreads, pretty smile, etc...oh and intelligent, that's important! LOL

J, you know it's been a minute since I've seen Friday! I need to buy it for like 5 bucks at Wallyworld.

No blog crushes? Awwwwwww that's no fun!

kasandra said...

I have to say I have no blog crushes either.....I know BORING!!!! Yeah check that Jamaican creme out and let us know. I'm dying to know what that tastes like.

Ladynay said...

Not even once upon a time? Hmph!

So far I am not having any luck. I may have to ask the lickka sto' if they can do it.