Thursday, December 13, 2007


Nothing to share except that I would really love to have the option to work from home. If I did, I would definitely be home right now.

A convo 5 minutes ago...

(Slim Shady comes in my office)

Slim: You gotta comb Ladynay?

Me: (pulls on a dread and gives her a look like "hellllo")

Slim: What about a brush?

Me: Slim...I have locks, why would I have that?

Slim: *sigh* I've gotta date coming up here.

Me: *insert abusers name*?

Slim: Nah, some dude I met on myspace. I told him this was a bad day to come visit someone. How do I look?

Me: Laid back. (she has her hair in a pony tail, tee shirt, jeans, and some cute loafer looking type shoes) Can't you tell him to come through tomorrow if you not feeling fly? Why not meet at *insert mall less than a mile from the job* vs. having dude up here. (my thought was that if dude crazy or something he wouldn't know where she worked)

Slim: He's already on his way.

Me: (shaking head) well you may wanna ask *insert usually fly coworker* She may can help you.

Slim: Yeah, you right.

I share this convo to say that Slim may actually be trying to move on from *sshole. My only thought now is, what is it that he may try to do to her if he doesn't know that she is moving forward? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Darius T. Williams said...

Shoooot - you and me both!

Ladynay said...

One day Darius, one day.

kasandra said...

That makes 3 of us!!

Ladynay said...

It would be so nice wouldn't it? Then you could have those ummmm special convo's while the kid is at school!

Hey, you just gave me an idea! *grin*

Freaky Deaky said...

Bet you some rubbing on your booty she'll probably end up juggling both of them. She sounds like she's sprung on that violent ding-ding.

Ladynay said...

The dude who was supposed to come up here didn't show so she may not have a choice to juggle. LOL As always, we'll see!

AR Gal said...

He didn't show, lol? Poor thing, she got herself all worked up for nothing. Please re-emphasize to her to not let her place of employment be the meet-n-greet spot for random folks. *smdh*

Ladynay said...

Yeah I thought that was one of the first rules of internet mingling, let the first meeting be in a public spot. I've broke the rule a time or two but it's still a rule darnit! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

i loved when i had a job where i could work from home. nothing like it!

i'm appalled and worried she was really going to let some random dude from myspace meet her at her job. poor thing...