Sunday, March 23, 2008


Well it's Easter and I didn't find my way to my momma an 'ems house. I was toggling the idea back and forth and finally decided that I would make my decision when I woke up Friday morning. Friday morning came and both Pooka and I were not feeling it so there it was. Mommy and Babydaddy were not to thrilled that they wouldn't be seeing Pooka, but hey, I didn't feel up to or well enough for the drive and there was no reason for me to go up there just to turn around an come back. My cousin by marriage had a retirement party yesterday, but we are not close so that's not something that I HAD to attend. Once mommy found out I was going to leave on Sunday and not Monday she understood me better.

So since I didn't find my way to mommy's house, I found my way into the doghouse. I deserve it though so I can't complain. I never did get around to telling Snookums that I decided not to go out of town. So Saturday he, under the impression I was in MD, got up with me informing me that he was less than pleased that I didn't tell him I was on the road or that I made it there safely. Then I informed him that I never left and that just locked the door on the doghouse. I have no reason why I didn't tell him, none at all. If the tables were reversed I would have been mad too thinking something went wrong in his travels, so I have to take my punishment like a woman and wait till I can come back in the house. *sigh* Hopefully he won't be mad at me too long.

I did do the workaholic thing and went to work when I started feeling better on Friday and even put in some hours Saturday. I managed to get ton of stuff done.

The school posted the summer and fall schedules up. Let's just say for now that I will be taking Evaluation and Measurement for Summer 1, Anatomy and Physiology II (again) for Summer 2, and Physics 2 and Internship for the Fall. I don't know if I blogged about it, but for me to fulfill my prereq's at Duke I need to take my Physiology course again since it's been over 5 years since I took it originally. I really wished the school would offer Physics over the summer, but that's beyond my control.

In looking for my plan C, I found a therapy clinic that has a location that's 1.5 miles from my house according to Ran d Mc Nally and they offer a boat load of services. I called to see if they had aide positions or internships there cuz some places don't offer them. The chick said that the internships are for folks already in PT school and that they won't have any aide positions available at the location I want until August! DING DING DING! That's when I need to start so that was perfect. She told me to email her my resume and she'd send it to the supervisor over there so he'd have it on file. SWEEEEEEEEEEEET! What's even sweeter is they offer part time aide positions and they are open Saturdays! I am kinda liking this idea over the the orthopedic clinic. I found 2 other places that seem alright but the one literally down the street from my house is on the top of my list of where I want to be now. LOL!

Currently I am bored. If I left town I'd probably be on 95 south headed home right about now. I'd rather be here at home bored than driving. I have stuff to do, like wash dishes, do a paper, and there are always some chapters to read, but I reaaaaaaally don't feel like it. Nobody seems to be online and all my emails are empty. *sigh* Maybe Pooka and I will go outside and enjoy the 70 something degree weather once she wakes up.

Happy Easter folks and I look forward to reading about how good Easter dinner was for you on Tuesday assuming you have Monday off unlike me! LOL


Freaky Deaky said...

So did you wash dishes, do that paper, read those chapters, and take Pooka outside?

Can you do a dual enrollment at another school and take it in the summer?

Easter was pretty much a throwaway. At least it's gone until whatever day it decides to rear it's boring head next year.

Ladynay said...

Dishes = yep
Paper = I started
Read = Nope! LOL

I can't. The last 30 hours have to be taken at Central :-( I thought about it already.

deepnthought said...

wow. I was going to ask the same question freaky did about dual enrollment.

Ladynay said...

If it was only that easy DNT, if it was only that easy.

AR Gal said...

Well at least you got some good R&R. I say that's worth being in the doghouse for a little while. :-)

TrinaBeingTrina said...

Wow, your Easter sounds like it went pretty much the way mine went.

Ladynay said...

If you say so ARgal. LOL

I am soooo sorry to hear that Trina. :-(