Friday, March 28, 2008

Post 676

Few tidbits...

I haven't really been acting myself lately and couple of folks have mentioned this to me. I am functioning decently, just been in this blank state sorta, I guess.

The hospital gets paid bi-weekly vs. monthly like I am used to.

One of the ladies who works at the front desk of the hospital outpatient clinic needed a ride home. I gave it to her. We've chit chatted at "work" during down times and she seemed cool. When we got to her place she invited Pooka and I in and suggested the ordering of pizza. Cool. She's married with 3 kids (10, 12 or 13, and 16), nice spacious house, nice yard, very friendly dog, so forth an so on. What was kinda scary is her personality is super friendly and she is definitely a people are her kids...and the dog! LOL The husband has a traveling job so he wasn't home, but I kinda hope he is a little less friendly to give the household some balance. Now this is just my first impression and thoughts. I keep saying over and over that I need to meet and hang out with new folks and here is a young, black, female, with her own man, with her own ish, with kids so I might add her to my very small social circle. Her 10 year old daughter and Pooka seemed to play well together (Pooka didn't want the leave) and she has already invited us over again. She is one of those folks that is always hosting, always inviting folks over, very open door, very "yeah come on by the house". She said her husband gets on her about that all the time. When she said that in my head I was like "omg, her hubby is going to come home and be mad she done invited someone else to the house and be ill", but she said he was cool when she told him she had people over when he called.

I don't have a set criteria for potential friends, but it's nice to talk to/be around folks that can identify with things you may experience.

Speaking to people is not a problem for me, but I wish I had a touch more of my "coworkers" personality.

I was told again that the boss lady at the hospital clinic would be okay with the class in the fall cuz most of the people that take that job are students trying to get into some kind of medical related grad school.

The food guide pyramid is a crock of ish. So are some of the other stuff America likes to preach about nutrition. I have to look into some of the things I was told myself, but what I heard made sense.

I want a house. I know I am not ready right now to get one, but I want one.

I have a test at 11 that I am not ready for.

I was told the PT I met at orientation was neurotic. I haven't spent much time with her, but I don't see it...yet.

Someone I don't care for has my number and used it last night. Can't be too mad, my name isn't all that common and I am listed in the phone book. Not too hard to find at all. :-(

I babysit tonight. May watch some cable.

I feel like going to a concert. Dave Matthews is coming in July, may have to check him out.

Weekend will be spent cleaning.

Dat's all.


Darius T. Williams said...

You went in for pizza??? Hmmm - that only happens down south where you are (Yes, NC is considered the south). Ha...that would NEVER happen in Chicago. Do you hear me...never! Glad it worked out though...

Ladynay said...

LOL, I know NC is the south and that southern folks do things differently. Yep, I went in. It's not like I just met her that day or nothing.

I find it sad you can't do a simple and harmless dinner or visit with a coworker in Chicago.

For the record, if she was a he, we would not have went in the house. His kids would have had to hop in the van and we had to have had dinner at the pizza joint.

Freaky Deaky said...

Sure you can be mad. No one calls information any more so chances are someone you know snitched you out gave out your number. Grab your brick and start bustin' heads!

I require all of my friends to be available, have big booties, and wear thongs. Oh yeah, they have to be female too. LOL Wanna be friends?

You went home and had din-din with a stranger? Do you pick up creepy looking drifters and hitchhikers too?

Since you'll be paid bi-weekly (I don't know how did the monthly thing) can I get $2 instead of $1? I'll take $1 every two weeks. :o)

Have a good weekend.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I've been suspicious of people who seemed to be too nice and friendly. I really don't anymore after I got to know one girl who is too nice. I realized that's just who she was. And her mother is the same way.

Do people still follow the food pyramid? LOL

I want a house too. But I know I'm not ready now. But the time will come.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

hope u feel better, how did he get your number?

Ladynay said...

Freaky, I am not from nor live in Detroit, so I don't get down with brick violence! :-)

Can't be friends cuz I am not available! LOL I do have a big...well everything, and own some thongs (maybe) tho'.

I don't really consider her a stranger.

*putting you on ignore*

Southern, some folks are just like that. It's still odd.

Some do, you know they changed it so it's vertical vs. horizontal now.

We are singing the same house song.

Torrence, thanks and I dunno. We know a few people in common and I am listed in the phonebook. So either way is possible.

Freaky Deaky said...

Don't hate on brick violence unless you want a brick to the forehead. You just like telling me no don't you. I would take you into that dark room. You know the one with big, solid polished wood desk? But I don't feel like it now. *Leaves in a huff after hitting multiple people with bricks*

kasandra said...


Well congrats on getting a mother with daughter around Pooka's age.

Ladynay said...

Freaky, NO! I don't like telling you no. No, no, no definitely not! LOL!

Kasandra, your comment is funny cuz I don't think I've ever been patted on the back for interacting with someone b4! LOL

deepnthought said...

I want a house too.

Glad the co worker was cool and inviting.

AR Gal said...

It's good that you have that connection with someone at work. She's a good one to have if you ask me. The folks that work at the front desk know everything that's going on and will (9 times out of 10) keep you in the loop. :-) I wouldn't worry too much about her being really nice. She probably really is just a great person but if she is crazy, it will come out eventually. lol

I plan on cleaning Friday evening after work so all I have to do is lay in the bed on Saturday and just be if I so desire. That's one of the best feelings in the world!