Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who says white folks can't dance?

There is not really one word that can explain last nights Riverdance performance. I was touching, phenonmenal, awe inspiring, flashy, impressive, sad, happy, chill, hype, brilliant, the list just goes on and on! It was definitely worth the money.

There were about 2 dozen of my cuzzin's and 'em in the house last night. For a minute I thought me and Pooka was going to be the only ones. It was one black chick that looked to be about my age with a ummmmm much lighter and much older man. Now sometimes genetics do weird things but my guess was that they were not related. In my mind I was like, she either is some kind of assistant that gets paid to get people out the house, or that was her sugar daddy exposing her to some different ish. I mean the gentleman had on a nice casual suit and she had on a jogging suit *crickets* What's that all about?

While I am thinking about outfits...just like the Lion King I saw people in everything from shorts and tee shirts to prom/formal wear! It was just insane! LOL I had on a dress shirt, some jeans that had 3 inch slits on the side, and my green fake me out gator boots with like a 2 inch or so heel that are very cute but are not made for walking. While walking towards the center a couple walking by us complimented me on my shoes, so you know I had to add a little extra swagger to my walk. If we were on a tv show, right after the compliment Mary J's "work that" would have came on and I would be walking to the beat like I was on the runway! This strut was killing my feet even more. Why the hell did I do that? ROFL!

The show started a touch late which sorta surprised me, but it was all good. The wardrobe, the dancing, the singing, the musicans, everything was on point! There was this one chick who sung the first solo that could saaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. She had one of those soprano voices that moves mf'ers. I was truely wow'ed and she almost got a tear out of me...almost! LOL After intermission and the first 2 dance segments were done, this thick black man came out by himself and took center stage. My eyes got wide and in my head I was like "I KNOW this dude is not about to break it down Riverdance style!" Fortunately he saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang. He was a remarkable tenor that gave you the same feeling the soprano soloist did. Remarkable! The other singers sounded great but those two that I mentioned were just wow!

There was one dancing segment that stood out that had the male lead dancer and about 9 other dudes. They did this routine that left me feeling like I just saw a step show! I mean a sista was HYPED! Them white boys betta get it! LOL!

My favorite dancing segment was one that started with a city backround. Two brothers came out tapping Gregory Hines style. They were showing out and having a good time when the lead Riverdance dancer and 2 of his boys walked on stage gestering like "what do they think they are doing?" so the Riverdancers started to break it down and the tap dancers stopped and gave them the same look and gestures. Then they had a back and forth where one group will do something then the other. After that they got silly and the brothers started dancing Riverdance in a mocking type the Riverdancers started tapping in the same manner! Then the most amazing thing happened, as if you didn't guess, they did a routine together that was a mix of both and O>>>M>>>>G!!!!! It was that FIRE yah heard me? Much props to the person and/or people who choreographed that routine cuz it was beyond great!!! I never really realized how similar the two styles of dancing really were until I saw it together. When they were done me and Pooka had to stand up and clap! It was just that spectacular! The other dancing segments were done well, but the river and tap mix segment was by far the best of the best.

We definitely plan to return if they come back this way. It's way better live than on tv.

My overall grade for the performance was a A!

Next on the live performance list....Sesame Street!


YoungBlack&DL said...
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YoungBlack&DL said...

It seems like your tail is still on the riverdance high. What made you decide to go to that in the first place. I really wouldn't even think about going to that, if it was mentioned to me. What made you decide to go?

After reading that I'm mildly curious myself as to seeing it. Mildly curious.

Why don't you just call it as it is. THe Ghetto black chick came with her white surga daddy, who in exchange for some culture, she is givin his white pole a good wax job. That's what I got from your description.
You paint such a vivid picture in my mind Nay Nay. I feel as if I was there, right between you an homegirl.

Ladynay said...

I am! :-) I like good shows, I like it even better when the performance is better than I expected therefore leaving me feeling I got more than what I paid for.

I saw it on tv years ago and enjoyed it. That's where it started. So when I got the news they were coming to town I thought it would be cool to go see it live.

Why not go if they come near you or look it up on YouTube. Satisfy the curiousity, you may learn it sucks or that it's ight. ;-)

You do know that Pooka is my 6 year old daughter right? Just checking.

Freaky Deaky said...

You neglected to mention hot chicks, with glistening, muscular dancer thighs, and their skimpy little shiny outfits. Your description made Riverdance seem kinda fun but you know how I feel about groups of men dancing with each other. I need to see plenty of half nekkid women preferably dancing with each other. If that happens I might have to get a ticket.

Why you gotta talk about her jogging suit? I bet it was one of those tight velvet ones that just cling, caress, grab, and smother all of those yummy girl bits. If I was paying for her ticket she'd be dressing like she just came off of the stroll so don't be mad at her.

I bet you fell right on your face while you were strutting around and trying to show off your green boots. You can admit it. I'll even make a minimal attempt not to start braying like a retarded donkey while laughing at you. :oD

Ladynay said...

Well they did have 2 segments with this Latin feel to it. For both there was a female dancing solo in a red, then black dress and in a way that you may have brought a ticket. The dress fit well but she was still able to work her lower half out. What Shakira say? Hips don't lie? LOL!

The all female segments were more ballet and riverdance like. You would have enjoyed most of the outfits cuz the dresses went about a quarter ways down the thigh and they did a lot of high kicking an jumping! Now, I am not feeded your nasty mind anymore! LOL!

Naw it was a blue and green suit made out of that nosey material. No matter what, if I am going out with a male counter part and he got on slick bottoms and a suit I am NOT coming out looking like I am about to go workout or running!

HAHAHAHA! I was actually able to strut all the way to my seat. My feet hurt and falling would have given them temporary relief, but nope, I didn't fall! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

glad to hear you all had such a fabulous time. now it makes me wanna go see it! :-)

as for the odd couple, i got the vibe that she was an assistant or that maybe he was some sort of counselor to her. God only knows, really.

Tabu said...

I want to see it!!!!

Lol, you described it wonderfully!

Ladynay said...

bb, try it you might like it! :-)

He could have been a counselor *shrug*

Tabu, I tried to explain what I thought were the best bits and pieces. I normally suck at describing things so yay me! LOL