Thursday, May 22, 2008


I made a choice yesterday and I made one this morning.

Yesterday my six year old chose to put a little poop in her panties. Not a lot, but more than not wiping her butt well sufficing for an excuse. On Friday she had a fluid accident. Unacceptable for a six year old. So I chose to make her clean her dirty panties by hand yesterday and she will wash her own by hand every time she has an accident that wasn't made while she was sleep. :-)

This morning I had to tell the orthopedic clinic what my say was. My decision was going to weigh on if they were willing to work around my school schedule. Before I could bring it up the supervisor tells me that want me to start this week. I need at least 2 weeks to give notice to my current job. She wasn't giving me the vibe that I could get my 2 weeks. Decision made! I am going with the hospital. I mean I can't just leave the gov't on a whim! Every business deserves at least 2 weeks notice. Plus I have things I need to clean up and take care of at work. I simply will not leave this job on bad terms like that. I want to have the option to come back if need be! LOL!

I also chose the school I am focusing on trying to get into for PT school. It was Duke, now it's UNC. The supervisor asked me what schools I was going to apply to and I ran off my list. Then she ran down her list telling me her opinion of what kind of PT school they are. She didn't say anything negative about the Blue Devils or Tarheels but then she looked me in the eye and said. If you go to Duke, no matter how much your salary is, you'll be paying for your education for the rest of your life. She was serious. I knew that Duke was pricey but I really gotta look over the tuition figures for these schools again. Plus I kinda have dialogue with a recent UNC PT school grad and a faculty member who is on the ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE! SWEET! Plus the hospital I plan to work with have ties to UNC. So I got a better network going in the UNC direction. Not to mention I just so happen to have my Carolina blue polo on. :-)

This afternoon I am going to talk to the hospital's manager and she what she thinks about my changing schedule. If she is down, then awesome. If not, I still have Dunn PT in the pot. I blogged about them awhile ago. That's the clinic that is 1.5 miles from where I live. They already have my resume on file and the HR lady told me to call them in July just to remind them that they have my resume.They haven't offered me anything, but they will need aides/technicians in August which is perfect timing for me. So no matter what happens I won't be out.


Freaky Deaky said...

Not giving you the standard two weeks isn't cool at all. I don't get why employers try to get you to do that when they know they'd be heated as hell if you bounced on them with little or no notice.

Every business that did you right deserves two weeks notice. I've worked for some that only deserved two middle fingers and a crotch grab as I strut out the front door.
Hell, if they really got what they deserved I'd be walking out with some equipment, petty cash, and some blood splatter on my clothes.

Yeah, I'd recheck those tuition figures.

Ladynay said...

OKAY!!!!! Part of me thinks she doesn't really realize that I have a job already and I have to treat that business as she would want me to treat their business. *smh*

Thank goodness I haven't had a job where they deserved that treatment when I left them. Now there have been some days I could have done that at those jobs, including this one, but I don't feel that way right now about this job. :-)

Monique said...

*taking notes on future punishments for my son*

Congrats on making a choice! I know it was really heavy on your mind but I'm sure all will work out. Good for you!

Ladynay said...

Get him potty trained first b4 you put the boy on ole skool laundry duty! LOL!

It has to work out somehow.

kasandra said...

Yeah my son has the wiping problem too. When I finally leave my gov't job, as much as I wanna give them no notice, that would be unfair and it would probably backfire. Good choice!!!!

Ladynay said...

I am thinking about putting wet wipes in the bathroom to help with that issue.

Pooka doesn't like to handle her waste so she used to used a ton of tissue to wipe which would clog the toilet *sigh*

It would have been crazy for me to walk on the job today, clean my office and give them a peace sign before walking out. It just don't work that way!

AR Gal said...

Dang Pooka is slippin! Say it ain't so! lol I recall having a few accidents myself way past the potty training stage. Dreams ain't no punk I tell ya! lol

I feel you on your decision. They know good and well as an organization that they would want the same respect and courtesy of a 2 wk. notice.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

u will do it stay focus and 4 motivation read my latest post have a great weekend

Kat said...

Hey! My son had an issue with wiping too. And I DID put baby wipes in the bathroom. Worked like a charm. (After they remember to NOT flush the wipes in the potty!)

Ladynay said...

Argal, I will get it together. She's excused from the sleep time incidents. I think we all had that dream where we could swear we were in the bathroom! LOL

Torrance, I'll read it in a moment.

Kat, they make flushable ones now *cheese* I plan to get some today along with some laundry detergent to wash this mountain of clothes I got :-(

blkbutterfly said...

well, congrats on making a choice as to your job and school. and, yes, look closely at those tuition figures. i wish i'd done that b4 choosing a grad school. have a great weekend!