Monday, June 23, 2008

December 13th 2008 @ 9am/OH SHIT!

If you are going to be or what to be in the Durham, NC area around this time. I suggest you come check out my graduation from North Carolina Central University. They FINALLY put the time and date on the website this weekend! YAY! As soon as I found out I called my mom so she can do my vocal invitations. By December my mom would have told EVERYONE at least twice. LOL! I laugh but I'm serious. When I hung up from telling my mom what the deal was, she called me back like 20 minutes later and confirmed I was going to school for physical therapy. I confirmed and she was like "yeah, cuz I told aunt so & so, aunt so & so and aunt so & so that's what you was going to school for and I wanted to make sure I told them right" So she done called at least 3 folks in 20 minutes! LOL! I love that woman!

I am/was/thinking about planning my first big party. The thought is to rent a small building and have it catered. The only issues is that aunt Diva is due around my graduation time which means she won't be able to come. I'd hate for her to travel or have the baby while she's out of town and I wouldn't want her to put a brand new baby on the road or plane like that. Being that the baby will be around will also count the grand diva out cuz she's gonna want to be at the hospital (shoot I wanna be at the hospital and will if she don't have it on the 13th) or will be helping my aunt with the baby. My family that lives in NC towards the coast are kinda flip floppy, it's like, if one goes they'll all go. Kinda like an all or nothing and being that I am not the most popular family member it's really hard to say if they'd come out to celebrate with me or not. To be honest, they'll probably prefer to travel to the DC metro and be with my aunt and the baby than come to Raleigh to party. It's just the way it is. Then it'll be Christmas time so nobody will have money to travel cuz they got little Joey that new game system. Then amongst my friends and associates, some of them don't get along so it's like which folks do I invite to cause less drama.

Long story short, if I don't have a decent amount of people show up, I can just have a few folks over my place to eat, drink and be marry. It would be a lot cheaper. That or I can find a sitter for Pooka and go to someones club that will be throwing a graduation party. I don't know. But I WILL be celebrating damn it. Even if it's by my damn self, which is the last resort! If you may be interested in coming to hang out that weekend let me know.

Looks like it will be less pressure on me to graduate magna cum laude vs. summa cum laude and the more I think about it the more I am okay with that. At one point it was summa or unhappiness. Gotta be real.

Summer session one will be over and done with this week and Physics starts next week. That's all I'm going to say about that. :-(

Next week also starts my research study. The orientation was long but very exciting. I am so pumped about all of this. When I called Snookums after it was all over all I could keep saying was "fucking fantastic". It doesn't hurt that the main investigator is also on the admissions committee at UNC. Before I knew all of that I had stayed about an half hour after the orientation and she gave me a lot of valuable info. No need to go into detail but YAY!

On the way home from the orientation I encountered usually high traffic that moved at 10 miles/hour at best. This was not acceptable. There are some areas where you expect to have traffic at certain times of the day, but this commute is NEVER slow like that. Come to find the president was in town holding shit up. *eyeroll* I am throwing fits in my car and getting pissed for the president???? UGH! THE PRESIDENT?????? Unacceptable.

Sidenote: Why have I known someone for darn near 8 years and never knew their last name? I mean have hung out with this person on numerous occasions and everything! That person didn't know my last name either!!!! When the conversation came up yesterday all we could do was laugh cuz that makes no sense! Not one bit!

Tell me why my immediate supervisor came into my office and closed my door. Immediately my mind said "oh shit". The first question she asked was when was I graduating. Again my mind went "oh shit". I told her and I basically told her what was going on with me in very broad unspecific terms. She told me that she heard that I would be interning soon and she knows that that's usually the end of the road for earning a degree. Now she could have heard this from 2 places....either common denominator said something cuz lately she's been really interested in what's going on with me (she's walking with her masters Saturday so she don't want my job) or the hospital called her cuz I said they could on my application. While we are talking she mentions how she's had her fair share of PT and that the staff at the hospitals PT people were mean! In my head I was like "no they are NOT" and then she told me that it was inpatient that she dealt with. The folks I deal with are with outpatient in another building across the street. So they may actually be mean over in inpatient *shrug* Then she tells me about how she went to the other clinic that I also volunteer for (I did not mention these locations to her, she mentioned them to me) and how they were so nice and blah blah blah.

Long story short. My supervisor now has heard from the horses mouth that I will be out of here soon. In her mind it will be b4 December...little does she know it could be a few weeks from now. She asked me if she had a reason to freak out, I told her no not yet but I'd let her know.*sigh* She did say that she wishes they had a job for me here, that it would be hard replacing me because of my knowledge base, the extra things that I do, how I handle things, and the fact that I would just be outright missed. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW *wipes tear* I told her that there are people in this building right now who can do what I do with a little push. She asked me twice if I will let them know ahead of time whenever I leave. Like I am unprofessional enough not to! Come on now! *eyeroll*



Kat said...

CONGRATS on your graduation!!! I'm sooooo happy for you Nay. I hope everything works out for you as far as the party planning goes.

LOL @ your mom spreading the word so fast! HAHAHA too funny! My gramma's the same way. She always says there's 3 ways to spread the word...Telephone, Television, and Tell Betty. hahah And ya know what.....she's quicker than the first two.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting your degree!!! Party like a rock star on that date.

I doesn't matter which cum laude is behind your name, you did the damn thing.

Ladynay said...

Kat, my mom be on the ball boy! I bet half the family and everyone on the block knows by now! HAHAHAHAHA


Southern, I haven't got it yet but I will be celebrating! Trust and believe! I will not treat that day like every other day!

Yeah, just getting to that step is the ultimate goal. All that extra stuff is just that...extra.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

what ever u do
do celebrate
few or many
eat drink and be merry
like u said
til be the season to be jolly

kasandra said...

YAY for NAY!!!! Have a few celebration drinks for me. I will be there soon. Maybe 2-3 years from now. CAN'T WAIT!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

If I come do I get to see any thong? Think carefully because your answer is very important. What?! :oD

Don't be getting falling down, sloppy drunk either or I'll laugh at you.

Methinks you have a snitch somewhere. Ok, it's me. I called your boss and dropped a dime on you.

Ladynay said...

Yessir T! I'll do just that even if it's by myself! :-)

Kasandra, those years will go by faster than you think! I got the drinks covered! :-D

Freaky, If you come will I wear any panties at all is the question :-D What?

Not interested in sloppy drunk, been there done that got the t-shirt and burned it! LOL

I KNEW IT! You ain't right man *starts to cry* I wasn't ready to talk to upper level management about my job change yet! Boooooooooooooooooooo!

Darius T. Williams said...


Freaky Deaky said...

I know so what's the answer? My vote is to let your booty breathe and let me see. Maybe I'll find my way down to your area so I can get a better look down at your area. ;oD What?!

It's not going to be a sausage party or anything like that? I don't do sausage parties.

Ladynay said...

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat you put your pic on your profile? You betta do it! LOL! Thank Durrrrius.

FD, how bout you come through, I'll give you peek and that'll be your answer :-D

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM sausage parties *mind wandering off*

Oh what you say?

AR Gal said...

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation and party hard!!

Ladynay said...

Shank yah shank yah!

I am getting folks input about the party hard thing as I type! LOL

JayBee said...

you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. good stuff. i like how your mom called you to make sure all the info was right AFTER she had already spread the word. if it was incorrect, i guess she would have just done retractions. your supervisor needs to go to her superiors and create a position for you. it sounds like you're a valuable asset and if it were me, i'd do what i had to do to keep someone like yourself. let us know what happens on the job front.

blkbutterfly said...

congrats on knowing the date. i set a countdown in my cell when the set our graduation date.

i was thinking along the same lines as jaybee. since you're a valuable employee, it seems they'd make a way to keep you. then again, it seems like you're pretty set on moving to greener pastures.

oh, and i was so pressed to get summa as well. i got it and now it doesn't seem as important. just worry about finishing well!

Ladynay said...

Jay, that's my momma tho' she loves the phone so having a reason to call everyone back would be cool in her book! LOL!

What I do now is no where close to what I want to be doing outside of you having to document what you do. So there isn't a way to make a position for me that would fit my internship. They do have PT's that work for the gov't but I am not at that level yet.

I thought about you yesterday, wondered if you moved or not since most traditional schools are out.

BB, now I gotta see if my cell phone can do that! LOL If so it's on!

It's time for a change and my insides are excited about that change. I gotta make it happen.

In talking to the admissions folks at Duke and UNC Chapel Hill they both said that GPA is good but it's not all that look at. One of the directors at Duke told me that they turn down people with 4.0's every year! So I am okay with not getting summa, it takes a whole lot of pressure off of me.

E said...

Congrats on the graduation. Maybe I'll make a trip down there to go to your soiree. Definitely keep us posted.

Too funny about the boss..:-)