Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stuff and monthly theme

Wake up, go to work, go to school, go back to work, pick up the kid, dinner, homework or chill, then sleep. That's me. The weekends usually consists of some kind of gathering. This past weekend was the adoption party. Very nice. I didn't get to watch my movies while Pooka was gone but I did have the motivation to dust and vacuum under furniture. Don't remember the rest of the weekend, probably slept! This weekend Pooka and I may go to Saturn's complex and go to the pool. I doubt if I get in.

The Kimbo Slice fight disappointed me, so did the fight before it when dude got a finger to the eye. I know why it had to end the way it did *shout out Shortie BeeBop for talking about cauliflower ear last semester* but dang! I wanted more action. I wanted to see someone get knocked out!

Friday I am playing hookie from work and school to attend Pooka's super kid's day at school. It's one huge PE event. It should be fun. After the super kids thing is over at 12:30, her class is doing a beach day cookout type thing. So I'll be at Pooka's school all day! YAY!

Pooka is kissing people again. How do you punish a child for doing something that's not really bad? I mean when she was kissing on folks before we talked about how it's okay to kiss people like mommy, daddy, grandma, etc on the cheek but not on the mouth. Which is kinda hypocritical cuz mommy kisses Snookums on the mouth and aunt so and so kisses so and so on the mouth. Then add on that when mommy was Pooka's age she was kissing on people too! *sigh* So I am trying to find another way to get it through to her that kissing is not bad, you just can't kiss everybody you want to show affection to.

The theme for the month is embarrassing moments. We are all old enough to have had a moment in our lives were we were just outright blushed with embarrassment. Where you had that SW airlines "wanna get away" feelings. So what happened? Let a sista know!


Darius T. Williams said...

I love that southwest airlines commercial. But, I must say...I have NEVER had an embarrasing moment.

Ladynay said...

I simply refuse to believe that Darius. Stop lying to me man! LOL

Freaky Deaky said...

Embarrassing moments, huh? I think I'll password protect that post if I decide to tell anything good. Wouldn't want to share that stuff with my lurkers. LOL

Kimbo should've lost because he tapped out. I'm going to have to look up what's so bad about cauliflower ear besides how hideously ugly they are. You need to get cable. I watched some MMA on Versus Sunday night. I think there was a couple of knock outs.

Will you be wearing a thong to the pool or at Pooka's beach day?

So you were a kissing bandit and now your baby girl has picked up the trait. How fitting. :oD You've got me on how to make her stop. *shrugs*

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I'm trying to find a way to tell my 3 yr old he should go around hugging and kissing girls. I don't want him to think it's a bad thing to kiss girls.

Kat said...

I hope you have a GREAT time with the little one at her "field day" kinda thing. I took the day off to go to my kids thing this past week. IT WAS AMAZING!!! I posted a blog about it on myspace. (I'm not blogeriffic like you, I dont have a blogspot.)

Um.....as for getting the little one to stop kissing. have you tried the whole Germs/Cooties argument? She's young enought that it might just help! hahaha I'm ALL FOR scaring the crap out of my kids to get them to stop doing something!!!!

I can't WAIT to read some of the Embarassing Moments blogs!!! Should be interesting!!! I have WAY TOO MANY to mention! hahahah

WHere's your blog about NHS Graduation??? ITS BEEN 10 YEARS~ DANNNNNNGGGGG!

P.S. Please tell Freaky Deaky to take me off his blocked lurkers list! DANG! I'll comment! I Promise I'll comment! hahaha

Ladynay said...

Slice did get served in round two which kinda makes me wonder if he hit dudes ear on purpose. Hmmmmmmmm That guys ear was so advanced that by putting pressure on in like Slice did heightens the chance of jacking up his inner ear.

Uhhhhh no thongs around the babies! LOL

I haven't figured it out either :-(

Southern, so you see my dilemma! You don't want to punish them cuz what they are doing isn't bad, just inappropriate right now.

Slaven, you just love that myspace. Next time I'm on it I'll check you out.

HAHAHAHAHAHA@ cooties. I may try it. ROFL!

I don't know we were supposed to do one...oops! Lemme read up on it.

YoungBlack&DL said...
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YoungBlack&DL said...

Darius T. Williams is a damn lie! Negro please, you should be ashamed of yourself, you need to go repent ASAP!
He just posted about an incident, involving a rat, and I bet his yelling and the way he handled it, wasn't in the most manly-ish, and butch manner either, and if someone saw him, it would have been embarrassing.

Now to Lady Nay, about the kissing thing. It reminds me of a recent episode of Dione Sanders show on Oxygen. His youngest son, whose I believe 5 was kissing girls at nap time. His wife, Pilar, thought it was time to for him to give them the birds and the bees talk, so that they would understand why it wasn't appropriate to kiss girls, or something. So this fool, after much hesitation, has the 5 and 7 year old boys, watching Sue Johansen's Sex Talk. He says "When you need to be educated, you go to the best, and she's the best at the birds and the bees."
His wife as you can imagine was highly upset, she says the birds and the bees not sex.

I thought the birds and the bees was sex, am I wrong.

Why don't yall just let the kids kiss. It seems like all of yall have this problem with the little kiddies. As long as the kisses remain innocent. I say let them slobber each other down.

Southern Gal, tell your son, he can kiss girls as long as it remains above the neck, you should be cool.

Kat- Scaring the children into not kissing. I see that will produce some healthy behavior, when they grow up...lol. I know some people today, whose parents scared them so much, not to touch the stove, that they still as grown ass people, feel more comfortable eating take out then touching the stove and cook. A connection...I think so, buddy!

Freaky Deaky, who do you allow to read your blog, I'm assuming Lady Nay, but who else. I have tried a couple of times, just to see what you were all about, but unsuccessful, I was.

Ladynay said...

YB&DL, that's the thing, no one saw Darius when it happened (so he thinks) so he wasn't embarrassed.

I don't think the birds and the bees talk will tell her why she should not be kissing right now.

When and/or if you become a daddy, I want you to tell me again to just let Pooka and 'em slob each other down! ROFL!

YoungBlack&DL said...

Lady Nay, I am twin girls. I've had dreams about them, over the years. Perhaps a pretell of whats to come, I don't know.

Okay maybe I can revise the plan, how about kiss only people your height and age, and in your class, who you eat with...is that better?

But anyway I will tell you again, Let the Kiddies slobber eachother down..as long as its innocent, of course. Thank you very much, Nay Nay!

YoungBlack&DL said...

And another thing!
We are talking about kids 3 to what 6 or 7, its not like they got mono or something, I mean dang. Yall act like they about to getting down or something.

jameil1922 said...

lmao @ kissing. i'd rather not think about embarassament right now!! lol. thinking happy thoughts! confused abt the adoption party. vomit @ cauliflower ear.

Ladynay said...

*gasp* I didn't know you was a daddy! Well blow me down with a feather!

NOPE! Not better for me!

Is there such a thing as an innocent slob down kiss? ROFL!

Just wait...just you wait till the twins are doing it!

Jamiel, my friend just adopted a child. To celebrate a big party was thrown.

YoungBlack&DL said...

LMAO...I'm not a daddy, I'm sorry, I was saying I am going to be a father one Day...because I keep having dreams about twin girls, in my future, little chocolate brown girls.
I can't stop laughing, I ain't got no kids.

Well aren't all little chaps kisses slobby like?

I know they be wet!

blkbutterfly said...

girl, i'd get heated when one of my students talked about "liking" someone of the opposite sex. let one of them get to kissing another, and i'd have had a whole class intervention. lol... anyway, i can see how it would be difficult to explain that kissing isn't bad in and of itself to a child.

hmmm... i've been embarrassed, of course. i just can't think of a story off hand. maybe one will come to me before the end of the month.

Ladynay said...

YB&DL, I was bout to say I know you haven't been blogging all this time and not ONCE mentioned da babies! LOL!

BB, not at class intervention!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yep it was he bolo-d that mays already messed up ear

AR Gal said...

Embarrasing moments??!! I've got SO many it's a shame. Did I mention I'm clumsy? lol I'll have to work on that post when I get home.

I can't help you with Pooka's kissing dilemma. It could be worse...she could be kickin folks in the nuts. Wait...didn't she already do that to a classmate? lol

The Goddess said...

OMG!!! I saw that fight and was totally disgusted by dudes ear. EEEWWWW!!!!! I was pissed to about them stopping the previous fight. I'm so hooked on those dang fighting shows.

My embarrassing moment.....
being at the checkout, going in my purse and condoms falling out on the damn counter. Too embarrassing!!!

Ladynay said...

Torrance I don't know what bolo'd means :-( but I think I agree! LOL

ArGal, I recall a story about you flying through your house trying to get the phone or something like that? LOL

Don't be talkin bout my youngin'!:-P

Goddess! HEY GIRL! I would have never though you would be a fight watcher. Cool!

At least the folks in line and the cashier knew you practiced safe sex :-D

BuddahDesmond said...

Most embarrassing moment? I have a couple up to this point. LOL! But I'll give you one. Probably the day I got chocolate milk splashed all over me. It was in middle school. I'd just sat down after getting my lunch when, all of sudden, two of my friends started fighting over a carton of chocolate milk. The next thing I know, the milk flies out of the carton and splashes all over me. I stormed out of the cafeteria and into the bathroom to disengage (for lack of better terms-LOL!). Not only was I embarrassed, I was pissed! And I was looking real fly that day too (even then-LOL!).

Ladynay said...

Whaddup des! I would have been PO'ed had I had my "cute" clothes on and that happened to me! UGH!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Freaky says that you are partially responsible for the monthly topic. So if you are interested, mine will be up on Saturday.