Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trying to keep up

The prices of pretty much everything is going up. Everyone knows this and has talked about it in one way or another. So I shouldn't have been surprised when I got the letter from Pooka's before/after school care a.k.a. summer camp about the camp fee's this year. All I can say is OMG! With the cost of living climbing and my paycheck staying the same I think the Janet tickets are going to be the last luxury item I buy for awhile. I plan on reworking my budget this weekend so everyone is happy, including me. In times like this I wish that Pooka's father was more of a financial supportive parent. I know I can go through the gov't but like I've said a million times, that won't do anything but get him locked up. If he's locked up then Pooka wouldn't be able to see him the few times a year that she does. Times like this I wish Pooka was old enough for me to say "F that", go to the store, get her a key made, tell her not to touch the stove or have boys over, and have her chill at the house all day....but she isn't old enough for that kind of responsibility.

I've been fortunate to be able to take care of what I need and still have a few dollars to take care of a few wants, but with this job change (that's pays slightly less) and my cost of needs rising I really have to have a financial game plan in effect soon. *sigh*

In other news technology doesn't like me...my laptop is falling apart inside and out, my desktop doesn't like the mouse and keyboard to be plugged in at the same time, my new tv converter box is possessed (I won't even go into the story of me hooking the damn thing up), the tv in my room is dead, I almost cooked the color out of my cell phone (luckily when I got it out the car and put it in a cooler place the color came back on the screen), and Mia is not acting right....

Okay Mia isn't really a technology item but she isn't working right. I can't put my finger on what's wrong with her but I just know something isn't right. I called the car dealership and told them what's up. So I'm going on Saturday to have her looked at. Being that I've had the car almost 6 months and only put about 900 miles on it EVERYTHING is still under warranty. I can be thankful for that.

Side hustles here I come!


Freaky Deaky said...

You should start saving up for a new computer. Seriously, before the prices for them skyrocket too. You need something fast, dependable, and a lot more up-to-date.

Note to self: Ladynay is the destroyer of technology. She is a tech devil. Don't ever let her touch any of my toys. Check.

You just better stay off of my corner or I'll cut you...to the white meat! :o|

YoungBlack&DL said...

Have you asked him to be more of a finacially supportive father, tell him that things are getting rough, and baby needs things...

Oh I have a good idea...have Pooka call her daddy, and tell her in a sweet, sad voice "Daddy, Super camp is expensive( is that to advance for a 6 year olders vocabulary), can you help send some money...Pleeease I wuv you!"

It full of guilt yet sweet. for full effect pinch her arm right before he picks up the phone.

I always wonder why you say theat you take it to the dealer, In my mind I'm thinking she is going to pay a grip more, taking it there, now I see, its still rather new. And it's acting up already, yeah NayNay you best take it there and milk that warranty for all its worth.

Monique said...

Everything will work out. I'm mentally trying to prepare myself for single parenting when baby boy arrives next month. Even though his daddy is quite involved and there, you just never know. He may decide that he just can't or won't do this one day. Better safe than sorry I say.

kasandra said...

Girl we always make a way. You'll be fine. Hopefully it's something minor with Mia. ***crossing fingers***

Ladynay said...

I need to bring one of tech folks with me for a purchase like cuz I have no idea what kind of stuff I'd want in a brand new computer :-( Wait, didn't I just post about not spending more money...well I do need a computer for school so that could be classified as a need.

I got my own toys that love to touch me *cheese*

Hey if my corner is slow I may have to fight you! LOL

YB&DL, we talked earlier today and we gotta talk somemore about it. He seems to understand where I am coming from. No need to get Pooka in on it just yet.

I took my van to the dealer earlier this year because the part that was broken on it was under a lifetime (or 10,000 mile come to find out) warranty.

Mia is basically new so her work gets done for free by me going to the dealer :-)

Monique, NEXT MONTH???? Man oh man! Are you scared? U going to go get your hair braided so you don't have to think about it when you sweating lil man out? Oh my goodness NEXT MONTH!!!!

Okay now to respond. It's a general good rule to be prepared for the just in case. Not to wish negative upon lil man's father, but he could loss his job or get sick and not be able to contribute, many things can happen where you would have to carry the bulk if not all of the burden. When that baby gets here someone has to take care of it no matter the situation.

Kasandra, It's what we do but it still SUCKSSSSSSSSS! I know whatever is up with Mia is small. They are probably going to look at me crazy when I tell them what's been going on, but I want it taken care of now before it possibly becomes big and not free to fix! :-)

Freaky Deaky said...

Nasty! You're talking about those nasty toys. *gasp* Wouldn't it be funny if someone kidnapped them and sent you ransom notes? LOL They'll probably die out soon too. *whistles*

I'll defend my corner to the death Ladynay! Ya hear me?! To the death!

Ladynay said...

Death to those who touches the sacred toys without my permission!!!!!!

Fight to the death? That can be arranged on the level of traffic you get!

blkbutterfly said...

the warranty's about to expire on my car. i don't really have the $$ to extend the warranty, but i'm going to try and dig it up!

anyway, good luck with the car and w/ making a dollar out of 15 cents. :-)

AR Gal said...

Girl, when it rains it pours don't it?! I've known times like that all too well and it ain't no fun BUT luckily it always worked itself out. I have no doubt the end result will be the same for you.

Mia ackin up already? DAMN! I hope the car doctor can fix whatever it is 'cause she is too young to have ailments! lol

Darius T. Williams said...

Hey Ma...miss me?

Um, can a brotha work that side hustle with you? Let's just say that this increase in everything is wearing me thin too...and that's kinda hard to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm playing catch up. For some reason, bloglines didn't tell me you had new posts up until last night. I missed you last 6 posts. I haven't been lurking. lol

Everything is going up but our paycheck. This is getting out of hand. My financial plan is in full effect. I'm looking at side hustles as I type.

Kat said...

Girl the economy is killin us all. EVERYTHING has gone up here. EXCEPT the paycheck! WTF

And to make matters worse......I'm tryin my BEST to get a puppy. Not just ANY puppy.....a SUPER CUTE CUDDLY puppy. (Shiba Inu) But the damn thing is EXPENSIVE.

Ladynay said...

bb, the car thing shouldn't be major cuz the things I am noticing are small.


Argal, see what I told BB. It's nothing serious, but I shouldn't have anything going on at all. Of course now that I made the appointment she hasn't been making the noise but whatever. She's still going to the doctor! LOL!

Darius, whaddup man! I'll read about your move one of these days! LOL! We all gotta work this thing together if we gonna keep our vehicles and bellies full!

Southern, I don't even know what bloglines is! :-) I just figured you cut down on reading everybody everyday like I had. No prob.

Out of hand and it's gonna get worse if what I read is true :-(

Kat, you better take them kids to the pet store and let them pet the puppy for a little while and be done with it! A pet is like another child...it needs a home, food, shots, all that good stuff that's not FREE!

aaaaaaron said...

It might not be affordable, given your circumstances, but a technology camp (like Cybercamps) could solve both your problems at once. Maybe Pooka, then, could start solving all your technology problems!