Tuesday, July 15, 2008

John Cena has a nice butt!

Video is below, but the pics don't want to cooperate this morning :-(

First off let me thank yall for the questions. There is plenty of time to ask more but I wanted to go 'head and thank the folks who've participated already. At first I didn't think I would get questions....

Anywho, last night WWE Raw came to Raleigh and I was in the place to be.

I can't really explain the vibe of energy you get when you walk in the arena. But even if you are like me and not a huge fan of wrestling, you couldn't help but get caught in the hype. So far I've picked out pretty good seats for every event I go to and yesterday was no different. We sat 3 rows up from the floor which was perfect because the people on the floor had to stand up the whole time to see. I could sit down and see when I wanted :-) Some young guys who sat behind us were obvious hard core WWE fans. I could tell that they've been to their fair share of live WWE events. For example, they are going to the ECW/Smackdown event in Charlotte tonight. They drove to Charlotte after leaving the center last night. One in particular talked throughout the entire evening which towards the end was kinda annoying.

I saw a bunch of little kids with the Ray Mysterio mask on and I wanted to get one for Pooka since she likes him. When we got in the center the lines were too crazy so I figured I'd ask a parent how much they were and if the price was right I'd go get one for her during a match I wasn't pressed to see. Well the father figure looking man in the crew that sat behind us brought who I guess was his son a mask. I asked him the price and the price was WRONG! Sixty flipping dollars for a children's mask! I didn't even ask about the adult masks! Crazy!

So anyways, the whole night the main people I wanted to see was Kane and Bastista. Kane because I wanted to see how massive he was in person and Bastista because...well have you seen his body? The face is okay but the body...*sigh*The evening goes on and the whole time I am super hyped like a hard core fan, screaming and yelling, jumping up, booing, the whole nine. Then it happened....Bastista came out in jeans and a cut off. I been waiting and had my camera ready to get a good pic. We were almost dead straight from the place the wrestlers came out so getting a good pic wouldn't be hard to get...so I thought. His music came on and I hollered like a mad woman. What the heck was up with that? It wasn't that serious! I swear it was the vibe in the building. That's my excuse! I am trying to take a pic but my hands are shaking like those Chinese girls you see falling out over Micheal Jackson. I managed to calm down and take some pretty decent pics. When ever I post my stuff up you'll see the best pics of the stars were the ones I took when they were on the massive screen.

Kane's entrance (below) is really really really loud. Really. I wasn't ready. I've seen his entrance a million times but I didn't figure in the sound of all those fireworks going off like that. Loud. Just Loud! Will definitely bring ear plugs when I go back...oh yeah...I'm going back when they come back to Raleigh for sure. :-) I used to be a serious fan back in the mid 90's and last night brought me back to that time in my life.

The main event was a 6 man tag team match between JBL and John Cena. I wasn't all that hyped about the match. I learned Cena would be wrestling with Prime Time. Two pretty nice looking brothas...Yum! So JLB comes out, then Priceless (I don't remember the name of the tag team but they are the current tag team champs if you watch wrestling), then Prime time, then Cena. OMG! Let me just say when Cena came out the place got the loudest I've heard the entire night! It was bananas!!!!! This is what I have on video. When I watched the clip this morning it didn't give the magnitude of noise justice. Them people almost made the center shake! Being that I was taping I didn't yell....but I wanted to. :-)

The match starts, the folks calm down, and I am sitting there looking at John Cena and that's when I noticed the nice little lump he has under is back. I mean wow! I even had to make a comment out loud about the niceness of the booty. Under the baggy jeans and boxer briefs you could still tell how fitting it was to his big, hard, cut up body. I think I like John Cena now! ROFL!

That match ends, the live taping is over, I think it's time to go, I start walking up the stairs, and 'bout 5 stairs in the announcer chick says that CM Punk and Bastista are going to wrestle!!! WORD? I get to see Bastista live sans shirt with his wrestling trunks on? SWEET! I made my way to the first row cuz the people who were there left and took me some more pics. The match didn't last very long but it was long enough for me :-) After that the show was really over and we rolled out.

Overall the renewal experience was fun! I think I have residual energy from last night even still. When I was driving to work this morning I hit a stop light. I pulled my visor down to check my face and for no reason I did the John Cena you can't see me thing when he waves his palm back and forth in front of his face. What made this funny was after I did it, something prompted me to look to my right and a young white lady was looking at me with a big ole' grin on her face. I was embarrassed for a hot second then I got over it. I wonder if she was there last night? Hmmmmm

Yes WWE is fake and yes sometimes you get more drama than a soap opera, but it's some great entertainment. Especially live!


Kat said...

Wow! haaahhah Sounds like you had a GREAT time. I'm not a fan of wrestling, but YES.....some of those mens are TOO HOTT!! hahahahah

Can't WAIT for the pics and video. HURRY! hahhaha

Darius T. Williams said...

Um, we're waiting on that camera cable.

kasandra said...

Man my nephew would faint if he ever got the chance to see a wrestling event. Only 6, but a HUGE fan!!! Glad you enjoyed yourself. I used to be a fan back when I was a lil kid and Hulk Hogan and Junk Yard Dog were kings....long time ago!!!! LOL.

Ladynay said...

I did and ooooooooh yeah some of 'em are hot Kat!

Darius and Kat, the cord is at home and I am at work so it won't be up anytime soon.

Kasandra, you should take him if they come by your way. The cheapest tickets here where 20 bucks and depending on which 20 buck section you choose you could still see the show!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

who is john cena?

Ladynay said...

*shm* wrestler

Part of me thinks you really didn't know that...hmmmmm

Kat said...

Oh Wow! I just watched the video you loaded. MAN! Those lights were enough to throw someone into a seizure! Dang! hahahahha

And WTH, that girl with the GIANT poster in front of you needed to have something thrown at the back of her head! hahahah

Ladynay said...

You telling me! LOL

They didn't hold the posters up very often so it was all good. :-)

Monique said...

you got me wanting to go look these guys up and see what the deal is! I haven't been into wrestling since '94.

AR Gal said...

Glad you guys had a great time!!