Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Tags, Queens, and George Washington

Liryc tagged me last week and I am basically supposed to jot down 7 songs I am feeling right now. It can be from any time or genre and don't have to have words. I hardly know the real name of a song and I guess the artist but hopefully I'll describe it enough that you know what I am taking about...

1) Lil Wayne's A Millie. I call it I'm illin'. I like the original not the remixes. It's one of them songs that always comes on when I am on my way to pick up the kid and I always feel the need to put my shades on if not already on, pump the radio up, and lean to the side. It's just that kind of song.

2) RickRoss's (?) Superman. The chorus goes something like I gotta couple dollars gonna spend 'em on herrrrr, she can be my lady she can be my lover, call me on the late night get tight he ain't acting right, cuz a superwoman needs a superman....HERE I AM! The words are not 100% but those are the words I use! That's just my jam of the moment.

3) Rihanna's Don't Stop the Music or Things for You (?). It's a toss up between those 2. They are starting to play Don't Stop the Music out but I have not reached the point where I can turn the station when it comes on. Just gotta move. Things for You (?) is off her album with that "tell me what you want and you can make me your girl, your girl, tell me what you need and baby come and share my world, my world oh oh oh oh" song on it. So it's like the first or second album. They played it on the radio a billion times.

4) Jasmine's I Want You Back(?). Jasmine is one of Missy Elliott's new creations and her first song is a love type song with reggae instrumentation. The song doesn't sound like it goes together but that's part of what makes it cool to me. Can't explain it.

5) J-Lo's Get Right featuring F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S. Love this song! Usher had a fit cuz one of his songs has that same saxophone background but he didn't use the music like J-Lo, back when she was J-Lo, did.

6) Isley Brothers How Lucky I Am. I don't if they were all supposed to be upbeat songs on my 7 but I love this song. Every time I hear it I just wanna close my eyes, think happy thoughts and chill. Maybe there is a universe where someone would think that way about me.

7)DMX, Sean Paul, and Dido (?)Here Comes the Boom from the Belly soundtrack. The song is old as dirt but just like the Rihanna song, I have yet to reach a point where I can turn away from it once it's on. Just can't do it. I miss DMX. He needs to get his head right and get back in the studio!

This pass weekend I went to 2 cookouts on Friday, tried to sleep and study Saturday and cleaned up Sunday. The cookouts were cool. Everything went like the typical cookout until the end of the second one. There was a touch of drama! No need to go into detail but let me say... Mess around with a queen all you want to, but that queen is still a man and if you mess with the right one he will beat you down as such. Period. Also at the second cookout I was able to make a lot of observations. One being that only at a majority gay/lesbian event that seeing one gender playfully flirt with the opposite gender seem so...so... WRONG! LOL

About 2 nights ago Pooka and I was watching tv and they showed Barack Obama. Pooka acknowledged it by saying his name. So I asked her...

"Who is Barack Obama?"

She thought for a second. "The president."

"No, he's not the president, he is trying to be the president." After I give her the 1st grade version of how it all works I asked. "Who is Barack Obama running against, who else is trying to be the president?"

Pooka thinks long and hard on this. She finds the answer in her head and replied "George Washington!"

I like to DIED laughing! I told her that GW was the first president and that it's John McCain that wants to be the president too.

Gotta love it...George Washington!


Darius T. Williams said...

Pooka was probably confused by the white hair and the age of McCain.

Freaky Deaky said...

I never would have taken you for a Lil Wayne fan. :o( I don't even think I want to see your thongs anymore. Okay let me see your thongs and I'll mull it over. :o)

Mmm Rihanna a.k.a. Baby Mama #2. Me likey! Although I'm not fond of the song you mentioned. I don't what it is but it sounds like clubby dance music and I hate dance music. :o( Nice meme!

A gay dude flirting with a gay chick seems wrong to me too. Why flirt if there's absolutely no chance of you sliding in and closing the deal? Know what I mean? It's just not any fun.

Did you save me a couple of burgers?

Pooka knows the secret. John McCain is an immortal and was actually the first 15 Presidents of the United States. The face you're used to seeing is an elaborate mask. He really looks like an 18 year complete with oily skin and very bad acne. Hope they don't kill us for telling the world his secret.

Ladynay said...

Yeah, I think you're right D! HAHAHA!

Freaky, I don't consider myself a fan but he does have a couple of songs I've liked.

Things for you is clubby :-D

Everyone at the party had fun, well mostly everyone. So I'm sure they beg to differ.

Yeah I saved some with extra lettuce, onion, and tomatos. I even added more veggies like olives and green beans to it. When you coming to get it? LOL!

You've been watching too much Sci Fi *wink*

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

The Rick Ross song is called Here Am I. I like the song too especially Nelly's part.

I dislike that Rihanna song. Only song I like by her is Take A Bow.

So did a queen put the beat down on someone? lol

Freaky Deaky said...

Why would you mess up an innocent, tasty hamburger by adding all of that garbage to it? I'm not coming to get it. :o( I will give you something and that's the contents of my stomach. Where would you like your Roman shower? x(

Don't Stop the Music is clubby to me. I don't even remember Things for You.

It's true I tell you!

YoungBlack&DL said...

I say, let her keep saying he's the president, if you speak it into action, then it will happen. He doesn't say If I become president...He says When I become president... and you can't blame the girl McCain does look old as dirt, he may look like the pictures she is learnign on George Washington at school. I say Pooka knows her stuff.

I want to hear details about the fight... ain't nothing like a Queen fight!

So the Gay guys were flirting with the Lesbos? Were they that manish? Or what?

you know what they say about girl's who like lil' Wayne?
They likey the lollipop, uh oh!

I guess we know what Lady is not in the sheets!

kasandra said...

Ok you do have to share a fight story girl, it's only fair cuz you mentioned it. ;)

Yeah Pooka probably got confused because McCain is as old as Washington. You know they say all white people look alike anyway. LOL.

Monique said...

Isley Brothers How Lucky I Am - I listen to this song EVERY DAY. This is my fave Isley Brother song. It's even better to me than Between the Sheets. And how about Smokey Robinson's "Baby Come Close". Getting all hot and bothered thinking about it...

Ladynay said...

Southern, Thanks for the info :-)

Rianna is ight with me.

Came close too!

Freaky, Rihanna was a song on her album that wasn't release to radio. I heard it when someone let me borrow her cd many moons ago.

YB&DL I guess I can let her keep most of her train of thought.

Not much to say about the drama. An older queen read a new queen, the new one read him back, the humor faded, then it got out of hand.

A femme gay feeling on a femme lesbians breast, a butch lesbian messing with a fem gay *sigh*...it was just ALLLL wrong! LOL! And no, this wasn't a sexually charged party, some people were just feeling flirty.

Okay, what does the sheets statement mean? I am having a slow moment! LOL!

Kasandra, like all black folks look alike right? LOL!

Monique, I gotta check out the Smokey song. Don't think I've heard it b4. How lucky I am will get folks in trouble tho' *exhale*

blkbutterfly said...

i love Milli too! i blast it like i don't need my hearing. lol...

my favorite Isley song is "Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight." there's nothing like an Isley Brothers ballad.

lol @ Pooka. my summer school students last year swore up and down that George Washington died b/c he was chased off a cliff by a horse. i still have no idea where they got that notion.

oh, and i like the meme. i may do it.

YoungBlack&DL said...

Nay Nay I hate whenI have to break down a joke...but here I go.

You like Lil' Wayne, I was saying how you know what they say about girls who like lil' Wayne, they like the lollipop, which is lil' Wayne's heavy rotation single right now. He talks about it is so sweet make you want to lick the wrapper. Lollipop is a metaphor, for his PENIS and well wrapper is a metaphor, well I'm guessing the condom, any who...

Your name is LADY Nay..well there is a saying a lady in the street, but a freak between the sheets.DO to the fact that you like lil' Wayne, and little wayne, I was saying that I guess we know you are no longer a lady in the sheets, but a what class...but a freak between the sheets.

That was the joke, and obviously it missed!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i can do the isley brothers all day long

Ladynay said...

BB, OKAY! It's like if the bassline doesn't vibrate your entire body it's not loud enough! LOL

Them Isley's can sing a ballad nah!

Girllll ain't no telling how that story came to pass. Somebody could have told them that and they beleived it. I used to tell my little cousins crazy stuff all the time and they believed me! LOL!

YB&DL, Sometimes folks have to hold my hand. It's annoying yes, but I get lost in lulu land from time to time. I call it my blonde moments. :-)

T, I'd get NOTHING done listening to them all day. I'd be laid back chillin with no care in the world! :-)