Monday, December 29, 2008

Real life starts again today...

Can really say that this fact is a bad thing. I spent most of my time doing nothing or a bunch of everything. Let's share some events and conversations I've been apart of last week shall I?
Some how some way I ended up doing 70% of the cooking and 80% of the driving this week. This is a pic of the 2nd of 3 banana puddings I made. I didn't take pics of the other stuff which didn't come out as bad as I thought it might. I don't like to cook with a lot of salt and my fam likes food that don't need nothing added to it once it's on the plate. My grandmother is the BOMB cook and it's kinda scary cooking for someone who can cook circles around you! LOL

Here is a pic of the person of the week at 8 days old. It will SUCK to have a birthday basically a week before Christmas. He is bound to get one gift for both occasions. LOL! I swore I took more pics of him with me and Pooka's cameras but didn't. There were points I was taking pics with 6 different cameras! The shirt says Baby's First Christmas, very cute. The baby himself is very chill and greedy as hell! LOL He holds his own pacifier, covers his male bits when you change him, gets hot quick, loves rub downs and HATES when people (parents included) touch his face. LOL!

Outside of doing a lot of errand running and cooking I got disrespected in very minor ways. The first thing was when aunt Diva and 'em took over the living room where I was sleeping because they thought the living room was warmer for the baby. Why didn't I have my room? Well my cousin took my moms room and my mom took my room! *sigh* I know I've been in NC for the past 10 years but that's no reason to give my room up! IT'S MY ROOM! ROFL! I shared my old room with my mom and Pooka for the rest of the week. I think the couch gave me back pain anyway.

Then one morning I was up watching the mini marathon of Real Chance of Love and 10 minutes before the episode was over my aunt comes downstairs and throws Cadillac Records in the dvd player and proceeds to watch it. No asking me if I was watching TV or anything! There are 2 tv's that have satellite hooked up to them. One in my aunts room and the other in the living room. Instead of telling her to take her butt back up to her room I said I was going up to watch the rest of my show in the baby's/her room. She got the message, gave her apology and took the dvd out. *sigh* How you gonna just come in the room and take over the tv? LOL Craziness!

My soon to be uncle...maybe owed me 5 dollars. During one of my million runs to the store he gives me a 20 and asked if I could pick him up 2 bottles of a certain kind of wine and to take my 5 out of the change. No problem. I get to the place and there are 2 brands of the wine he wanted. One was $6.99 and the other $12.99. Being that I was supposed to take my 5 out the 20 I picked up 2 bottles of the $6.99 brand and went about my business. I get back home and he tried to get upset cuz I picked up the wrong brand. He got over himself realizing he didn't tell me a specific brand. Besides, he didn't give me enough for the 2 bottles he wanted anyway! LOL! Silly rabbit!

Why is my "uncle" a picky eater? Why when the stuff he eats was made he didn't eat it? Why he won't eat stuff after a certain amount of time? Why if we decide to eat it his baby mama a.k.a my aunt gets bent out of shape because certain things were brought for him? Again, why didn't he eat it?

Two little tidbits I've learned from Grand Diva...If you don't eat pork, you do drugs and if we don't keep our pussies tight, our boyfriends will turn to mens ass and little kids....

*moment of silence*

Let me explain *sigh* I have a cousin who is a 5 percenter (I think) and he is currently locked up for drugs and somehow *eyeroll and smirk* continues to do drugs. My cousin does not eat pork. Hence tidbit number 1.

My aunt had to get a couple of stitches from her baby delivering experience. Grand Diva said that she should have got an extra stitch to help keep things tight. She proceeds to say there is something that helps keeps things tight. I chime in and say alum and she says that's the old school stuff and there is something else but she couldn't remember the name (why she knows about this stuff I DON'T wanna know), my cousin says she knows of this stuff called forever virgin or virgin again that they sell it at the novelty stores. My grandmother then tells aunt Diva, my cousin, and I that we need to go get some of that stuff so our boyfriends won't well...see tidbit 2. Then the subject turned to anal sex...

*another moment of silence*

My three family members tell a bit to much about themselves and I don't say anything cuz I am learning that I am very different from my family when it comes to sex and they really don't need to know what I like and don't like. The end of the conversation was with my grandmother giving a summary of a anal experience she had with my grandfather.....

Why can't I be too young to be in the room for these conversations anymore?????? Can we say TM mf'n I! OMG!

Since I'm supposed to be getting ready for work in 2 minutes I'll just say that after Christmas I was pretty much ready to go home, was supposed to do lunch with TZ but didn't, Baby Daddy asked me (again) about Pooka moving up that way once he buys a house *smh*, in one day my grandmothers truck, my cousins 1 year old car, and my aunts truck did not start! Mia started an ran perfectly the whole trip...guess cuz she did most of the running around, for a brief moment I wanted to have another baby, traffic coming back home was HELL, blah blah blah....
Gotta go!


Freaky Deaky said...

Welcome back! Will we be returning to our daily blogging schedule again? :o)

You mean I'm not the person of the week? What a travesty! I demand a recount. *gets my brick* I better be person of the year.

Baby boy is in your family and covering up his stuff? I heard all of you run around butt naked at the family reunion so much you make the nudists uncomfortable. LOL.

They had you working on vacation? I'm sad. If you would've told me you want to work then you could've come up here and I'd make a list of chores for you to do.

You didn't grab her by the nappy weave and scream, "Yo, yo, yo, yo son, I was watching that! Word is born." LOL!

Pizza has a "taste" life and after a couple of days in the fridge even your favorites taste like garbage. Sorry but it's true.

You can get cooch tightener at the $1 store? Methinks you're going to end with lead poisoning or something if you use it.

Ladynay said...

Maybe! We'll see what 09 brings.

You are ummmmm ehhhhh Ladynay's male blogger of the year! Yeah, that's it! *wink*

You peeping on my family? (j/k)

Yeah they had me running around for my vacation :-( I'll leave your chores for you, I pass.

My aunt doesn't have a nappy weave but nah I didn't ger aggressive.

I can understand that, but he wanted stuff in particular, didn't eat it, and after awhile he or my aunt would say something about it being eaten after displaying his dislike for stuff over x time old. *smh*

BHASHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the novelty sto', you know, the sex shop! I'd be scared to use some dollar store "cooch tightener"!!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

Welcome back - but um, I'm still stuck on that banana pudding!

Freaky Deaky said...

See what had happened was when I think of novelty I think of cheap crap and when I think of cheap crap I think dollar store. I haven't heard of adult bookstores referred to as novelty stores in a minute.

Male blogger of the year? I should be your blogger of the year period. *grabs my brick and warms up my pimp hand*

I wasn't spying. My boy ordered your family reunion on pay-per-view and invited some people over to watch. LOL.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I would love a banana pudding! Can you email me the recipe? I used a recipe off the internet the first and only time I tried making it. It was aiight but could have been better.

I would have done the same thing as far as picking up both $6.99 bottles. You owe me $5, I'm getting my cut first.

**blank stare @ grandma** I would have fainted.

Ladynay said...

Darius, yours probably taste better, which reminds me I need to hook up with your everyday cooking site, it goes with part of my NY resolutions.

FD, it takes me a minute to change so novelty store it is! LOL

Fine, blogger of the year it is, now put the brick down!

Word? PPV? I gotta talk to Grand Diva and figure out how much my cut of the money is! SWEET!

Southern, right after I get that mac and cheese recipe *wink*

I wanted to faint but stayed conscience unfortunately! LOL

blkbutterfly said...

i've been doing... oh, about 95% of the driving this holiday. lol... i fully expected it, though, so it's ok.

oh, the store runs! i have to put a limit on them. my grandmother's notorious for adding stuff. leave it to her and we'd be going to the store daily. i go through a list 3-4 times w/ her and make it clear i'm not planning to go back for a few days.

anytime my grandmother even broaches the topic of sex, i leave the room, immediately!

The Goddess said...

Awwww look at the cute baby. I can understand briefly wanting another baby. I go through that frequently when I'm around babies.

Wow, your family is a trip. I guess I do drugs since I don't eat pork. Lmao at Grand Diva. That's the older generation for.

I feel for you having to do all that cooking.

Glad you made it back home safely.

Ladynay said...

BB, why must they want to talk to us about sex???? WHY!!!! LOL

Goddess, yep it's official you do drugs. I experiment with them a lil since I rarely have a pork chop from time to time! LOL

MzNewy said...

awwwwwwwww Welcome back. Don't you just love the holidays. *snicker* yep limit my time around extended family to once a year....and every Holiday season I remember why I don't see them that often. LOL