Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Training and Daycare

I am getting so creative with these titles! LOL!

First let me say keep Lsbnmom in your prayers if you know her or not. She had surgery this morning and every good piece of energy you can send her way would be appreciated. I am sure of it.

I went to get my exercise on with the trainer. I purposefully went in and acted like I don't spend my days in a gym and I don't have a degree in exercise sports science. I was just the everyday extremely obese chick in the shirt and sweats. As I went through my routine my trainer, who is retired military, was so impressed with my body mechanics, breathing techniques, and his lack of need to explain to me what he wanted me to do. Towards the end of my session he asked me about my knowledge and I told him I've been in and out of gyms for awhile now. Hey, I wasn't lying. LOL! The session in and of itself was okay. I bench pressed the bar, which I haven't done in years and the only exercise I had to cut short were the reverse crunches. I knew my abs were not the strongest but mannnnnnnnn my lower abs are pathetic!

In doing more research on daycares something reminded me to check the before and after school care at Pooka's school. I've known about them since Pooka has been attending but never looked into it because those kids could not get dropped off in the mornings before 7. I had to be at work at 7. No good. Well I am transitioning and my current employers do not need me around till 8 so now is a good time to see what the school has to offer right? Right. So I hopped online to check out the price and when it pulled up I almost fell out my chair! Let me find out that the schools fee per year for before and after school care is about ONE THIRD of what I am paying Pooka's current provider WITH A VOUCHER! I am going up to the school on Friday before rehearsal to make sure what they have on the site is correct. If it is and they have a spot for Pooka, I will get off the voucher even if they decide to keep me eligible and switch facilities.

I knew 2008 would be a year of transition for me, but I wasn't expecting Pooka's care to be a part of it!


blkbutterfly said...

our school has an after school program that's absolutely free to parents. but, that's only b/c we have a govt. grant for low-income schools. anyway, i hope that the school program works out for you. i know that'd help you breathe a little easier.

so, uhm, i take it you didn't get to ask about free sessions for me? next time, right? ;-)

LovelyBella73 said...

Wow..change is good!

You can't beat 1/3 of the price your paying. When I was a teacher, I was always seeing the kids who stayed after school.

Ladynay said...

Free??? I would have messed my pants if I saw it was free at Pooka's school! I hope the parents that use that program, assumining it's at the very least acceptable, appreciate what they have.

See, well, what had happened was....LOL!


The word change needs to not be said for awhile thanks to our president elect :-D Say transition *wink* hahahahahahaha!

Yeah if it all pans out Pooka will be at school darn near all day...literally.

Darius T. Williams said...

don't feel bad - my lower, upper, and middle abs are pathetic - lol.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I knew the daycare situation would work out.

Freaky Deaky said...

So you wouldn't want to catch a medicine ball right about now, huh?

Cheaper daycare means I can have a couple of dollars, right? Yay me! What?!

kasandra said...

YAYYY!! I'm always glad when daycare stuff works out. I know I had my share of scares too!!!

Good for you for getting back on the gym.

Rashan Jamal said...

LOL @ you trying to trick the trainer.

My sister used to take my nephew and neice to the Boys and Girls club after school. It was really cheap. I don't know if they have a before school thing.

Ladynay said...

Darius, ROFL you are so silly!

Southern, everything usually works out in the overused the saying is

Freaky, ummmm heck nah! LOL

Yeah I'll contribute a buck to your fancy tv fund *wink*

Kasandra, it SUCKS!

Yeah I hope the prices are reasonable to keep going there.

Rashan, I wasn't trying to trick him, I was curious about what and how he was going to "teach" me and what he'd have me do.

I know we have Y's but I don't know where the boys and girls clubs are around here....hmmmmmmm

AR Gal said...

Things just have a way of falling into place for you! I need your luck Ladynay! lol