Saturday, January 10, 2009


There is nothing to do (besides mop my kitchen and wash dishes) and nothing going on!!!!

I made an attempt to take Pooka to see Bolt, but when we got to the theater it was filled to capacity! They are playing it at another theater but I have free tickets to the one I went to. Why everyone want to go to that particular theater TODAY??? 4 other parents and their youngins made it there too late too so I don't feel so bad.

Pooka has kinda correlated going to the movies with hanging with Snookums. Most of the time when she goes to the movies it's us 3. I think it's cute.

Wanted to go swimming at the local indoor pool. I've been itching to swim for a while now. But I can't find Pookas bathing suit anywhere.

Took Pooka to the park and after an hour was ready to go. The weather is nice today but when the wind blew it was too cold for me. Play time had to be cut short. Why was there a sign up with the park rules and what not. One of the rules was that you can't kill, harm, or MOLEST animals in the park. They would not have added molest on the sign unless someone has done it. Ummm ewwww.

I would like to go bowling but it's more expensive than I'd prefer it to be. I have Wii sports but I want to go bowling for real.

My body wants to lay down, but I just ate and want my food to digest a bit before I lay on it.

I took my annual TB test yesterday and the nurse told me I had thin skin. I never knew that. Isn't most skin relatively thin tho'? I'm just saying! LOL! I didn't mention it cuz I just liked having something thin about me! hahahahahaha

I need to wash my hair. My loctician thinks I could start maintaining it on my own and be okay. I am not sure if my arms will let me maintain it! LOL

When my money gets back to an acceptable level, I'm taking a trip! To where? I don't know, but I know I need to go somewhere that isn't the DC metro cuz that's like going home too! *sigh*



Freaky Deaky said...

Thin skin? My mom has thin skin. Is that why you cry when I talk about you? :oD

Methinks and hope that the molest they're talking about is to bother or annoy the animals and not sexually assault them. I won't even go for the easy southern jokes right now. Run Bambi run! LOL.

I'd like to go bowling to and you're right it's too expensive. I could do something constructive like clean and rearrange my room but I don't feel like it. *sigh*
Wait two weeks and you can see the Wrestler.

Unless I wanted to have a snowball fight or something the park isn't really much of an option. I suppose I could go and snap some pictures of the scenery. Still I don't really feel like going anywhere. Boredom + laziness is a bad combination. :o)

I feel you. I just want to get away from the stupid people here before I choke someone out.

Ladynay said...

*middle finger*

Yeah let's hope that they mean to bother and annoy...yeah let's do that

They have a buck bowl tomorrow night but it's a 5 dollar fee to get in. Even if Pooka and I wanted to play one game it would cost us 12 dollars plus shoes. :-(

After you rearrange your room can you to mine? Peas? Purdy peas?

Bordem + laziness is a bad combo. I am about to take a nap now to cure some of it! LOL

Don't choke anyone, just blog about how much you want to! :-)

The Goddess said...

Never heard the thin skin thing before but, OK!

That's so cute that you pooka and snookums all do the family movie thing. I'm sure he has to get a kick out of the fact that she correlate going to the movies with him.

I would LOVE to be able to swim in the winter time. I really need to move someplace warm so I can enjoy that kind of thing more ofter.

I'm really going to have to get a Wii.

Darius T. Williams said...

doing dishes and mopping ain't all that bad...cuz that's what I've gotta do today.

AR Gal said...

I've been washing dishes all weekend and mopped Friday! Boooo lol

I don't even wanna why molesting animals is on that sign. lol

Bowling is expensive. If you can, try going during the week they may have some specials to get people to bowl during the slower period of the week.

I need a vacay too!!!

kasandra said...

I'm bored at work... ***SIGH***

Thin skin? Hmmmm.

I love to bowl. But everyone around me is too broke.

I need to clean, but keep making excuses as to why I don't.

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I mopped this weekend too. I hate mopping. Only like the smell afterwards.

Bowling has gotten expensive. A couple of friends along with a few of their boyfriends and I went bowling last month. I was glad when one of the dudes paid for everything.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

Have you thought............TEXAS! LOL I feel you on the financial thing! LOL