Friday, February 27, 2009

Lost Jamaican

First let me say that I now currently aware of a lurker I have. He has recently added me a a person to follow. I saw the number on my dashboard change so I went to look to see who it was. Some dude I've never "seen" before. So I looked at his blog and scanning his blog roll, which I was on, I have a good idea how he found me :-) I won't call you out but you know who you are and I wanted to say HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! You really don't have to peep through the window sweetie. Come on in, take your shoes off, and make yourself comfy.

Now about this money thing...

I need another job. Well let me take that back, I really want another job. I mean another job as in not leaving the industrial rehab or the state, just adding a 3rd on the weekends. Am I Jamaican? I am beginning to wonder? LOL! As I am entering the next phase of my education and getting closer to my dream career I realize that I need to hustle like crazy now in order to have me a nice financial cushion under me when I drop some of the load I carry to go to PT school. The less I have to borrow in school loans the better that's for sure.

I went to the fat girl store that I brought my lovely 4 dollar interview shirt and filled out an application. I met with the hiring manager for my "interview" today. As she was giving me the background story behind the company my inner voice was slouched in the chair I was sitting upright in telling me things like...

"Why are you here? You know you don't want this job. Why not be a Hab tech at *insert centers name*. You got a weekend sitter. There is someone out there who really loves retail and clothes and here you are trying to take her spot. Oh she just asked you a question you better answer that. *pause* WTH? That answer sounded phony as all get out Nay stop wasting this woman's time. You should stop acting like you care about anything she is saying for real tho'. You hear that? She just said you gotta try to get folks to sign up for stuff and you gonna have goals! You going to have to be that annoying cashier that will be like "would you like to save X percent off your purchase by signing up for a card you don't well how about *enter option 2* how about *enter option 3*. It irks you when they do it to you when you are the buyer and you sitting here acting like you wanna be THAT person behind the register?!?!!! ROFL Give it up Nay, no really this ain't you boo."

I hear back from the interview chick some time next week.

In my last post I mentioned that Duke had not got up with me in regards to were I stood with them. I don't know if I blogged that in speaking with another person that was in my interview group Monday I kinda figured I wouldn't be hearing from them. Well since then I've gotten an email and a phone call. The email basically said that they received my stuff (really it's only been MONTHS since I sent it), that the admissions committee will be looking my stuff over within the next week, and that if they want to meet with me they'll give me some interview times to choose from. Great! Right when I fall in love with Elon you folks at Duke make contact! *sigh* Just like a man I tell you! LOL!

The phone call was from the admissions chick telling me that she needed my transcript with my degree posted on it. The due date to turn the application in was December 1st and I didn't graduate till the 13th so what I submitted to Duke wasn't my final transcript. In late January I asked Central to mail them one with the degree posted, it never got there, and I don't have my receipt. DARNIT! I told the Duke chick that I'll try to get her the transcript TODAY which she wasn't expecting me to say. I called the registrar's office at Central to see if I could make that happen. Normally Central asks for 5-7 business days to process a transcript request, but they jacked up and I felt they should help me handle my business. The chick who does the transcripts agreed and I didn't even have to get ghetto fabulous for her to agree either! YAY!

Duke is about 15 mins from Central so I "thought" I could pick up the transcript then hand deliver it to the Duke chick and still make it to the bank in time to make the deposit for Mia's payment. It's an automatic draft so not making to the bank today before 2 was NOT an option!

I leave work and hit traffic due to an accident. That right there should have told me that things were not going to get better. I finally make it to Central and was reminded that there is no parking near the Bursar's office so I am humping it across campus like I used to ages ago (I act like I been out of school forever right? LOL)I get to the building, pay, go to the registrar's office which is in the same building, just upstairs, ask for the transcript chick who told me to ask for her when I showed up, front desk folks called her and then I was instructed to wait. I sat for about 30 minutes before she came out with my sealed envelope. Since it's Central I shouldn't have expected her to, I dunno, have my transcript ready since she knew I was coming and I gave her an estimate time as to when I was going to be there. But that would have too much like right.

I get my envelope and proceed to get lost in Durham. After driving around to the point of frustration and over pouring road rage I stopped at a tire shop. When I asked for directions I was basically told I was 4 blocks away! All I could do was laugh! I hand deliver the envelope to the Duke lady and the Duke lady wants to talk! OMG!!!! I would LOVE to talk but I am already wayyyyyyyyy over my hour lunch break! Yeah I spoke to my manager and she knew I was going to be over an hour but by this time I was extremely over and it was 1:35! I rushed her in the most professional way possible and upon leaving she said "see you later". When she said it my mind was in Nay you better get to the bank NOW mode so what she said didn't click till I was back at work. Either she said it out of habit or she knows more than she told me. I'm not going to dwell on it.

As I am speed racing to the bank I get lost once again in Durham. *sigh* I just drove and drove till I hit a hwy I was familiar with. When I say I went all around the world to get from Durham to Raleigh, I mean it! LOL! I got to the bank at 2:15. Being that I was praying and cursing, what a combo, I didn't know what my car payment fate was going to be. I walked in and I asked the tellers if they had already did their 2:00 close out. All but one wonderful glorious gentleman named Wright had closed out. I did my Tiger Woods fist pump and made my deposit late, but on time! Thank yah Jesus!

When I got back to work at 2:45 I was hungry and wanted an alcoholic beverage. I felt like I had been through the ringer for real. Even though I have a seat in Elon's program (speak as if it already is) I kinda hope Duke meets with me before the 6th and wants me there too! It's spectacular to get a seat in any PT school, it's even better to have 2 or more great schools wanting you to be in their program! LOL! We'll see what Duke decides to do or not do before Friday.


blkbutterfly said...

uhm, yes, you are one! LOL! i understand completely the need to hustle and get that extra $$ before you enter PT school. BUT, you don't want to overwork yourself. life will become crazy enough when school starts.

for a minute when you typed "Why are you here?" i thought the interviewer asked you that! i was like, oh, snap! i guess it's time for you to go. LOL! glad i re-read it. (side note: did i just say "oh, snap"? i've been around little kids for too long.)

i know my car leasing company actually has a grace period on the payment of like 3-4 days. of course, they didn't offer this info. a while ago i knew i might be late on a payment, so i asked what the penalty is/was and that's when they hipped me to that info. i say all of that to say your leasing company may have the same policy. but, you should really consider linking your accts. so you can easily transfer money between the two. before i did, i was running around trying to make sure i had enough to cover automatic payments.

oh, and congrats on hearing from the ppl at Duke. it's always nice to have options.

Ms. Liryc said...

Nay, its been a while since I came by but I am glad that I did. This post was hilarious. You are too funny and I pray that you do get into PT school, just don't over work yourself with 3 jobs that you don't have time to sit and breathe and ready yourself for all that PT school has to offer.. you're going to do wonderfully and you can't have multiple jobs.

As for your conversation with yourself during that interview, I think that was God telling you not to be selfish, do not take on more than you can handle cause he got you! Take heed.. just sit back and everything will fall into place.

I'm glad you made it to the bank in time. Glad that things worked out, and Duke does accept you (claiming it for you) Think positive + speaking positive = positive reactions..

You got this.

be back soon

Ladynay said...

BB, yeah I considered the burnout factor many times and every time I do I find a reason why I need to keep looking for things to do. I'm weird and I accept that! :-)

Kids are still saying oh snap? I used to say that! Guess some sayings never get old.

You told me last month or the month before about linking my accounts. I told myself I would look into it and forgot! This comment will be my "written" reminder for Monday to see how I can get technology to scramble for me every month so I don't have to.

Ms. Liryc, thanks for the return visit.

With the way things stand right now I may not find a good weekend gig so I may not have a choice in the matter. But knowing me that won't stop me from looking for soemthing.

Sitting back is very hard to do when you are hyped up on what's to come!

Don't be a stranger ma'am.

Freaky Deaky said...

I think that accident was telling you to either link your account or go to the bank first next time. That and the conversation you had with yourself during the interview is probably a clue to slow down.

You got multiple dudes sniffing around you?

Duke must've read my threat and took some act right pills but I still have my eyes on them. <_<

Have a good weekend.

AR Gal said...

*DEAD* at you referring to yourself as Jamaican. Are you related to the Hey Mons from "In Living Color"? LMAO

I've considered taking on a PT job myself to stack up some extra cash. Hell times are hard for a lot of folks these days. I completely understand why you would want to take on another position to make sure you and Miss Pooka are financially secure. I don't blame you for not wanting to go the retail route though. I get annoyed with the customers when I'm a customer myself so Lord only knows how I would react if I was an employee. I did a stint in retail when I was in college and some days...well let's just say it wasn't purty. lol If only I could find something where I didn't have to interact with all....that would be perfect!

Ladynay said...

FD, I had thought about going to the bank first but I was almost certain it wouldn't take me more than 2 hrs to handle my business in Durham and come back! LOL! Boy was I wrong!

No, I was comparing schools to men. I guess the same could be said about women. You show interest in one that doesn't pay you any attention until another one takes the attention away. Duke had not made contact with me until after I met up with and started focusing on Elon.

Thanks for taking flashing the brick at Duke! Can you flash it again so they will respond with their decision to interview me or not faster? LOL!

ARgal, why am I mad you remember those skits! I forgot all about them till you said it! LOL! Yeah I think I am a cousin of sumtin' HAHAHAHAHA!

I swear retail will bring out the best in you sometimes. Mercy! Working in computers can be an individual type position so you're in the right direction :-)

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

You go girl. You did that thing! Woot Woot. You will get into the program that you want. I decided to get ready for grad school this fall. So now I have to study for the GMAT or GRE........ save the money up to take it and get it done.

BTW I got a temp gig with the state also! LOL CAn u imagine! LOL

Ladynay said...

Have fun with those tests. They are so....ummmm...delightful! Yeah, delightful! LOL!

I knew about the temp job with the state. I think you are trying to be like me *wink*

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Steez said...

what a day!!!! i think we all need another seem to be on your grind though....keep at it