Wednesday, March 04, 2009


How can people maintain more than one blog? I can see maybe 2 but more than that I just don't get.

I forgot to put deodorant on this morning. How the heck did that happen? I wasn't rushing.

I am very unmotivated to work today. I am thankful I am only here 2 days a week. When I start Elon this will be my only day job one day a week.

As a nervous habit I bite my nails. Most of them were gone before my Elon interview. They have started to grow back and I've already ripped most of the off waiting for Friday. I am in the positive mindset, but knowing the call is coming Friday is giving me the butterflies!

You should never doubt yourself when you know you have what it takes, but every time it's time for me to go to the next level fear and doubt always wanna sing songs in my head! UGH!

I am going to get a math tutor for Pooka. I am doing flash cards with her at home but it's not enough. Her teacher sent a note basically saying she is seeing progress but she needs more help. It's weird the way my child learns though. Two nights ago I was on the DDR. When I started Pooka asked me how many songs I was going to do. I told her 30. As I was on song 21 Pooka says, 21 down, 9 more to go. Seeing this as math problem I asked her what 30-21 was. She had no clue. I tried explaining to her that what she just did automatically without effort was a math problem. No response. I can't seem to figure out how to connect the dots to let her see that the stuff she calculates in real life is calculated the same way on paper and to have her realize that for her to know that I had 9 more songs left she subtracted 21 from 30.

Why when I went to see Bolt at the buck fiddy (yeah fiddy) theater there was this little boy screaming his head off? The trailers had not started yet but this kid was annoying the crap out of everyone including the other children in the room. Mother, I understand you have 2 kids with you, but if one child is acting out of order and you can't shoot him an evil eye or perform some kind of disciplinary action that will nip it in the bud in a timely fashion you must get your butt up, take him out of the theater, and help him get it together. After a good and solid 5 minutes of this little boy screaming like he been hit with a wet hot wheel track a father finally said what everyone was thinking...

"Shut the hell up" (yeah he said hell in a room full of kids but nobody cared)

I guess the boys momma heard him cuz she got up soon after dragging her noisy child with her. *sigh*

Bolt was a cute movie. I got teary eyed when the little girl was bout to die in the fire.

After the movie Pooka and I grabbed some food at Burger King. We were not in a rush so I decided to eat in. Pooka wanted chicken fries. No problem. In the front were the early 20's year old shift manager,black, lets call her Qu'Qu, and another black guy. In the back I saw one white dude and an Hispanic woman named Maria (that was her name for real). Only the Qu'Qu and Maria get names because they are important :-) Now at time the BK was not that busy. There were 2 cars in the drive thru. Me, Pooka, this other guy and his girl were in line inside. I place my order. Qu'Qu yelled to the back about every 30 seconds (no lie) about the chicken fries. I wasn't in a rush and I knew I was going to wait about 3-4 minutes for them to cook. I never made an angry impatient face or sent upset body language, yet Qu'Qu keep yelling back at Maria. So after the umpthteenth time Qu'Qu yelled Maria apparently said something. What it was I don't know but Qu'Qu's response was "well if you don't like it, leave!" Yall, why did Maria finish up my order and dude behind me's order and clocked out!

I like to died laughing on the inside. It was about 3 something and Maria was scheduled to 5. Yall when Maria was clocking out she was HEATED! You could see it all over her face. My guess is that Qu'Qu been messing with her all day and she had enough, again, my guess. As Maria was walking out BK Qu'Qu kept saying "Oh you a beast like that? You a beast like that?" Maria didn't have no words. I was waiting for Maria to turn around, jump over the counter and clock her dead in the face! But it didn't happen. She got in her car, made a cell phone call and drove off. That was some great entertainment.


blkbutterfly said...

thanks for that word re: fear and doubt. for obvious reasons, i needed that.

from what i've noticed, those who have several blogs only do one really well.

you know, you can always request that Pooka be tested be a specialist. i'm not saying that she's in need of special services, but if her teacher can't figure out what's going on, it's good to have someone trained specifically in that area evaluate her and come up with some next steps.

a wet hot wheel? uhm, did you have a flashback or something? anyway, that reminds me of the time me, my girls, and about half the young Black pop. in Tulsa went to see Baby Boy. (don't judge us. lol) this guy i knew from high school was at the front of the theater, standing up and blocking the screen. we were at the middle level, so it was hard to block him out. so, i turned to my friend and said, "why is Walter Johnson* standing up?" do you know she proceeded to yell out in the theater, "Walter Johnson! Sit down!" and how about he immediately sat down? i about died laughing.

lmao @ you dubbing the girl Qu'Qu.

*names have been changed to protect the innocent and clueless. LOL!

Ladynay said...

I hate fear and doubt, really I do.

One lady that I found wants to do a personal education plan with her. At this point I am down for whatever. I just don't want her falling behind.

I won't confirm or deny the hot wheel track comment :-) Ummmm Why am I cracking up at yall calling dude out by his gov't name in packed theater! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

It was the 1st ghetto name to that came to mind so I went with it! LOL!

Ms. Liryc said...

never be fearful and don't have any doubt, cause when you start to doubt fear sets in.. too much correlation in there. Just take it in stride.

LMFAO @ your burger king fiasco... wow talk about gangsta and gully. Homegirl did the right thing, just leave and not respond. Cause if you stoop down to her level then she'd be just as bad.

Girl let me tell you sometimes, parents do not have control of their kids, and that to me is annoying. Some parents let their children do whatever they see fit, and that pisses me off.. that really gets me going. Control your kids.. but hey not all of them know how to do it.

Keep your head up, you're going to do a very good job.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes forget to put deodorant on too. I'm always rushing back in the house to put it on b/c I remember after I step foot out the door.

Sounds like Pooka just needs to learn a different approach to math.

LOL @ your Burger King experience.

Freaky Deaky said...

I agree with BB, those with multiple blogs tend to only do one well. I think the rest tend to tie a slow, tortured death.

You're assuming that Pooka subtracted. Maybe she did subconsciously, but consciously she may have been adding. If you think she needs a tutor it's best to do it now. The older she gets the harder math gets especially if her fundamentals are shaky.

Stop biting your nails!

Yay for the father who yelled, "Shut the hell up!" It needed to be said. :o) You don't know how many times I've had to fight to keep the words from coming out of my mouth.

If you really want to hear some screaming hit someone with a Tivo remote. Ah, the memories. LOL.

Fast food doesn't pay anywhere near enough to compensate for all of the abuse the employees take.

AR Gal said...

"Oh you a beast like that? You a beast like that?"


You're a good one. I could NOT have held that laugh in!

AR Gal said...

I got so caught up with the BK dramedy I forgot to comment on the rest of the post.

lol @ the dad cussin in the movie. That's some stuff Z would do...even with kids. He ain't neva skurred. lol

I was a nail biter during childhood then I discovered the beauty of fake nails. It's been a few years since I let those go. It took awhile for my natural nails to recover but I prefer them now over the fake ones...go figure.

Thank you for realizing that your daughter needs help and taking the corrective action to help her instead of just expecting her to figure it out like some folks I know. *RME* Can you tell this is a sore subject for me?

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