Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday was FUN!

I got sooooo much response from an attitude change, a cute outfit, and taking the dreads out of the ponytail to allow them to hang!

It was amazing! It's not that I'm new to this, but every time I put the whipped cream and cherry on top of the sundae people don't know what to do with themselves! Shoot I don't know what to do with my daggon self! ROFL!

If you think you're sexy and/or cute, others will think it too! HA! LOVE IT!

I told Snookums yesterday that I came real close to conceited and cockiness (is that a word?). I held it in check though.

When I went to lunch the tacobell dude upgraded my order for free without me asking. When he passed me my large tea I told him I ordered the regular thinking he was giving me someones drink. He said don't worry about it, winked, and flashed me a flirty smile. I gave him a smile back and said thanks. A sista still got it! YEAH! The new 7 layer nachos for 99 cent are yummy BTW.

I got back to work and as I was walking towards the building my supervisor who hadn't seen me yet was walking towards her car. I told her to make sure she came back to work after being in the sun. She gave me a second look and said "Ladynay? I didn't recognize you with the shades on!" Of course she didn't...

When I walked in the office I share with a quiet coworker he gave me a quick up and down and said "you coming with it today ain't you?" Yep and you like it don't you? LOL! I didn't say that...out loud.

Then another coworker came through as we were working and told my room mate that he is going to have to come to work looking right tomorrow cuz he wasn't going to have me bringing it all by myself. My roomy said agreed and I laughed.

Apparently many people had something to say about me. Another coworker came by the office just to see me because she kept hearing people talk about me and wanted to see for herself.

I could go on about what happened at work yesterday but I think I've painted the picture.

The responses did not change once I switched to my tee shirt and sweats to get my work out on at the gym either!

My confidence was high before I left my place yesterday. But mannnnnn when I got back home I was flooded! I must admit the extra on the outside on top of what I have going on internally is just...wonderful! LOL!

A bitch is BAD yah hear me?


Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

**playing Weebies "Now that's a bad bitch"** You go Bad Bitch!!!

See what having confidence will do. Everyone will take notice. And nothing wrong with being cocky. As long as you don't take it as far as Kanye. lol

AR Gal said...

lol @ Southern!

I'm cosigning with all that she typed up!

Darius T. Williams said...

Isn't Confidence just great?!?!