Saturday, April 25, 2009


I am at work and since the internet police don't work Saturdays I can catch up on the bloggy blog! YAY!

Something in the CPU part of my computer was tripping but I could still use it if I was motivated enough to do so, which was rare, but now my monitor has died so it's a wrap for at home blogging until I move somethings around. I have another monitor but the motivation to swap things out and play with cords have not hit me yet.

I am thinking about buying a brand new laptop. This thought is big because most of my tech stuff has been handed down to me for free so actually paying for a tech toy is super scary to me! LOL!

I was VP of Membership for the PTA for a few days. The principal was persistent in trying to get me to say yes I'd do it. But when I finally said "I do" another officer had signed someone up! YAY!

Spring carnival at Pooka's school was yesterday and boy was I tired when it was over. Here is a short clip of Pooka on the Velco Wall and a picture of every elementary school students smash a cream pie into the face of your principal! LOL!

It was suggested that I head the Spring Carnival next year and I quickly declined! LOL! Too much responsibility. Wayyyy to much.

Yesterday I officially got the offer for the weekend job. So in May I will be bringing in another check! YAY! So this makes 3 part time jobs and 1 volunteer gig and 2 other jobs that I have but don't count because they never call me to come in! My plate is officially full and I am not applying or signing up for anything else this year that requires a longer than 2 or 3 day time commitment. Period.

Next weekend I am going to the beach. My father's wife told me more than a few times that she would love to keep Pooka for a weekend and cranked up the volume when I told her I may be getting a weekend job. The only reason I was hesitant was because they live about 80 miles away from me. She wanted to have her this weekend but since we have a cookout to attend I told her she could have her next weekend. The beach is about 45 minutes away from where they live so I figured that if I work next Saturday (here at the state job) I could ride out to the beach when I'm done working, do whatever floats my boat, spend the night, shoot the breeze a bit more in the sand, then pick Pooka up on my way back home. Sure Pooka would love to be at the beach too but this is going to be a mommy only outing. The more I think about it, the more excited I get! :-)

Oh I have to blog about a convo I had with the office manager of the industrial rehab job. We were talking about the death of Timothy Wright and some how Charlie Wilson's cancer came up. For some reason she thought Aaron Hall was older than Charlie Wilson. I was like "girlllllll Charlie Wilson is older than Aaron Hall, Charlie Wilson, Charlie Wilson sang with the Gap Band!" The next statement from the manager's mouth made my jaw drop...literally...

"The Gap Band? Never heard of them."

Granted, I am 3 or 4 years older than her but she is black and listens to urban music!

So I started singing the chorus to "Outstanding" and she was like "ohhhhhhh". Then she wouldn't believe that CW sang with them or how old he is (55). She could not get over the fact that he was older than her mother! It was toooooooooooo funny!

I told her to call her momma and tell her she didn't know who the Gap Band was! ROFL!

That made my day!


Freaky Deaky said...

Sorry to hear about your computer but yay for finally stepping away from hand me down tech. Don't be scared. There are a lot of choices to make but everybody has at least one tech savvy person they can lean on for guidance.

You going to let the PTA do you like that? You need to snatch somebody by the nappy neck hair and introduce them to the business side of a brick.

Run the carnival. Then you can get a hookup with tickets and stuff right? Mmm pizza!

What was Pooka asking you before the video ended?

I love giving cream pies too. Oh you were talking about something else weren't you? Um never mind.

Why are you trying to go to the beach solo? Methinks there's going to be some sandy bootymeat to view.

Have a good weekend.

Ladynay said...

I was just adding on to my blog and here is a comment! LOL!

I know a couple of tech folks that will help me out.

I didn't wanna have the position anyway so it worked well for me.

Not running the carnival, I'll help like I always do but I refuse to run the show.

Don't really remember what she was asking me. I was trying to remember myself after watching it.

*shm* I have no

If I go alone I don't have to worry about anyone else but me. I haven't sat out on the beach at night by myself in years and I am overdue.


AR Gal said...

They had a spring carnival at the school by where we live today too.

I don't blame you. I wouldn't want to be responsible for the carnival either. lol

Wooooow @ your office manager. She really didn't know who The Gap Band was? No wonder music is so whack nowadays. These kids don't know shit!

blkbutterfly said...

when my laptop died in September, i was heartbroken. thankfully it happened at a time when i didn't really need one. but, i'm still trying to recover from it b/c i didn't have everything backed up elsewhere. i hope you find something nice and affordable.

the school carnival looks fun. too bad my school can't... well, more like won't do something like that.

wow to your co-worker not knowing who The Gap Band was. then again, i'm not too shocked. one of my co-workers is 3 yrs. younger than me and thought Mary J. Blige was the first one to sing "Sweet Thing." She had no idea Chaka did it first. *smh*

enjoy your mini-vacation at the beach!

Thoughts of a Southern gal said...

I'm finally getting myself a laptop soon too. I'm so excited!

I'm mad your coworker didn't the Gap Band. Everybody black person knows "Celebration". lol

Rashan Jamal said...

She probably thought Charlie Wilson just came out with R. Kelly. LOL

I wish we would have a pie in the boss thing. that's always fun..

*insert my joke about you working 12 jobs here*

Nobody not really... said...

here's one for you: I told a friend of mine about Shanice actually making me like Beyonce's "If I Were A Boy" song. She sang it on her YouTube channel. He goes: Who's Shanice? Wha? He's 31. Definitely should know who Shanice is...

Kat said...

Hey Nay!!!! It's been a minute since I've commented on your blogs, but I've still been reading them.

GIRL! Do you know that I had to google the gap band! hahaha I'm SOOO embarassed! lol As soon as "Outstanding" started to play I about lost it! LOL I called everyone into the room and started grooving! ahhaha The kids thought I had officially lost my mind. After I schooled the kids on what REAL music is.....they joined the hubby and I in dancing and singing.

Thanks for bringing back some GREAT memories!!!!!!