Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They are S.O.L.!!!!!!

Back in May when I was offered the weekend job, I mentioned that I'd be taking my birthday weekend off and taking off for my cousins wedding. I was told that it was too early to mention it and to wait till 30 days prior so they won't forget. The manager and supervisor were in the room.

June 17th I refreshed the manager memory about my need for time off and filled out the request slip. It was approved. The supervisor was on vacation.

The weekend before last I worked with the manager and reminded her of my weekend off. She remembered.

I got a call today during lunch from the supervisor telling me that she was not aware that I took the weekend off and asked me if my engagement this weekend was in the morning or afternoon.

Ummmmmmmmmmmm you are NOT about to ask me to come in part of the weekend is what I thought in my head.

I informed her that I will be out the area the entire weekend.

"Oh, okay.....that's what I needed to know"

Ummmmmmm yeah, you need to work that out cuz I am NOT working this weekend and yall had plenty of notice. My plan since last year was not to be in Raleigh for my day and I am sticking to it! It's not my fault the manager didn't fill you in. It's not my fault you are short staffed right now. I did what yall told me to do. Sorry.


Freaky Deaky said...

Vacation?! Woman you know to a Jamaican vacation is a long lunch. They're going to revoke your Jamaican card if you keep that up. LOL.

Wow! I can't believe they wanted to know which part of the day you were going to be busy. I would think asking for the weekend off meant you wanted morning, noon, & night off. Lack of planning on their part doesn't constitute an emergency on yours.

Ladynay said...

If enjoying my birthday means getting my card revoked let them have it! LOL!

You would think so! They are tripping right now.