Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Animals and stuff

First off thanks for the warm supportive thoughts. It's appreciated. The funeral was Sunday and all in all it went well. A few family members broke down, but no one got crazy and tried to hop in the casket or anything. My uncle looked great and actually had a smile on his face. Seeing that made me feel better. At the burial ground we were close to having a bad/funny moment. See my uncle was a big dude right, so when the pall bearers were taking my uncle out the hearse to put him over his burial site there were issues. They got him over the hole but they couldn't get him positioned right and kept adjusting the casket. All I could see was part of the casket falling in the ground and my uncle partially falling out the casket! Thank God nothing like that happened. I learned that many of my family members had the same concern I did.

It was good seeing my family. Hate that someone had to pass for it to happen, but it was good none the less. Seeing some of my cousins made me feel old. My next generation of cousins are in college now! WTF? Yeah I feel old.

I got cocked blocked last night! I'm kinda mad about it. Snookums sent me this Xrated pic and it had my mind turning since. I get home and try to call him before it's time for him to be busy handling his business and I get the voicemail. No prob. My mind is still turning and even though I knew he was occupied, I sent him some text messages letting him know some of the things I had on my mind and how I felt. So as I'm texting Pooka comes in my room and asked to sleep in my bed. Snookums is in the middle of something and texting me back when the opportunity comes, I can't physically handle things and text, so I tell her she could. Why did he call me soon after she fell asleep? Why was I mad? LOL! We managed to have a decent ummmm adult conversation with my words being watered down and unable to physically participate on my end. *sigh* Being cockblocked SUCKS!!!!!!!

This is a picture taken this weekend right outside my door. It's a frickin' HAWK!!!! Now I've seen a few hawks flying around Durham and down in the country, but never by my place. With the Canadian geese, snakes, turtles, rabbits, foxes, cranes, raccoons, possums, deer, regular squirrels and birds, cats, dogs, frogs, and insects who needs to pay money for the zoo? *sigh*


After the funeral my father's wife asked if Pooka and I could drop by to visit. They live like 2 towns over. No prob. We go visit and my father is bragging on and on about this big job in Raleigh he was supposed to have but got "postponed". He showed me these documents and just went on and on about how he is going to do this that and the other and slipped in the fact he met Thurgood Marshall....**I'll let that sink in for a sec** Little did he know his wife already told me during the summer that they were not moving to Raleigh because he didn't get the job. Just to confirm things I texted my stepmom this morning to see if the position he kept bragging on was the same position she told me he didn't get months ago. It was. She asked me if I could confirm some questions she had. I couldn't cuz I honestly didn't know. She is confused why my father says what he says and does what he does. I gave her my opinion and told her straight up that I had written my father off a long time ago and if it wasn't for her efforts I would not be talking to him at all. She replied "all I want is for us to be close. I want to love his kids as my own. I love the fact that I am a grandmother" (meaning Pooka, her kids are Pooka's age)". I want you to be able to tell me anything."

Ain't she sweet :-) To bad she's gonna learn about my father the hard way :-(


AR Gal said...

I was visualizing your uncle falling out of the casket. That would have be soooooooo wierd (to say the least).

I'm telling you these kids are growing up! I discovered that my oldest nephew now has his 'man' voice. I was in complete and utter shock for a few hours after I heard him talk with some base. He's not a baby anymore. :(

LMAO @ Pooka stealing your thunder. Poor thing, she didn't even know it. Don't worry, you and Snookums will have plenty of opportunities for sessy time. lol

Freaky Deaky said...

And people say I live in the wild kingdom with the animals I see. Wouldn't it be funny if it swooped down mistaking your locs for din-din? Oh yeah, that would be America's Funniest Home Videos funny. What?!

So the blocking begins. Be glad you don't have a son. I know from experience that little boys are the biggest blockers in the world. That's why I carry NyQuil when I mess around with chicks that have kids. I wonder if that's how Lil Wayne got addicted to codeine?

Glad there were no casket malfunctions. I've never been to a funeral where they actually let you stand around the burial plot and watch them go in the ground. Weird, huh?

Ladynay said...

If it happened like I thought it might, I think I may have laughed, as inappropriate as that would have been.

Girlllll man voice, driving, body curves, bfs/gfs, cell phones blowing up, make-up, the whole nine! I ain't ready! LOL!

Yeah but I needed that time last night! :-(

FD, I didn't stay outside very long cuz I know hawks are meat eaters. Last thing me or Pooka needed was to get attacked by a darn bird!

ROFL@your theory on Lil Wayne! You may be onto something man!

The way my peeps do it (yeah my cousin is a mortician) we don't see them get lowered, but the last rite of passage or whatever that is called is done with the casket held up over the hole w/various devices. They get lowered and covered up later. We don't see that part.

Anonymous said...

I would have picked Pooka up and put her in her own bed. Hmph. LOL

The story about your uncle and the casket. Girl I would have been no more good if I would have seen that. I would have been whispering to my cousing like "girl is he about to fall out; girrrrllll look; OMG"

Ms. Insatiable said...

Girl I would have put that child in her own bed once she went to sleep. LOL my son is awaken in the middle of my "personal quality time" and ruined it for me. LOL Now I'm glad he has own room!

I can't help but laugh about the casket concern. Even the darkest of times, we all need a laugh. I'm glad it all went off without a hitch.

blkbutterfly said...

Yes, Pooka would've been placed in her own bed... promptly!

Oh my, i cracked up at your father saying he'd met Thurgood Marshall! LOL! that is certainly a statement that deserves a pause and the side eye!

how long has your stepmother been married to your father? it seems that she truth about him would've come out by now.

Rashan Jamal said...

Thurgood Marshall??? what did he have a seance?

Man, your imagination ran wild with the casket situation. I probably would have been thinking the same thing.

I've seen a hawk in ATL, but not a Falcon.

Jameil said...

the sitch w/your father's wife is v. tricky. wow...

i def. always get to see people i never see when i go to funerals. funerals comfort me when people die b/c it's closure for me.

there are endless lizards and squirrels over here! i think someone's feeding the squirrels. they let you get too close. the lizards are ridiculous!! EVERYWHERE!! i notice it less when i'm here.

Ladynay said...

Southern, Pooka is too big to be picking up! LOL!

We wasn't whispering, but most of us were thinking it! :oP

Mo, I'm glad it went smooth too.

BB, my father is the type that if you allow him to talk long enough he will start to beleive himself.

They got married last June so a little over a year. She knew my dad was a habitual liar and married him anyway. My opinion, which could be wrong, is that when she went through a life altering ordeal and he was there she fell in love with him. I think he was there because he forsaw her getting a big settlement due to her ordeal and stuck around. But like I said, that's just my opinion and you know the saying about opinions.

Rashan, my father is MAJOR he bumps elbows with the big timers dead or alive, didn't you know? LOL!

Most of us thought it.

That would be cool, a Falcon in ATL!

Jameil, it's not tricky at all yet. The tricky part will come when she gets sick of his ass, becomes divorce #3 and I'm still talking to her cuz she's close to my age and cool with me while I'm not talking to my father once again.

You know you feeding them squirrels!!!! :-D

Freaky Deaky said...

Just life with your knees and sling Pooka over your shoulders.

Your dad must've picked up some witchdoctor skills from the embassy or something. You better not cross him. LOL. You can't tell me you don't to do a Rep. Wilson on him and scream, "You lie!" I know you do. Well, if you didn't you want to now. I'm in your head Ladynay and you can't get me out! Bwahahahaha!!!

Ladynay said...

Ummmm I am not doing that either! LOL!

If my father and I continue to talk I have a feeling that I will end up telling him about himself instead of just listening to his abundant lies.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your uncle. i think it sux that funerals are often the only time we get together with fam. but it's always good to see fam. :)

oh and children="cock-block". lol
:( i have accepted that.

stepmom?? wow. aren't u blessed.
mine is so inconsistent. just saw that on her fb page she has an album labeled "my grandbabies" and NONE of my kids are in there. even tho she makes them call her nana..and pretends like she loves them. hmmmmm...

Ladynay said...

Yeah girl, always good to see the fam!

I don't wanna except it!!! *pouts and stomps foot* LOL!

Yep stepmom! I have a 36 year old stepmom with 2 kids that are about Pooka's age. She is a sweet as she can be and EXTREMELY family oriented. I have no clue what made her marry my father and I hate to possibly witness her go through what my mom and his 2nd wife went through.

Ladynay said...

Wait!!! How your stepmother gonna have your kids call her nana and they can't get prop's on her webpage *side eye*