Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Freaky was right, I'm a non tv watching mutant! At the weekend job a coworker, a new staff that's training to work with me, and I were watching Real Housewife's of ATL and The Game. By the conversation you could tell that the other 2 knew all about these shows and by all the questions they could tell I didn't watch as often as they did! LOL! So as I got filled in, I learned that...how did my coworker put it? Oh yeah "all the black shows got cancelled because you (meaning me) didn't watch!" She said it jokingly and I laughed and told her that I didn't watch the white, hispanic or asian shows either so I'm fair! LOL!

Life is short. Folks say it all the time but I swear that every other day it feels like someone is passing on. The latest is my industrial rehabs vice presidents mother. She passed Friday morning from a battle she'd been fighting for awhile now.

My body finally started to tell me to let something go. This something was the volunteer work I used to do on Monday mornings. Once Pooka got back from summer vacation and I got back to running around with her, something had to go. I haven't been in like 2 or 3 weeks. I kinda miss it.

I love and hate that my mom is staying with me. The things that I hate are small, like her eating or letting Pooka eat the last of one of my favorite types of ice cream when I specifically brought everyone their own ice cream that they wanted just so they wouldn't touch mine! But everything else I can deal with.

I know I said it before, but taking care of things for my mom and Pooka is expensive! Mo told me to get a Sam's card and I just might do that. I want to see if I can get one of those free passes first though.

I learned how to braid hair with extra hair involved! For some reason I thought braiding with the extra hair would be difficult, but Pooka's hair came out great last night! I'm quite proud of myself.

I must let go of my pack rat ways. I cleaned my desk off at the house and it makes no sense how much paperwork I keep!

I have finally decided to give my room a black, white, and red gansta theme in my bedroom. I gotta find me a Scarface poster! Can't have a gansta room without a Scarface poster! LOL!

3 day weekends are not long enough. I did not learn this last week, it just got reinforced this weekend!

People will always find a reason to complain. What is the big deal about the president telling the kids to stay in school? Granted, I didn't read the speech that he is going to give so I don't know exactly what the speech is going to be about. But from what the media is saying, it's not going to be a "become a socialist" or "be a democrat when you get older" type thing. So what is the big issue?

Dry cleaning is expensive. I have to take Pooka's Tai Kwon Do uniform home every Friday to wash. I thought it would be a good idea to have it dry cleaned to help preserve the logo and other things on the uniform longer. When the chick told me how much it was I was shocked! $10.76 to dry clean a child's uniform top and bottom! *smh* This may not sound like a lot to you, but it does to me! LOL! My grand diva said that price sounds about right, but it still didn't make me feel better. Next week her uniform is going in the washing machine!

I want to start up a truth or dare game on the blog like some other bloggers did like a year or 2 ago. I wanted to play then but I didn't have a digital camera to take and post pics of the response. It's coming though. Just have not decided when.

Slim Shady just invited me to a fight party at her house in 2 weeks. It's going to be a kid friendly party. Half of me wants to go cuz her and her friends/cousins are STOOOOOPID so I know I'm going to be laughing and I've never been to a fight party. But.....the other half of me is telling me to stay away from that party. My gut says stay home. When is the Mayweather (sp) fight anyway? If it's on a weekend I'll be working anyway! Gotta look that up!

That loan/scholarship that I got from the state where you get a loan and if you work in the field you went to school for after graduation the loan is forgiven and it's a scholarship. Those folks are tripping! How about my father, his wife, and I fill out all the documents we are supposed to and mail them in. You can check to see what documents have been received and check your scholarship status online. Being me, I check this site everyday and will until every doc has been received and marked complete. I got this call last week from the master promissory note chick that tells me that my father's wife has to re notarize her sheet because she didn't put the date at the top!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!! You won't process my money because of a date????? UGH! I shouldn't be surprised because at the state job we won't release money unless everything is intact, but still!!!!! That thing pissed me off! I called just about everyone in my phone just to bitch about it! LOL! I sent my father's wife another form to complete. She should get it today and hopefully she will send it off in the SASE I sent with it ASAP! The promissory note chick said that if she don't get it soon I'd have to wait until next year to get the money! UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!

It's school fund raiser time! At the state job the cheap and highly over priced catalogs have started to circulate! Pooka hasn't gotten her's yet but I'm sure she'll have hers before the months out! LOL! I try my best to buy something from each kid in hopes that the parents/grandparents will buy from Pooka. Key word is TRY! LOL! Anyways, I place my order with my coworker and I need to write a check since I don't carry cash. I ask her who I should make the check out to. She says she doesn't know and tells me to give her a check and she'd fill it out. It's not like I don't trust this particular coworker but HELL NAH!!!! I filled out everything except the pay to line and told her she can complete that line. Who the hell is going to give someone a blank check without the word VOID on it? LOL! She lost her mind thinking I'd give her a blank check! *smh*


E said...

Wow... you have a lot going on. I wasn't following The Game myself as kind of a protest from the cancellation of Half & Half years back (I should be over that, right? *LOL*). But I did caught a mini-marathon on BET and the show's not bad.

Glad you're listening to your instincts in regards to giving up activities or attending parties. You can never go wrong with that.

I'ma pack rat too but I'm trying to get better.

I hope everything goes okay with the state scholarship.

And what do you know...my Word Verification is actually a real word. "magic"

Singing: "You can do magic...you can have anything that you desire...magic..." Ok lemme stop and get to work..:-)

Ladynay said...

It reads like more than it is. I've actually caught a few complete episodes of Half and Half. I didn't know it was over! LOL! That's what we were watching this weekend, the mini marathon on BET.

Yeah, they always say trust your gut! Them "they" folks are some smart people! LOL!

I'm trying too E, I keep telling myself after I do a mass throw away that I'll keep only what I truly need to keep, but I haven't fully succeeded yet.

Me too, if not I'll have a vent post about it, trust! LOL!

Ummmmmmm keep the singing off my blog sir! LOL! *wink* Yeah I should be working too huh? :-P

E said...

Yeah I'm out the door after this comment..:-)

My English is atrocious I see..."did caught". I meant to say either "caught" or "did catch". Too bad there's no edit mode for comments.

Ah well.

Ladynay said...

You better not respond to this comment unless you are at work doing so Mister! *shaking pointer finger at you*

My blog is full of grammer blimishes so don't even worry about it, I don't! :-D

AR Gal said...

I saw some of the marathon of 'The Game' too. I never was a regular viewer of the show. I missed a lot.

Girl folks die everyday but it's still a shock when it hits close to home.

You body and your brain will never lie to you. Always listen. :)

LOL @ your folks eating up your ice cream. It's a blessing and a curse ain't it? I LOVE Breyer's Vanilla Bean but I had to let it go for awhile. Pants there were never snug before started getting snug. I can't go for that. lol

Sam's is the truth!! If you can't get the pass, try seeing if you can tag along with someone you know that has one for a trip. If all else fails, you'll get some free food samples. lol

3 day weekends are not long enough. Apparently neither are 4. :(

Booo at the state tripping!

Freaky Deaky said...

It takes a big person to admit that I'm right and you're wrong. It takes an even bigger person to laugh at them. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! I've only seen a few episodes of The Game and thought it was garbage. I'm glad it's canceled and hope it stays that way. I'd rather watch urban dance movies were dudes pretend they're heterosexual even though they're looking another dude in the eyes with unbridled lust and dancing all in his face. RHOA would be better as a porno.

*GASP* They're going to rescind your Jamaican card quitting jobs like that. I heard Jamaicans everywhere are flying their flags at half staff because of you. What a sad day. *SMH* LOL!

You don't beat them? Pooka taking Tae Kwon Do and already punking you out of your ice cream?! I thought I taught you better than that. Where's my belt?!

You can use my Sam's Club card but you're going to have to come here and bring me their. Try calling their member services number and asking if they can send you a day pass. A few times a year they put them in newspapers for anyone to use.

Try movieposters.com for your Scarface poster. You know you also have to have put some gangsta movies in your movie collection and choke someone before you can officially call your room gangsta right? I'm just saying, there are gangsta rules that have to be followed.

The fight is on a Saturday. It's the 19th.

I think the parents are complaining because they're afraid that the high school suicide rate will quadruple after being forced to listen to his monotone for 18 minutes. What?!

Ladynay said...

I wonder if as many folks that caught bits of the marathon this weekend actually followed the show when it was still taping, if it would have still got the boot? ROFL!

I know, it's just sad.

I'm trying to listen. My body wants a nap right now (thanks to all that napping I did yesterday) but I must ignore it!

It is! It's like your nephews eating your Breyers up when you brought them some Flinstones Push Pops just for them! I'm mostly over it...mostly! *pout*

Lets not talk about snug pants.

I have a few friends and associates with the card. The only issue I have with that is being on someone else's time schedule.

Triple boooooo at the state! *eye roll*

Ladynay said...

The Game wasn't garbage. There was an episode of RHOA where they did an alter ego photo shoot and you would have appreciated the outfits some of them had on.

*middle finger*@ the Jamaican comment

No I don't beat them!! ROFL! It's just icecream I did't need to eat anyway...*sigh* Hear me trying to make myself feel better? LOL!

Ummmmmmm that's ight! I got folks a lot closer with Sam's cards! LOL! You can come here and let me use it though! I'm all for it! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But for real, I may have to call member services and see what's up.

When you come to let me use your Sam's card I'll choke you out and buy some ganster movies on it! How bout that? LOL! I see the poster all the time in various spots so I'm sure I won't have to buy it online.

Just like I thought, I'll be at the weekend spot on the 19th.

Mr. Obama does like the sound of his own voice and makes sure we hear it often! *tee hee hee*

Insatiable One said...

Sam's is a lifesaver. I'm telling you. For $40 for the year, you can go when you please and rack up.

You can buy laundry bags that you put delicate items into and wash on the delicate cycle. Make sure you wash it in cold water so it doesn't shrink.

Life is short, so make srue you are taking care of you and having some downtime. Take advantage of your mom being there.

Stop with those packrat ways before we see you on "Hoarders". LOL!!!

Ladynay said...

I'm thinking about it. The only thing really making me drag my feet is that when I had one years ago I never used it so I felt like I wasted money.

I'm liking the laundry tip! Thanks!

I'm slowly but surely letting things go. Yesterday was a complete chill day outside of one quick trip to Wally World!

OH HELL NAH! I'm a packrat but not like them jokers! I've been catching that on A&E on the weekends while at work! The old lady who was a food hoarder made my coworker almost get sick! I had to change the channel and miss the rest of the episode! :-(

Anonymous said...

I don't have a Sam's Club card but I'm always in Sam's. My coworker had a pass b/c she left her card at home oneday while shopping. She let me have it. So find someone with a Sam's Club card and ask them to get a pass. Simple. Hope they don't read this. lol

LsbnMom said...

We have BJs, but if I am not mistaken, its free to go into Sam's and just look at prices and then get membership if you feel its worth it. I go to Sam's every now and then with a friend because she has a membership. I have had a Sam's membership (as well as Costco) before and each warehouse has its own perks and special pricing on certain things. Just make sure you have extra space to store in bulk! LOL

Yes, throw the uniform in the trash- we do that for each of ours every so often! LOL Little K hasnt been in a few weeks, but we located her uniform today and will be sending her tomorrow for certain!

Hang in there! Hope to see you soon! Tell Mom I said "Wassup!" LOL

Jameil said...

i try to stay away from cult shows unless i decided i liked that show and everyone just followed me (top chef & project runway) lololol. my body tells me i am trippin for still being up but my mind won't let it sleep!! $10.74 sounds like a lot for a child's uniform that will need to be cleaned regularly. justification for machine washing: she won't be using that gi (is that what it's called?) forever. she'll grow out of it. pack rattedness has got to go for me, too.

Ladynay said...

Southern, great idea! Free beats 40 bucks!

Lsbn, I can make the space if it saves me money! LOL!

By trash you mean washing machine right? LOL! I ain't buying a new uniform until she grows out of the one she got!

I'll find my way to your neighborhood on of these days! Definitely gotta catch up on wedding stuff:-P

Jameil, anybody that knows of you knows your down with food and fashion so yeah, they following you! LOL! I don't know what they call the uniform, I just call it uniform :-)Your boyfriend is rubbing off on you, staying up all hours of the night! *wink* We must kill the pack rat and bury it deep in the ground for sure.