Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Real Quick

My weekend job is going to turn me into a mean, selfish, nonchalant bitch soon. Mark my words. My coworkers are a piece of work and I am constantly being reminding that I am too nice. I've already started using that short, sweet and very simple word NO lately and they can't handle it! HA!

Pooka has her white belt! YAY!

Pooka and my mom have been with me for about 2 weeks or so and I'm just kinda.....I don't know. Let's just say I have even more respect for my grandparents holding down a household of 5, cuz handling a household of 3 is kinda expensive. We run out of stuff left and right and it feels like I'm going to the grocery store or Wally World every other day! Where in the heck does that much toilet paper go in a week?

My ultimate favorite pair of jeans are starting to wear thin. My feelings are hurt. I don't remember if I brought them or got them as a gift. Maybe I'll look the brand up online and see if I can get me another pair. *sigh*

Yesterday I got bit by the throw stuff away bug. Being that I am a pack rat this burst of motivation does not hit me often, but when it does man oh man! I got about 1/2 my room (including my wall length closet) cleaned out and reorganized b4 the motivation started to fade. I had 2 big black trash bags full of stuff to throw or give away. One of the bags was just shoe boxes of shoes that I've gotten rid of a long time ago! *smh* I will finish the rest of my room after work today.

I want to have a theme back in my room. Right now I am kinda thinking a gansta theme. Black, white, and a red splash color. I got the idea from a gun practice target! LOL! I don't know. I've been talking about getting another theme for a long time now. I had the Asian thing going for awhile, I took that down and now there is no kind of theme what so ever.

Babydaddy and his married gf came down this weekend. She finally got some fish in her fish tank! YAY! One already died. It got stuck on the filter part that sucks the water out of the tank and into the filter. Pooka hasn't even noticed it was gone! Double YAY!

My coworker at the state job that passed recently had a habit of buying the latest dark chocolate candy (I love dark chocolate candy......and men) and putting it on my desk so I'd see it the next morning. Why did I come in this morning and see a dark chocolate Reese's on my desk???? For a moment that freaked me out. After I got over myself I sent out an email thanking the anonymous gift giver and told them they had to have been visited by Julie's spirit.

I still miss her.


AR Gal said...

No is one of the best words in the history of words EVER!! I use it frequently.

Congrats to Pooka!!

I feel you on the food thing. You could tell I food was depleted too after the boys left. They were kind of picky too so it was hard trying to cook and satisfy everyone's taste buds.

I hate when a fav pair of jeans start doing that. :(

Married gf? Well are they at least separated? lol

The candy thing would have freaked me out too!

Ladynay said...

I am learning to use it more often!

YAY Pooka!

Cooking for the particular palate can be a challenge!

I know, I brought those iron on patches to bring some thickness back to some areas. It's not working :-(

No, they participate in polyamory.

I still don't know where the candy came from.

Insatiable One said...

Sam's Membership. It will save you $100 a year in stuff.