Tuesday, September 15, 2009


is blog day! There is nothing really new to tell.

Right now I am at the state job, my stomach is starting to hurt. I wonder if I'll make it through the day. It's still early enough for me to blow the bathroom out and have it neutralize before most of the staff gets here at 8! LOL!

Pooka loves her martial arts class! I am excited for her! Yesterday the headmaster wrote their names on their uniforms in Korean! That was pretty cool IMO! If I ever get a tattoo, which I highly doubt I ever will, I may get Pooka's name in Korean somewhere!

There is a fox hanging around my place. I didn't see it this morning on the way out, but yesterday and the day before I did. *sigh* I can appreciate wildlife, just not so close to my home! The morning before last the darn fox was standing behind my car! *sigh* Now if that fox could eat all those Canadian geese that like my neighborhood so much we could strike a deal! LOL!

RIP Mr. Dirty Dancing King!

I am tired of hearing about the Kanye VMA thing already....NEXT!!!!!!

I know we just got through the first round of in season professional football, but I am going to need more excitement in these games! My coworker and I flipped back and forth between Fox and CBS just waiting for some real excitement!!!! I mean you could figure out who was going to win the game before the 1st quarter was over!!!! WTH???? I'm going to need the NFL to do better.

OH! I have officially picked the NFL teams that I will follow! For the AFC I'm going with the Steelers and for the NFC I am going with the Panthers. What? I can do that! LOL! Last football season I told folks that I was going to finally pick a team and stop jumping around so folks could stop yelling/picking at me about being a bandwagoner. So there. Those are my teams, when or lose, great season or not, those will be my teams! Yeah teams! If I had to only pick one team, which most true blue fans have just one team they are loyal to, it would be the sucky Panthers cuz I am Carolina born and I feel the need to go with the home team! Now can someone take our overpaid quarterback out on medical leave for awhile? Please? ROFL!


Freaky Deaky said...

I think you should get Freaky Deaky tattooed on you in Korean inside of a twitching pimp hand. That would be hot! Make it happen!

You're tired of hearing about Kanye's latest outburst? How dare you! I think he needs to be dissed by his peers and shunned by all of his Stans. Then again people still listen to and buy R. Kelly's stuff and they swore on their dead pappies' graves that they wouldn't. Liars!

What are you complaining about? We have a 1st round rookie who threw more interceptions than touchdowns but they're stuck playing him until the fans turn on him. I predict game 3 at the latest if he keeps playing like he has.

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of hearing about Kanye. Kanye was being Kanye!

So far college football has been more exciting than NFL.

The Panthers should have gotten Vick bc their quarterback SUCKS!!!

Ladynay said...

FD, ummmm yeah sure *eyeroll*

Speaking of Mr. Kelly, I haven't heard any new music from him lately....hmmmmm

Delhomme (sp) isn't a rookie and he throw a bunch of interceptions Sunday! 5 of them I think! *shm* I agree that the Lions will soon start to throw bricks at the QB. That's how yall get down over that way ain't it? *cheese*

Southern, me too!

I may have to start checking out college pigskin cuz more than a few people have made similar comments to yours.

AMEN! We could use Vick, with is rusty from being in jail and everything!!!!!!

Rashan Jamal said...

There was some excitement last night. Those cames were good. I hope Jake plays like he did last week against my Falcons on Sunday!

A fox? We had two foxes at my job one night when I was walking to the parking garage at 11 PM. Talk about scared...

Ladynay said...

I didn't watch anything last night, guess I should have.

See this is where I would insert smack talking about how the Panthers will get in the Falcons butt and shut them down...but yall will win. I even picked yall to win in the online pick 'em league I'm in. :-)

Oh heck nah! They had you out numbered!! The loner I've been seeing scares me. I don't wanna see it and it's cousin together...unless I have a loaded gun on me!

blkbutterfly said...

i'm tired of hearing about Kanye's antics too. Yes, he was rude. But, he was just doing what he always does at awards shows. Plus, let's be real, it was the VMAs. Ppl are acting like she was accepting a Nobel Peace Prize.

lol @ blowing the bathroom out and allowing time for the air to neutralize. i know of some ppl who carry air freshener for those situations.

still can't get into football... i'm doing good w/ the tennis. :-)

blkbutterfly said...

I'm also tired of hearing about Kanye's antics. He did what he always did at awards shows--- showed his ass. Also, let's be real... this was the VMAs; it's not like she was accepting a Nobel Peace Prize.

lol @ you blowing up the restroom and allowing time for the air to neutralize. smh...

i still can't get into football. i'm doing good with this tennis. :-)

Ladynay said...

BB, It was a staged act that MTV set up so folks would talk about it for days. MTV and BET do it every awards show *sigh*

To carry a can with me would tell too much, I gotta be in-cog-negro with mine! LOL!

The closest I get to Tennis is playing it on the Wii!

AR Gal said...

I'm sick of the Kanye crap too but don't worry. There will be a new fool next week for everyone to rag on.

Sometimes I think my mom should have enrolled me in a martial arts class instead of gymnastics or swimming. I didn't get past one day in my swimming class and one week in gymnastics. lol