Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Random as always

I get it, most of us can't go without meat for long periods of time. LOL!

Sarcasstik is back! YAY! 2 years was 2 long! *smh*

Happy Belated Birthday to the blogger Freaky Deaky.

I heard Empire State of mind for the second time ever and I still don't care for the song.

I do kinda like that Trey Songz song about inventing sex though I don't like how Trey S. sings.

I went to a grocery store that I don't frequent often and saw Steakums! I haven't seen those in the store since I left MD! I ended up buying the box of 16 steaks for 11.99. This will be the only time this tight wad puts out 12 bucks for 16 thin steakums. I only brought them this time for flashback reasons.

The gov't is messing up. They are going to cut non profit mental health services. Meaning folks will be losing jobs and folks that need help getting to a doctor/psychiatrist/treatment, need help paying for meds to keep them "normal", need help period will not be getting or have access to said help. This scares me! Now let me say that yeah I get mad sometimes that the gov't gives handouts to people who don't need it and it should be stricter (welfare/food stamps/etc) however helping the mentally ill should not be touched! I can just see it now....months from now folks that took whatever meds to help keep them civil will not have access to it, will withdrawal, and the violent ones will become violent and possibly hurt someone. Of course we'll have to lock them up and place them behind bars where guess what? We pay for them to stay there! So if we gotta pay for something, let's pay for the prevention!

I have a new respect for my industrial rehab boss. Long story short, a few months ago she got into me DURING A STAFF MEETING about doing xyz. I knew I was right for doing it but I just let the shit go cuz I am not about to go back and forth with the owner of the company. It's her business, she runs it the way she wants to. I was pissed for her talking about the situation in front of everyone vs. pulling me into her office, but I bit my tongue and got over it. Flash forward to this past Friday's staff meeting. She says that she wants me to run the XYZ program! I don't know what my face looked like but she was like...I know, I know Ladynay, this is the same issue I got on you about and I didn't realize blah blah. I was wrong. I apologize.

I was stuck! Mrs. I am the boss I am always right just said she was wrong and apologized to me! In front of everyone like she dissed me in front of everyone! I felt pretty doggone good about that and was glad I chose not to fight that battle months ago and possibly lose the only job I have that I actually enjoy going to! LOL!


AR Gal said...

I preferred the live version of NY State of Mind. The one of the album didn't have the same zest to me.

I think I saw a commercial for those Steakums last night.

Yay to you for being named to lead the program! Does that mean you get a raise? If so, may I have a dollar? What?! You know Freaky's gonna ask and I just have to beat him to it yo! That's how I kick it when I comment!

Anonymous said...

Empire Stae of Mind does nothing for me. Maybe if I was living in NY.

I love me some Trey Songz! Have you heard "Neigbors Know My Name"? That's a hot song!

Congrats on the lead program!!!

Ladynay said...

I liked neither and didn't get into that "zone" folks kept talking about after Lil Mama got on stage. I heard the album version this morning and still didn't get caught up in the song. Maybe it's a NE thing *shrug*

Blast from the past! Love it!

Nope, no raise so no dollar, sorry! LOL

That's how I kick it when I reply! 3rd ward nigga! ROFLMBBBO!

Ladynay said...

Southern, maybe *shrug*

Nope haven't heard it, I'll look for it online tonight if I feel up to it.

Thanks. It's cool even though I get no extra funds for it. Looks good on resume's and such :-P

Freaky Deaky said...

*glares @ AR Gal* Ladynay is my money train! Go find your own! :oD
Um can I get that dollar and some of his family members as a birthday present? What?! Thanks for the birthday shout out.

Steakums? For some reason I keep thinking Stankums when I hear that. Mmm Stankums. Blech! *vomits*

I think Empire State of Mind is boring as watching paint dry while Ben Stein narrates. Then again I could care less about New Yorkers or anything going on there. What?! It needed to be said and I'm the one who says what everyone else is thinking. And I said it without cussing too. :oD

I don't see what all the women see in Trey. I hate the way he sings as well. He sounds like one of his metrosexual boyfriends is squeezing his balls too hard and that he's in pain. I also think most of his female fans on Twitter are some of the creepiest, thirstiest, loneliest Stans on the planet. What?! That needed to be said too.

Let me guess you said okay to running to didn't you? Where's my damn belt at? Congrats but I still have to punish you.

Ladynay said...

No raise so no dollar for either of you! Now go back to your rooms! *snaps out of momma mode* LOL!

Steakums are good. I used to have them often back in the day! It was one of the first foods my people let me cook on the stove! :-)

Jay-Z and Alicia Keys have both done better.

Trey S. has a nice body, assuming what I've seen isn't photo shopped or air brushed up.

I agreed to do it. It's only a 2-3 month deal since I have to quit in December anyways.

Rashan Jamal said...

Trey is annoying to me. I know he doesn't make his music for me, but still.

Steakums are nasty. I did the nostalgia thing last year and was sorely disappointed.

Wow, an apology? That's pretty darn good. Good for her.

LsbnMom said...

You paid too much for them damn Steakums! You can get the same box in Food Lion for $8-$9! Even the "PhillySteak" brand is good, if not better and they are cheaper!

You know i know my deals- I do shop for 6-8 people! LOL

As for mental health... that would be my job the state is fucking with! I just hope the pay cut tomorrow isnt as drastic!

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I can't live without the steakums! Walmart has them but I will not pay no dayum $12. Im complaining about paying $7.

Congrats on the job! That will look good on the resume! They did not know what a great asset you are .......... now they will RECOGNIZE!


Ladynay said...

Rashan, annoying indeed.

Yall are making me not wanna open the box now! LOL!

I'm saying! That was huge for her to do that in front of everyone.

LM, I haven't seen them anywhere since I've been in NC so I brought them when I saw them.

I still got my fingers crossed about your meeting today.

TZ, I've never seen them at my Walmart *shrug*