Thursday, November 26, 2009

*burp* Turkey Day Overview

Okay, if you have been following this blog for at least a year or so, you know that my family doesn't really do Thanksgiving in the traditional sense. It's more of a celebration/party type thing. My fam is rather large so we rent facilities to have our dinners. This year was in a different building but it was great so I have a feeling it's going to be there next year as well. the overview...

After my mom made me mad for a new reason, I was pissed. I didn't want to go anywhere. All I wanted to do was bitch loudly and damage stuff. I eventually calmed down and hopped on the hwy. We get there, I speak and hug everyone, then Pooka and I head out to my fathers house. Soon as I walk in I see my sister from my fathers second marriage. Now I am surprised because I honestly didn't think she would be there, but it was a pleasant surprise seeing her. It's been about 7 years. She is cool peeps. She is very girlie, high maintenance, and light skinned. We have so much in common! LOL! I was going to go TN in May to watch her graduate, but it will happen on a weekday in May which means I'll be in class! BOOOOOOOOO!

This is me and Pooka.

This is me, the lighter chick next to me is my sister from my father's second marriage and the 2 little people belong to my step mother.

This is me and the step mother. She looks young because she is! LOL!

This is me, my father, and my sister. Give my father a pass for the dirty shirt, he was cooking all day! :-D

One thing happened at my father's house that made me raise my eyebrow. My step mother and my sister told me that my sister's mother (my father's second wife) wanted to see me AND wanted me to drive to the hotel they were staying! WTH for???? When I asked them both why, neither had answers. Can we say hell no. If she wanted to see me, she could have waited a bit longer at my father's house till I got there! That simple. Pooka and I hung out at my father's for a good hour or so then it was time to go back to the building to eat! *****notice I used the words sister and step mother, I'm making progress! :-D******

We eat, we fellowship, we dance!

This was recorded by accident. I was getting my slide on and apparently I hit the camera that was around my neck. There is no visual because the cap was on the lens. Besides, yall ain't ready to witness any of that dere'! This is just a tiny audio snippet of how we get down! LOL!

This is the right side of the building when folks were on there way home.

From the previous pic I pivoted left to catch my cousins chilling and ready to go. Notice the bead work on the girl in the orange shirt playing with the car. Fabulous! *cheese*

I added this picture because I like it. It shows Grand Diva (sitting) holding my new cousin who got chopped out the bottom, her living kids, grand kids, and great grand kids. Aunt Diva is in the back left and my mom is next to her w/the short hair. To the left of this pic are my male cousins waiting to go home, behind us is the "DJ area" and to the right are more tables lined up like the one's my male cousins are sitting at against the wall. In addition, you have a nice view of my cousin obtaining the same shot of us on her camera phone. :-D

After the fun was over we went to my cousin's house and laughed and joked till about 9. Them jokers are planning to be up at dark 30 to hit them black Friday sales like they do every year. I am NOT taking part in that! Nope, not this year! They were like, you don't have to shop, just ride along! Ummmmm no thank you! LOL! At 9 I gave everyone some love, said my goodbyes, scooped up Pooka and my mom, then headed on home.

The end!


The Brown Blogger said...

Lawd hav mercy...

Looked like a big ball of fun! Glad y'all enjoyed the day. See? Giving thanks and fellowshipping doesn't have to be all solemn and boring.

Y'all did it up.

Freaky Deaky said...

You could've stood in line and picked me up one of those fancy schmancy alphabet TVs. You would've had my eternal gratitude. Too bad you didn't. Now Pookie the crackhead gets that if he manages to get my TV to me without getting arrested. :o(

I think you and your mom need to step inside the Octagon. Let me know and I'll sell tickets and promote the event, for a fee, of course. LOL.

Yay! I noticed you used stepmom and sister...eventually. I'd give you a cookie but I ate it. :oD

Jameil said...

ummm... did you say just ride along? YEAH. RIGHT. I'm not gonna be the one to watch everyone else shop... esp. when I could be sleeping! my family's big, too but we just crowd into whoever's house is the biggest or who's willing to host! Lol. Glad you recovered from some Thanksgiving setbacks.

Ms. Insatiable said...

Your locs look great! I see you have a big family like mines. Girl, and those negroes can eat like no other. Moms is cooking another meal tonight.

Sounds like y'all had a good time despite the 2nd wife thing.

Ladynay said...

Hassan, Yep big ball of fun! Turkey Day is never boring around my family! LOL!

FD, In spirit I did alladat just for you, even made the hook up with the crackhead! LOL!

There is a great chance she would win so I'll pass! HA!


Jameil, yep that's what I say! Yall can shop it up and tell me about how crazy it was later, which they did. We tried the house thing but the building thing works better for us.

Mo, thanks! Wasn't the style I was aiming for but it worked out anyway. Your mom is a good one for cooking again. Today everyone was on their own or picking off the plates they made yesterday! LOL A good time was had by all.

Jameil said...

Oh and having a burp in the title? GROSS.

blkbutterfly said...

Your locs are tempting me to grow some of my own!

lol @ your mom making you mad for a new reason. i've been there. living with another adult definitely leads to those moments.

looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

AR Gal said...

Ya'll did it up big! I loved seeing the pics of you, Pooka, and the rest of the fam. Your mom and dad look really young too! You've got good genes lady!

Ladynay said...

'Cuse me Jameil :-)

BB, DO IT! No time like the present!

A and men!

Turkey is usually a fun occasion.

ARgal, day ight! LOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

When you have that many people there, is there a such thing as leftovers? Your dad looks young too.

Ladynay said...

LOL! As far as leftovers, their is usually very little to anything food wise by time everyone makes their take home plate. There is almost always various cakes left that gets sent to my cousins house because that's where we usually migrate after we leave the building.

My father is in his early 50's.

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