Tuesday, November 17, 2009


At random.....

Snookums introduced me to an online game. At first I thought it was kinda lame, now I am addicted. I'd get online, check my email, play the game, and work some homework in here and there. Notice check blog or read blogs was not a part of that break down! LOL!

I had a weird dream about me and Jamie Fox trying to have sex in different places but strange stuff kept happening to prevent it. It was pretty detailed at times. Mr. Fox isn't ugly but I didn't know that I'm possibly attracted to him, LOL!

Rakim's new album drops today.

The students of the DPT program are having their annual Christmas party on 12/4. The theme is ugly Christmas sweater. I don't have one of those.

I got real mad at my mom yesterday. To avoid yelling at her I went to my room (and played my online game) when I cooled off and left my room my mom apologized. Awwwww all is right with the world for now.

Mommy will celebrate another birthday tomorrow, a milestone b-day too! I'm broke so I think I may take her to get her nails done, get a small cake, some ice cream and call it a day. I just spent mad money on groceries so she has an idea what my wallet is looking like! Having a stocked kitchen is a great present don't you think?

Mommy also told me that when we go to MD for Christmas she is going to stay there. She changes her mind a lot, but as bad as it sounds...I want my place back. This pretty much means that I won't be working at all in a little over a month! The only reason I still work the weekend job is because my mom watches Pooka for me. I refuse to pay someone to watch my child while I go watch someone elses children. That doesn't make sense to me! Guess I need to type up my letter of resignation for the weekend job soon. Looking at the calendar my last day will be 12/22. How awkward will not working be for me? I can only imagine. It's like all I know! LOL!

At the moment my last day at the rehab spot is 12/18 and last day at the state spot is 12/30.

Week 3 with Pooka's classmates. I had the same 3 as last week. This time the subject was family structure and how the roles of the family have changed over time. I learned that the woman who I thought was the Twins mother is actually their older sister. Their birth mom had 10 kids and passed on. Some sore subject's were rubbed. :-( One good thing I learned is that they all plan to go to college. :-)

After I brought all my books for my anatomy class I get an email from the teacher that the online test correspond to the latest edition of the book she told us to buy and then apologized to those of us that already brought the older one.*eyeroll* She stated that she will match the chapters up and tell us which ones to focus on. *eyeroll again* I need her to do better.

Pooka told me she didn't to do Tae Kwon Do any more because it makes her sweaty. Reason wasn't good enough for me. Besides, we finish what we start to the best of our abilities.

I wonder what the father of the 5 year old in Fayetteville that was killed will say at today's press conference.

I don't want to be here, but I do want the check.

Who provides for the provider?


Anonymous said...

My son's school just put up a poster for volunteers to read the students. Rememeber when I said I wished O's school had something like that?

So you tell us about this online game but don't tell us the name of it. We might want to get addicted too. LOL

I can't imagine what the 5 yr old's father is feeling. That's a terrible story.

Ladynay said...

Cool! If you have the time to do it I strongly suggest you sign up!

Nope! Yall have your twitter addictions and carrying on. I'm keeping my online addiction to myself! LOL!

I have a feeling it will get worse as the story continues to hit the media.

Freaky Deaky said...

Jamie Foxx? Whenever I see him in a role I usually get at least one flash of him as Ugly Wanda. I'm disturbed by your dream. I hope your Snookums doesn't up and leave you over that. LOL.

Already downloaded but haven't listened to it yet. Didn't know you were into the 18th letter.

The ugly Christmas sweater is a White thing along with fruit cake and great credit. What?!

Did your mom violate your room again?

LOL @ Pooka not wanting to get sweaty.

Why is my word verification "tophoe"? Is your blog trying to tell me something.

AR Gal said...

Jamie? *gives you a Wanda look* Gurl, u so crazy!

I've had an ugly Christmas sweatshirt in my day. They are now all in the garbage.

Why does your mom not want to stay?

I don't want to be here, but I do want the check.

Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllle, who you tellin?

Ladynay said...

Yep! Mr. Blame it on the alcohol! As much as Snookums drools over chicks on tv, I think I'm good! LOL!

I'm into all types of music. Rakim made me clap to this on more than a few records. You know he got soul! Can't help but like him.

LOL@white things

Yep, more than once. Just keeps "borrowing" stuff without asking me first! UGH!

Yeah, it's calling you a hoe! LOL!

AR, yes Jamie! I can't control who's in my dreams! It was what it was! LOL!

I had a cute Christmas sweater when I was little, no telling where it is now.

I think part of her wanting to go is the boredom. I am always working and Pooka is at school most of the week. Another part may be me continuously talking to her about borrowing my shit without asking.

WhiteChocolateCandyisDandy said...

This is so crazy but I am on Cafe World on Facebook and I like it!!!

I always think of Jamie as Wanda LOL

Nspired said...

Girl don't you find Jamie Foxx a little sweet--Too sweet I should say?

I'm sorry girl when I look at him all I see is LaWanda the ugly woman. lol

Ladynay said...

Candy, My game can be played on FB. Gotta look your game up.

Nspired, Yall act like I choose him to be in this dream on purpose!!!!! ROFL!

Jameil said...

i'ma need you not to take on more online crack! get it together! ew. i know the day is quickly approaching where i have an ugly sweater party invite. yuck. happy bday to your mom. i'm sure you'll manage to find something to do w/your time once you're not working! i feel bad for that father. imagine the guilt he now has to live with just b/c he wanted his child to have a relationship w/her mother.

Ladynay said...

Jameil, was reminded last night that my new online crack cuz mess my computer up, so I am calming down on that front.

Oh yes, your ugly sweater party invite is coming. Unless you get invited to one thrown by Spike Lee or somebody like that! LOL!

Thanks on her behalf.

Not working will force me to study! Wahhhhhhhhhhh :-(( LOL!

I can't imagine what that man is going through. It breaks my heart.

blkbutterfly said...

Well, I don't know if you saw the naked pic of Jamie that was floating around a few months ago, he's working with a nice somethin' somethin'! (Well, assuming it wasn't photo shopped!)

lol @ Pooka wanting to quite because it made her sweaty. a diva in the making?