Saturday, December 05, 2009

Party Like a Rock Star

DPT function last night...complete
TKD function tonight...complete
Weekend job function tomorrow....incomplete

Let's start with the DPT potluck function last night. I learned that when DPT students say potluck they mean nothing more sophisticated than pigs in a blanket, beer, and wine. What did Ladynay bring??? A shrimp platter of course! A platter that leaked shrimp juice all over my sparkly red shirt causing me to run to Wally World and pick up the first red or green shirt that fit! LOL!! For a long time, folks that were not drinking or did not drink had NOTHING to sip on. If it wasn't for a 2nd year student who just happened to remember that she still had her 12 pack of diet Mountain Dew in her ride, that she brought for her place, we would have just sipped spit! LOL! To break down the whole party would take forever but here are more things that I learned last night:

1) Beer Pong is one of the most unsanitary games ever.

2) I may not be able to hang with my lighter compadres when it comes to drinking.

3) I didn't have to purchase all the books the professors said I needed. Oh well it adds to my professional library.

4) About 6 months into the program we will basically be naked in class. That's around the time we start manual muscle testing and palpation which requires putting your hands on folks and clothes get in the way. The second year that contributed her soda told me and some other first years that we need to invest in really good sports bra's and full coverage panties and/or short shorts. She also said "It would be so weird to sit in class fully dressed" to which another 2nd year agreed. Guess who was playing Dance Dance Revolution this morning? LOL! They did say that it was weird at first and most folks were petrified, but after awhile no one cares.

5) The board exam is 250 multiple choice questions! THANK YOU GOD!!!! I seem to do well on multiple choice tests.

6) I have a classmate name Will.Nut.t (insert jokes here) and he is the coolest guy ever! He's like 7 feet tall! I exaggerate but dude made us feel like little people! LOL!

7) I wasn't the only person nervous about the party. Once everyone worked the room and had a few beers in them it was like we all partied together all the time!

8) I left at midnight and folks were still coming in...with more beer in hand! My new cohorts were like "you leaving????" I told them I had to work in the morning and had to drive back to Raleigh. I got hugs before I left. Awwwwwwwwwww I am part of the family now.

9) My big brother and big sister were both in attendance and they are cooler in person than they are online! YAY!

10) There is a 2nd year student that lives in Raleigh that commutes to school on the train! Looking at the train schedule it's 16 bucks round trip which is great! The only bad side is that the return trip would not get me back in Raleigh in enough time to pick Pooka up. I get charged for picking her up late and I can't have that! But that is definitely an option on days Pooka doesn't have school. I gotta save mileage on Mia somehow! :-P

11) Ummmm did I already say that potluck to them means bring your favorite type of beer, not bring something to eat? LOL!

This was all the DPT students that were there an hour after the party started. I swear every ten minutes more folks showed up....with beer! LOL

First years REPRESENT!!!!!! Or as the higher years have termed us, ROOKIES REPRESENT!!!! LOL! There's Will!

I had a fantastic time last night and my nerves have calmed some about starting the program.

Okay, Pooka's TKD Holiday Party...

This was my first time going and it was different than what I was expecting. Pooka and I got there late because I had to work and when I got home I had to shower and all that good stuff. When we stepped in the spot everyone had pretty much eaten and it was club tae kwon do up in there! We got our different slides on, I partially learned this dance to a Miley Cyrus song, and stepped to the name of love (R.Kelly) with a parent that I've never seen before! LOL! It was set up so the music video would play against a screen. They had the music pumping! They played all types of party songs from various genres! There was this one song on the playlist that I love but didn't catch the name or artist but I need that song to workout too! ASAP!

Santa's in the hizzouse!

Pooka getting her wish list in.

Headmaster Kick your butt with a finger fixing the party lights.

Time to dance!

Throw yah hands in the air!!!!

What yall know about that there?

Pooka getting her dance on.

Work that!

Fun, fun, fun! Everyone had a good time laughing and dancing around.

Today at work I was informed that I was going to some holiday function in downtown Raleigh. I mean my name was on the ticket and everything! LOL! I was told which 2 residents I was to take with me and what time to be there *crickets*. They didn't even ask me if I wanted to go! Why they pick me vs. my other coworker? Because of the nature of the event I doubt I'll be able to take pics. To take photo's of residents and most members of the population that will be there, you have to have consent from a parent or guardian yada yada yada! I have a feeling it's going to be boring, but just in case it's a party atmosphere I'm taking a client that loves to dance so I'll be ready with my partner! LOL! Since I am getting paid to attend this holiday function can I change my last name to Kardashian (sp)? HAHAHAHAHAHA!


WhiteChocolateCandyisDandy said...

Fun fun fun!!!!!

Freaky Deaky said...

I remember when I had no idea what the hell beer pong was and then I finally saw it. I remember thinking that's it?! That's one of the stupidest "games" I've ever seen and I've made up my share of stupid "games". Oh yeah beer is bleh anyway.

You paid for all the books already? Send some of them back or sell them. Times are tough get that money so I can hold a couple of dollars. LOL.

Does the nekkid class allow visitors? I'll just sit inconspicuously in a corner wearing a trench coat. Don't mind me at all. :oD

Maybe Will can marry a black chick and have a son named Busta. Get it? Busta Nutt. I may have to snatch that one for one of my online aliases.

No one bought casserole? *GASP*

Sucks about being roped into taking your clients downtown. Hope it goes well.

AR Gal said...

Will Nutt *snickers* I hope that's a short version of his first name. lol

Glad to see you had a blast! LOL @ ya'll forgetting to bring non-alcoholic beverages.

You and Pooka have quite the social calendars!!

Jameil said...

i'm so happy for you! and i feel proud that you're a DPT student reppin for the students of color! i'm the only black person in my class, too but there are only 9 of us. one dropped out. i was very nervous about mtg everyone for the first time. 1) there are more sanitary ways to play it. 2) you have to be raised on drinking to do that! i wasn't either! 3) i have 4 books i bought for class i've barely cracked (& my classmates didn't even buy). straight to my pro library, too! lol. 4) umm... WOW!! 11) girl i went to what was supposed to be a bbq/brewing party. the appetizer, yes ER as in one was gone, no grill. just tons of different beers! lolol

Ladynay said...

Candy, yes yes yes!

FD, I saw folks play it but never knew what it was called till this year. It's not stupid, the rules have to be simple enough to follow while drunk! HAHAHA!

Paid for and currently sitting on my desk! Since this books are related to my profession I am going to keep them. I may not need them now, but I just might later down the line.

Ummmmm NO! LOL! It's bad enough we gotta strip down in the first place. The last thing we need is a dude in a trench coat jerking off up in the cut! LOL!

You have that name now somewhere don't you? Nasty!


It was okay. Could have been better, could have been worse. No party atmosphere though :-(

ARgal, I really think his name is Will vs. William. That's how his name is listed on the docs Elon has been shooting out with all our names on it.

I didn't bring a beverage at all! Like I said, next time I know to bring some sodas. There is zero need for more beer at these functions! Ha!

I don't see how folks can party all the time. After I finish commenting I am going to bed! 2 consecutive nights of shaking my booty has taken its toll!

Jameil, I am glad I went as well. As much as I stuck out, I wasn't treated that way which was awesome!

I am glad to know there are cleaner ways to play the game.

4) OK! I'm still wrapping my brain around it.

ROFL@ bbq w/no grill!

LsbnMom said...

What time does the train come in? LOL Maybe mama needs to stay and transport to school! LOL

You looking good gal! Pooka too!

Hope to see you for the holidays!

Ladynay said...

After 8 and my mom no longer has a license. :-( She needs to stay for quite a few reasons that don't benefit me though.

Anonymous said...

I learned my senior yr in high school, black folks and white folks ideal of a pot luck is totally different. LOL

Look like you had fun!

Rashan Jamal said...

One time for beer pong. I tried that for the first time last month. It was fun,I lost, but in losing, I won. Hooray Beer!

Looks like a good time(s). LOL

Ladynay said...

Southern, I had no clue! I am on it now though! LOL! It was fun!

Rashan, That's why the game is so popular amongst young, white folks. Nobody loses and everyone ends up drunk eventually! HAHAHAHA