Thursday, February 18, 2010


Long story as short as I can get it...

Last night I took the 1st online quiz for my PT Science 1 class. 40 questions, 60 minutes to get it done. I used my notes and my book and still got a C. I don't like C's. The lowest grade I will tolerate is an 83, but whatever. After I got my results I was very discouraged. I kept trying to talk myself out of the feeling but it didn't work. I talked to Snookums and complained a bit more and tried pepping myself up a bit more to no real improvement. I went to bed with the plan to talk to someone (advisor, teacher, counselor)about my thoughts because I was having 2nd thoughts about me being able to successfully complete the program. For me to have those type thoughts so early on I wanted to talk to someone.

Today I came to school early so I could get some serious study time in away from home. One of my classmates was already knee deep in books when I walked in. I asked her if she took the online quiz and her face dropped. She said a bunch of classmates where studying in the library before they took the test last night and nobody got a great grade. Then she mentioned how on Tuesday a classmate was kinda hanging out in one of the labs and the professor of the course came in the room and sighed. My classmate asked her if everything was okay and my professor told her that she didn't pass her own quiz!!! What she did was took some questions from the multiple choice tests the book authors provided and mixed in some of her own questions. If she couldn't pass her quiz how in the world does she expect us to and most of us have no clue what we are doing!!! UGH! The quiz isn't weighted heavy but we are going to try to get her to trash that quiz. Insanity!

WTH, I mean WTH!!!!!

Update: My professor has dropped 10 of the questions and recalculated our grades. My quiz grade now is an 88. I can live with that! :-)


Freaky Deaky said...

It's odd that your professor would even admit she couldn't pass her test. Most of them are too proud and arrogant to ever do so. If she can't pass it then she needs to play some voodoo on that bell curve or just throw it out. That's crazy!

Besides you have to be a PT so if you ever need help holding down, restraining, or "tenderly massaging" some yummy, big booty (female of course) gymnasts, tennis player, or track & field star you can call me in. What?! I'm trying to help you out! Now if it's a chick from the WNBA then you are on your own. LOL.

Monique said...

She couldn't pass her own doggone test? Awww heck no! She needs to get it together or reconsider her career. I need her not to be teaching you that stuff.

And I'm with Freaky, WE all need you to be a PT. Hello, discounts on physical therapy. LOL

blkbutterfly said...

Hmmm... Why she didn't take the test before assigning it to you all is beyond me. i don't know, you could either ask her about it or just charge it to the game and work on maintaining those 83s!

now, as for this feeling about not being able to complete the program, i'm sure it's normal, esp. given the intensity of the program. hang in there!

Ladynay said...

She is out of town so the verdict is out on what she is or isn't going to do about the test.

Nah Freaky, you the first one I'm calling when I get those WNBA chicks! Imma tell you I got the Williams sisters on deck just to get you in though! ROFL!

Mo, She's a great therapist so I heard. I just need her to get her quizzes in order!

Why we always looking for the discount? HAHAHAHAA!

BB, your guess in as good as mine.We'll see what she does.

I paid and invested too much to not do what I can to complete the program. Plus I'd always regret having my dream handed to me and I put it down.

AR Gal said...

Like the others, I can't fathom how she wouldn't consider throwing out the test...especially after admitting she couldn't pass it. Geez!

Self doubt is a natural part of the process especially when things may not be going quite the way you want them to. You know you've got what it takes (and so do we). Persevere!

Freaky Deaky said...

That's dirty and mean! I will never forgive you if that happens. Well, not unless you happen to treat some WWE divas but otherwise...*glares*

Ladynay said...

ARgal, she fixed the issue. The mob has put down their pitch forks and gone home now! LOL!


FD, nope! No WWE Divas for you! LOL!

Rashan Jamal said...

Stop being average Ladynay! C's are unacceptable.

WTH indeed! If the professor can't pass the test, it needs not to be given. Get that together Elon!

E said...

I'm so glad that worked out for you. Totally cool that the professor admitted to not being able to pass the test herself.

Ladynay said...

Average or anything under an 83 is unacceptable. Period! LOL! I laugh but I'm for real.

She made up for it.

E, she seems to be cool people. She made up for the quiz from Hell! LOL!

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