Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feeling some kinda way

I want to laugh real hard.

I want to cry.

I want to scream.

I want to walk around on the beach with a cool breeze flowing like I don't have a care in the world.

I want to lay in the bed for a week with the covers over my head.

I want everyone to have their "best week ever".

I want you to be happy.

I want to feel better.

I want a hug.

I want to maintain my sanity.

I want to give away all my responsibilities just for a little while.

I want to go to the gun range and let go.

I want another reminder of why I chose PT school.

I want to not feel like a failure in multiple areas of my life right now.

I want to study harder, but not at the same time.

I want to be better at encouraging myself to keep going.

I want to know that it's all worth it.

I want to be sleep.

I want to be around you.

I want the stress to disappear.

I want to make everyones life easier, including mine.

I want it to be someone else's fault.

I want to throw tantrum.

I don't know what I want.............

maybe I should go back to bed and continue to pretend to sleep.

I need to study.

I should study.



Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I feel you in more ways than one. But if you had all of that you would have a perfect life! And then you would want something else! LOL

Take care, keep your eyes on the prize. And remember you're doing what you want! Luv ya

Freaky Deaky said...

Study! Don't make me send a brick gram. I will.

You chose PT school so you could help people, get lots of cash, and let me hold a few hundred thousand for you and make my dream of rubbing down Serena Williams a reality. :o) What? Don't look at me like that. That's just hurtful.

I.O.U. one hug.

I hope you find a gun range.

Throw a tantrum right in the middle of wherever you are right now. You'll feel better.

Oh yeah, STUDY!!!

Jameil said...

My goodness!! You certainly sound like you need a break, some you time & some reassurance! Let me do what I can, YOU CAN DO IT!! Yes, it is HARD, especially with the responsibilities you have on your shoulders. Reach out to some of your classmates who understand how difficult it is. Sometimes a little commiseration from someone who knows the deal is what helps get you over this hump. You are on your way to living your dream!!! Can you imagine graduation & how wonderful that day will be??? I'm SO excited for you!!! The time is now for you to continue pressing toward your goal!! Just give yourself a little me time. Steal it if you have to, it's okay.

AR Gal said...

Studying, IMO, is one of THE hardest things to do...especially when ones attention span is reaaaaaaaally short (like mine). LOL

Jewelz said...

Good luck. That was well written.

Ladynay said...

TZ, so I'm suffering from the grass is always greener syndrome? Hmmmm *singing* keep your eyeeeees on the priiiiiize, oh Lord* LOL!

FD, I am studying. I hate to disappoint you but I don't think I want to work with athletes anymore. Right now I don't know what area I want to get into. So hooking you up with that Serena rub down may not happen! :-D


Jameil, thanks chicka! I had a prayer meeting/vent session/chit chat with some classmates and one of my professors. I felt better. I still swear that December 2012 can't come fast enough as far as school is concerned! LOL

ARgal, studying sucks! I wish I had a photographic memory sometimes. See it one time and have it in my brain forever! LOL!

Hi Jewelz, welcome to the bloggy blog! You made me chuckle with your compliment. Me and the written word don't get along very well. :-)