Sunday, May 23, 2010

Short Pooka clip

I am still not 100% health wise but whatever, life goes on.

Pooka tested for her green belt yesterday and did very well. Every testing period someone gets titled "best of testing", which means they did the best overall. Pooka came very close to getting the title! Which is still awesome! Even though she doesn't read my blog, shout outs to Master Kick Butt w/One Hand for letting her test when technically she wasn't supposed to!

Here's a clip of her and 3 other high yellow belts doing their pomsee. Not being biased, but she performed it the best out of the 4 :-P

On Friday we found out that Pooka passed all sections of her EOG (end of grade) tests! The EOGs are our states standardized test for grades 3-12. Fun! *smirk* This was Pooka's first year having to take the series of tests and we both were a bit nervous about the math tests (there are 2 of them). However, she did great! She told me yesterday that she was having her best week ever! I am so proud of her!


Freaky Deaky said...

Cooties ain't no joke. You better see someone and get some drugs before they advance to stage 3 cooties. *pokes you with a stick* Ewww, you cootie head!

I noticed in that formation how that one kid kept his distance from Pooka. Methinks he was scared that she might have some type of flashback and see him as albino.

Glad you explained what EOG was because I had no clue. Never heard of them.

Oh yeah, I'm first, first, Firsty McFirst! In your face Ladynay!

AR Gal said...

Her best week ever...that's so sweet! I agree...Pooka was the best. The other kids seemed a little off (like I know what the hell to look for). LOL

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

You such a good mommy! Congrats on you and Pooka for making it through!