Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Nothing really new going on.

Mom is back home. She was discharged on Monday. She's happy and on the mend wagon.

A portion of my life is falling apart, but I am doing what I can to stay sane and prevent myself from having a pity party about it. Thank goodness this is only a temporary set back.

Somebody I don't particularly care for (I don't remember if I gave her a blog name) sent me a friend request and a very complimentary message. Not sure what I am going to do with the request or message.

Scale looks better every time I step on it. This time next year I should be extra fierce! LOL!

I tried the Skype thing recently. It's a really cool program. I just have to soup up my computer some how to keep it working for long periods of time. I tried Skyping with Snookums and it was going great till his picture froze. I'd go out then back in, it would work, then freeze again :-( I have to play with some more buttons and see if I can fix that.

Found out what I'd be doing for my birthday. A few months ago my step mother invited me to the beach. They rent a condo on the beach for a week every summer. This year it's the week after my birthday (which falls on a wknd this year! YAY) and during another special date in my life. I forgot all about the invite till recently. So in a couple of months Pooka, Snookums and I will be beach bound! It's not out of the country like I wanted 30 to be, but I am not complaining! :-)


Freaky Deaky said...

That is the story of my life.

Yay! I bet everyone is happy she's back home, well except the hospital because they were making some nice money off of her. :o)

If you don't care for her don't accept the friend request.

Your scale needs to talk to mine then. :o(

Will you be wearing that thong swimsuit to the beach that you wore to your swimming class?

AR Gal said...

Glad to read your mama's doing better.

I wouldn't accept the friend request either.

I downloaded Skype at the suggestion of my friend. We've yet to use skype to communicate. LOL

Go you working on your fitness!

Beach bound.....I'm totally J!

Jameil said...

Yay momma! Girl please on that friend request. You'll just be irritated you accepted her in a few weeks. Nope! Haven't tried Skype yet b/c oddly Rashan's not interested. Beach?? I'M SO DOWN!! I LOVE THE BEACH!!

Anonymous said...

Glad your mom is doing better.

I would ignore that friend request. She's probably wanting to be nosy.

I still don't know what I'm doing for my birthday.

blkbutterfly said...

glad to hear your mom's at home and on the road to recovery!

my last bf introduced me to Skype a few years ago. he used it to talk to his bandmates about business stuff and we used it to... well, never mind what we used it for. ;-) but, i remember having the same issues w/ the screen freezing up and all that jazz. i hope you get it all worked out because it is a pretty cool way to stay in touch.

Ladynay said...

FD, awwwww *cyber hug*


I didn't.

I'll have her people call your people! LOL!

Yep the multicolored thong and pasty set with the glitter! *thumbs up*

ARgal, YAY!

I didn't.

You should test it out one day.

Little by little, still got a LONG way to go.

No need to be :-)

Jameil, YAY! You are probably right. I find it interesting that Rah hasn't considered Skyping. Hmmmm. Me and most aspects of the beach get along as well :-)

SG, thanks, me too. I don't know what the motivation was behind it but it was odd seeing the request. You will do something fabulous and post up a bunch of great pics!

bb, thanks I am too!

Naughty naughty BB! LOL! I would imagine it being a nuisance when things are getting good and the thing freezes! HAHAHAHAHA

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

I have been on skype for a minute. Guess who else got on skype recently......Mo! LOL

You go girl! You can do it.

I will be at the beach the week leading up to your birthday. Kool. Have fun! Enjoy! This is the big one!! LOL