Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today me and 4 classmates took about 20 Physical Therapy Aide students into the gross anatomy lab and taught them about the body. As the PTA students walked in I was looking over the donor/teacher/body my professor wanted me to use (that I usually don't work with) making sure I tagged everything I wanted to cover. My head is down looking things over and I hear a voice...

"Didn't you go to Central?" I looked up to see an old classmate from my undergrad life.

"Yeah! I remember you. Your name starts with a C or K right?"

"Yeah, I'm *insert name*"

We make a quick chit chat then me and my classmates got started. Things went really well. I actually remembered a lot more material than I thought I would considering I haven't been over some of that stuff in months! But that's not the interesting thing.

K graduated the May after I did in December. We traveled along the same circles in undergrad because we both wanted to be PT's. The interesting thing is K had the "I'm better than you" personality. She never said it out loud, but whenever we'd talk about our plans for after undergrad you could just feel her patting your head with her words. She was a nice person as a whole, it was just that part of her I didn't care for. Now here she was, visiting me, in PT school, as a PTA student. As bad as it sounds, it felt kinda good knowing that today she learned I got in somewhere and that she had to take one step down. I wanted to talk to her the way she talked to me years ago but I kept it professional. Man that sounds bad, but I am being honest.

Now don't get me wrong, PTAs to PTs are like PAs to MDs. We both do the same things for the most part job wise, it just PTs and MDs do a little more and get paid a whole lot more. Getting into a PTA program isn't a competitive process, but tuition/yr for a PTA program is cheaper and they go for 2 years vs. our 3 years.

The only thing that would have made this unexpected experience better is if it was this girl that was always one step above me in undergrad instead of K. I'd get 100% on a test and she'd get 105% due to extra credit. Stuff like that! *grrrrrr* Anywho, that chick is currently Duke's PT program. I wish her well.

Now totally unrelated...

My classmates have pretty much introduced me to a funny U toob clip every week. Today I have been introduced to the blueberry clip. Watch till the end and have a smile :-)


Jameil said...

LOLOLOL @ that clip! Little sisters are so annoying!!

blkbutterfly said...

that clip's hilarious. just like a younger sibling to come along and mess something up!

pride comes before the fall...

Freaky Deaky said...

I wanted to see the little girl with a bowl of blueberries in her hair crying. Little sisters are definitely annoying and stupid and cootie carrying poopy heads! Yeah, I said it! It needed to be said too. :oD

AR Gal said...

Ok, so I laughed but then I felt kinda bad because I heard her crying. :( I can sympathize...I was the younger sister. LOL!

Maybe if you former classmate had spent less time talking down to others she would have gotten in PT school too. LOL I wonder if she had her 'ah ha' moment when she saw you when she walked in the room.

Jc "Teezie" Wooten said...

#1 thanks for that laugh! LOL Blue.....berries......ummmmm LMAO

You are nice to not rub it in that you are in places that she only wishes she was in! Obviously that "better than you" attitude was just that. Because having the attitude and not acting on it is just a WASTE!

Let's see if she end's up applying to be your PTA! ROTFLMAO

Get your study on and kiss Pooka for me. TTL