Saturday, July 10, 2010

15 days!

I have 15 days left to enjoy my 20's! Yay! This year I am going to do a few small celebrations. With my Elon crew, there are 3 of us in the group I tend to hang with the most that have b-day's in July so we are going to dinner before we all go our separate ways during our break. On the actual day I will probably hang out with Snookums and hit our favorite pizza spot, maybe catch a movie, maybe have some folks over for a Wii tournament, don't know yet. Then I am going to the beach! I.CAN'T.WAIT! I was going to go to Atlanta to watch a childhood friend jump the broom, but I am not. I may take a random trip up to MD. I haven't seen my mother since her surgery.

Got four new, good, high mileage tires. The price hurt my feelings but I had to pony up cuz I drive 120+ miles just about daily. Going up and down the hwy with that shaky steering wheel was scary towards the end.

June was a sucky financial month for me. But with the help of loved ones I have survived it. I don't know what I would have done without them. Shout out to Snookums, LadyKat, Lsbnmom since I know they have access to this blog. Love yall!

Pooka is doing alright. Still doing her thing. She is getting taller that's for sure. She has a birthday slumber party to attend tonight. That works out well for me since I am working the group home tonight.

I hosted my first card games night last night! Normally we hang out at Lsbnmoms or LadyKats place since their homes can accommodate all of us and all our kids comfortably, but yesterday was at my house. I really enjoyed practicing my hostess skills having them hang out at my place. It was nice.

School is still school. Since we have 2 weeks left in this module we are kinda winding down with final projects and what not. We had an adult mock clinic where our professor assigned the class to groups and had people from the community she knows come in and it was our job to run screens on them and report what we find (if anything). My "patient" told me she was a developmental specialist when I taking her history. While me and my group mates where running our tests out "patient" would use words and ask us things that made us think that she was in the medical field. Turns out she was a PT! It was great in that she was able to provide us with great feedback, but sucked because since she knew what we were supposed to do. She helped us during the testing by automatically positioning herself for things when the general public doesn't know what position they should be in. Part of what we were supposed to practice is getting our patients to do what we want them to verbally and/or by demonstration. Once everything was over she told us she was a PT and she asked me if I worked in a clinic before because I did so well. That was a great compliment and it made me feel good the rest of the day.

State job is state job.

Went to the laundromat yesterday. It's been really hot lately and yesterday was no different. The whole time I was there I listened to 2 people from NY that have been here for years talk about how hot is was here and how they prefer NY weather and how the laundromats are cheaper where they used to wash in NY. After about 30 minutes of them dumping on NC I wanted to walk up to them and tell them to shut up and go back up to NY!!!! Both of them have been here long enough to know what to expect so either deal with it or make a change! Jeez! The sun isn't going anywhere and the laundromat owner probably won't change their prices and if they do it will most likely go UP! SHUT UP ALREADY!!!!!!!

Happy Belated July 4th!


Freaky Deaky said...

You mean you have 15 days left to enjoy your 20's right?

Mmm pizza! *drools*

I don't even want to look into new tires but they were in good shape the last time I had them checked.

I hate when New Yorkers do that crap as well! If NYC is so damn great then why are you here? Surely, you were an anonymous nobody there so they don't miss you and you're being an obnoxious ass here so go back there or shut the hell up while you're here! Talking funny with a hideously atrocious accent and listening to Jay-Z and Alicia won't prevent some local thug from beating you down. So shut the hell up yo! Word is born son! *snickers*

Ladynay said...

Good looking out, correction made :-)

Mmmmmmmmm indeed.

If your tires are not showing any signs and your tread is good then I wouldn't worry about it.


K. Rock said...

26 days left in the 20's for me!!

Good you got new tires. 120 miles a day is a crazy amount to be driving.

One thing I have noticed about people from NY is that they love NY and they go on and on about it. They will constantly make comparisons no matter how long they have been away. They suck.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Well Happy 15 day celebration! I LOVE birthdays and try to celebrate the whole month. Pizza is one of the bestest foods created yummy! Well being from the West coast. I hear a lot of East coast love just in general. Whatev! We hot too! ;) I'm in need of new tires too. Dread!

Ladynay said...

K. Rock, you must be cool if your b-day is anywhere near mine! LOL

The couple times I've been to NY I didn't get the urge to live there. They were fun times but I didn't have that strong urge to come back and visit! LOL Maybe you have to have lived there to understand *shrugs*

Puddin', welcome to my bloggy blog ma'am! I haven't done the whole month thing before, maybe next year! Pizza is the bestestestestest ever! Some transplants are never satisfied :-( Good luck on finding good quality, long lasting, pocket friendly tires.

blkbutterfly said...

happy birthday month! i think your birthday is around the same time as my mom's... somethings about your personality remind me of her.

i hate when New Yorkers do that too! that Goodie Mobb song "Fly Away" always comes to mind when they complain about how great it is there.

i'll need 2 new tires soon because my wheel alignment was out of whack. got the alignment fixed to reduce any additional wear.

120 miles? you're better than me. i hate to drive with a passion. my job is like 12 miles away from my apartment and i'll still take the bus!

Anonymous said...

Happy Almost Birthday!! Sounds like a good time is in store.

I understand about the New Yorkers. We are a proud bunch and make sure everyone, everywhere knows we're from NY LOL.

I drive 72+ miles per day so I understand needing to have good quality stuff on your car, but no matter what the price still makes you cringe.